See Belgium Before It’s Gone

burka babeVisit Brussels and make like a tourist. You know, check out the Museum of Musical Instruments, visit the palaces, admire the ornate Grand Place, then finish the day with a bowl of steaming mussels, the national dish, washed down with a draft or two of that splendid Belgian beer.

If  that agenda figures in your plans for the next holiday jaunt, better hurry because, in the not too distant future, Abu Imran and his Islamist followers intend to make sure that menu choices, not to mention traditional Western freedoms, are considerably reduced.  Alcohol and shellfish? Not when Sharia kicks in, and Imran reckons that will happen just a few short years down the road, given that Muslims now constitute one-in-four of the capital’s residents.

“It’s just a matter of time,” says a supremely confident Imran in the clip below.


Do Belgiums have any hope of preserving their country and culture? Just one, explains a magnanimous Imran, who is only too happy to share the breed-and-swamp strategy that has served his co-religionists so well.

Non-Muslims, he advised, need to have four wives in order to match the Muslim birth rate.

Do that, he laughed, and “they might have a chance.”

Who says the Prophet’s acolytes lack a sense of humour?

3 thoughts on “See Belgium Before It’s Gone

  • DRW says:

    But when Europe is broke and can’t afford the largesse, what happens then?

  • Jody says:

    I was in Brussels and Antwerp and Ghent in 2011 and found Belgium disappointing. Brussels was appalling; dirty and largely characterized by people sleeping on the streets. I spoke to many of the local people who said they intend to or already have moved out of that city because of the immigrant population. My husband I and were on the underground and, without a word of a lie, we thought we were in central Africa as we were the only Europeans on the train. We’ll never return there; never ever. It’s gone to the dogs and I’m so sad about this. Watch out for the rest of Europe.

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