Betrayed by Our Craven, Treasonous Elite

turnbull largely empty suitOur leaders have failed us. Paris confirms it. Make no mistake, at the end of the day their loyalties lie not with the people who elected them, nor with the societies that they govern or the civilisation of the West that has dragged the world out of poverty and barbarism and onto the path of progress. What loyalty they possess is only to their own careers and ambitions and to the special-interest groups they serve.

The latest atrocity in Paris exemplifies this failure. The knee-jerk reaction of Malcolm Turnbull was to follow the lead of the predictably craven Barak Obama and mouth meaningless platitudes about “attacks on humanity” and other abstractions, carefully avoiding any real acknowledgement that the cowardly perpetrators of this latest episode of jihadist mass murder were Muslims and that the hideous ideology they follow is a widely accepted interpretation of Islam. Meanwhile, NSW Premier Mike Baird tried to demonstrate resolve by declaring that NSW was so outraged that authorities would fly a big French flag over the Harbour Bridge and bathe the Sydney Opera House in the Tricolour’s red, white and blue. The leadership of Islamic State must be shaking in their sandals at such a display of defiance and intestinal fortitude!

What the Paris atrocity reveals yet again is that the people our leaders are most worried about managing is us, not the local and imported jihadist cells and homicidal lone wolves who want nothing more than to achieve martyrdom by attacking and murdering infidels en masse.

In the face of repeated jihadist atrocities our leaders see us as the problem! They prefer to regard us as ignorant, Islamophobic dolts whose concern at endemic jihadist violence, not to mention legal and illegal Muslim immigration, is likely to embarrass them amongst their peers in the world of international politics, academia, the media, NGOs, and amongst the chattering classes. They decided long ago that, rather than confront an ideology that detests everything the West stands for, it was more palatable to think of hard-working Australians as racist and sexist bogans who are beneath contempt.

Widespread public concern at the arbitrary announcement that Australia would accept 12,000 Syrian ‘refugees’ was rejected out of hand as Islamophobic, while calls that special consideration be given to Christians and other persecuted non-Muslim groups was denounced as racism. No! our elites decreed, we are going to take this mass of Muslim ‘refugees’ and that’s that! Get used to it!

Even if only one percent of that 12,000 are sleeper agents for Islamic State that is still 120 trained, murderous fanatics who will have been imported into our country — fifteen times the number who carried out the Paris mass murders. But what if it’s ten percent? Or twenty percent? Or more? And the calculation becomes even more alarming once the huge number of local recruits that such operatives will attract is considered. Within a few years we are likely to be dealing with not one or two, nor even scores of fanatics but hundreds of them.

Fourteen years ago, the 9/11 attacks announced the Islamist intention to mount a carefully calculated assault on Western civilisation. The Bush administration and the Howard government indicated that they grasped the enormity of the challenge we faced, and they were ridiculed. Once Obama was installed at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and Rudd/Gillard/Rudd regimes were rotating through Canberra, the appeasement of Islamism began on a comprehensive scale. Every step since then has followed the long, downhill path to capitulation.

Comparisons with the fall of the Roman Empire are apt. That empire rotted from within, from the head down, it’s leadership effete and decadent and unable to face the ferocious barbarian invasions that looted it, decimated it’s population, destroyed it’s invaluable cities and infrastructure, and ultimately left it a shell. Europe was condemned to a thousand years of darkness. History will repeat itself unless we get some leaders who believe the West is worth saving and have the courage to lead the fight.

9 thoughts on “Betrayed by Our Craven, Treasonous Elite

  • Jack Richards says:

    The really big concern of leaders of the liberal democracies is the “racist backlash” and the need to protect “vunrabull” Muslim migrants from white racists and Islamophobes and “dog whistlers” like Marine le Pen!

    Where’s the #Illridewithyou campaign we saw before the dead had been tagged and bagged after the Lindt café attack? Turnbull and Baird et all are concerned about defending and protecting the enemy – and there’s no dissimulation, no lie, no level of appeasement they won’t promote.

    They truly sicken me!

    • denandsel@optusnet.com.au says:

      The ‘I’ll ride with you’ mob would have a lot more credence if they ‘rode’ with an infant Muslim female on her way to undergo genital mutilation, instead of posing on public transport taking ‘selfies’ with some mythical Muslim adult female to help cope with imaginary [non-existent] abuse by the average Australian.

  • Keith Kennelly says:

    Carpet bomb Raqqa and all or any centers of population where ISIL draw their support and troops. And if that fails to stop the killing of westerners the take the Truman decision and obliterate the Islamic Republic.
    That will have the added result of forcing a complete reappraisal of the religion of peace by all its adherents.

    These evil thugs need a taste of true power and ruthlessness. A few nutcases with guns and bombs. Pah! Let them see how feeble that really is.

  • Geoffrey Luck says:

    It’s about time we all started telling the truth, no matter what our “leaders” think, and despite the risk of prosecution for religious or racial discrimination.

    If Europe won’t face facts, Australia must: there is no such thing as a “moderate” muslim. Muslims may be ignorant, they may be apathetic, but at heart they are loyal and answerable first and only to Allah. When the call comes, they will all arise, willingly, excitedly or even reluctantly, in support of the ancient call to the caliphate. And to hell and the sword with the West! Feeble though the resistance is as yet, ISIS has correctly identified it as a crusade. We had betterr start behaving like crusaders, and the first step is to understand what is really going on.

    • denandsel@optusnet.com.au says:

      An ‘Islamic terrorist/fundamentalist’ is someone who will cut your head off if you disagree with his religion or you’re an infidel or non-believer. A ‘moderate Muslim’ is somebody who will watch the fundamentalist carry out his barbarism and will secretly [but never openly] approve of it.

  • Simon says:

    Missed in all this is the wonderful news that the Peshmerga have wrested control of Sinjar from these sub-humans. If Obama and the rest of us are too worried about direct intervention, which we are, then we must do everything in our power to help these true warriors. And I mean everything.

    If any ggroup deserves a homeland, it’s the Kurds, not the Palestinians.

  • jenkins says:

    “Multi-culturalism” is nothing more than manufactured consensus (to borrow a phrase from the leftist cultural theorists). “Attacks on humanity” is a bland, obvious statement which dehumanizes and transforms the slaughtered individuals into a concept

  • Jody says:

    The Left has abused language and the population at large for so long that they cannot understand language which is direct and simple any more. So, we need to be using their own language back at them. That’s the only thing they understand. Therefore, my advice is to frame any arguments directed towards them in the language of political correctness, virtue-signalling, gender-equal, diversity-celebrating cant. One tiny example. Yesterday somebody complained about the possible loss of penalty rates for working on Sundays. The reasonable and very correct response was and is, “well, the definition of marriage has now been completely reconstructed so it’s only fair that conventional working hours are freed up and similarly reconstructed; it’s no longer felt sacrosanct to have your Sundays free”. See? It works – they tie themselves in knots, with but…and…but….yeah, but no, but …. They can’t have it ALL THEIR OWN WAY.

    However, I feel there’s a tsunami of change following this horror in Paris. Even the Guardianistas are feeling outrage. Check out the comments section!! The game’s up for the apologists, except I notice John Laws is using a softly softly approach to Islamism.

    Niall Ferguson has written a disturbing article in today’s Australian noting the striking similarities between the fall of the Roman Empire and events unfolding in Europe.

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