Grudge guerilla

New Olympic event?

Boat Race ‘grudge guerilla’ and the new threat from the net

by Melanie Phillips

The triumphant grin said it all. When Trenton Oldfield was pulled out of the Thames and arrested after he deliberately swam into the path of the Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race in order to halt it, he knew he had achieved his aim.

Though the race was re-started, it was nevertheless fatally disrupted, the wrong boat probably won and Oldfield became an instant ‘celebrity’ with the media giving acres of publicity to his grievance.

And what exactly was that grievance? In the words of his online manifesto, it was that ‘elitism leads to tyranny’.

You really do have to laugh. This Australian anti-elitist was privately educated at the elitist Sydney Church of England Grammar School, went on to study at the elitist London School of Economics and is a Fellow of the elitist Royal Society of Arts.

Clearly, Oldfield should be mounting a demonstration against himself.

Source: Melanie Phillips blog


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