One million plus

One million page views a year for Quadrant Online 

Quadrant Online has reached a remarkable milestone. Its readership now amounts to more than one million page views per year. 

According to Google Analytics, in the twelve months to July 2010 the site’s page views totalled 1,022,223. This was from a total of 429,098 visits made by 228,688 unique visitors over that period. 

This makes Quadrant Online by far the most widely read website of any of the Australian journals of ideas and literature with which it competes, on either the left or right of the political spectrum. 

Launched in September 2008, the website publishes not only the content of the printed magazine but also a forum of online opinion sections that have generated most of the traffic. The most popular section has consistently been Doomed Planet, the site’s sceptical analysis of climate change and other environmental scaremongering. 

Quadrant editor Keith Windschuttle thanked the 156 supporters who in 2008 responded to an appeal to become sponsors. “Without them, the site would never have existed. The past year’s results vindicate their support and generosity.” 

Quadrant now has a voice that can respond to events as they happen, allowing our writers to intervene in debates in real time. This is a great advance for all those who share our outlook.”


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