Manne, time to retire

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One has to feel sorry for poor old Robert Manne. He was recently humiliated beyond redemption by Keith Windshuttle in the latest Quadrant, Manne Avoids the Real Debate, on just how shoddy his history research is concerning the stolen generations. As an addenda, Windshuttle added the coup de grace by exposing Manne’s wildly double standards of scholarship  and his vicious labelling of Windschuttle a racist for which he had no evidence.

After that episode, one could only hope he would retire gracefully and allow his pretentious, Left anointed title “Australia’s leading intellectual” to fade like bad history.

But no. The Australian offered him a poisoned challenge: to go one to one with the outstanding economist Henry Ergas, and let him demonstrate the best the commentariat has to offer: piles of morality and indignation, appeals to authority and a lack of facts.


One futher detail. Whilst this public debate was about the economy, neo-liberalism and the global financial crisis, Manne cannot help himself with a self-destructive clincher. He wants to talk about climate change!!

Please Professor Manne, it is time to retire.

Source: andrewmcintyre.org

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