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COVID: The Lessons We Dare Not Forget

As COVID fever, in contrast to actual cases, continues to subside globally it is time to take stock of two-plus years of irrational fear and policy madness.  Learning from the economic, social and political debacle of the global response to the virus is essential to ensure the temptations of authoritarian rule by public health ‘experts’, in cahoots with their political enablers, are resisted when the next health ‘crisis’ hits (monkeypox, anyone?).

Below are fifteen of these COVID lessons.  Feel free to add more in the comments thread.

LESSON #1: Viruses will do what viruses do

The path to the COVID policy disaster began with the failure to recognise that any new virus will do what every respiratory virus has done – spread rapidly until the more lethal variants die off with their more vulnerable hosts and more transmissible, but less deadly, variants become dominant, resulting in the familiar Gompertz Curve of rapid rise, followed by a plateau and then swift decline as herd immunity develops from robust, naturally-acquired infections amongst the healthy and their immune systems.

SARS-CoV-2 is a coronavirus that is behaving exactly in accord with this evolutionary blueprint and it is the utmost hubris to imagine humanity can ‘socially distance’ it into defeat, and it is the height of unwarranted technophilia to think it can be vaxxed into submission with either  revolutionary, rushed-into-production concoctions subjected to scant and hurried clinical trials. Governments can only pretend, for political reasons, to alter or prevent the predictable trajectory of a virus, a fact by now which should be apparent to all.

We wasted two enormously costly years by failing to remember this very old lesson about viruses being viruses and doing what viruses do.  This was the foundational error that set in train all the policy errors that followed.



LESSON #2: Unethical, anti-democratic, unscientific and ineffective 

The verdict is in after the world’s first-ever global social experiment in locking down entire populations of healthy people to stop the spread of a virus.  Every cross-comparative analysis between national and state jurisdictions, in chart after chart of viral incidence, hospitalisation and mortality the world over, shows that lockdowns do not make a bit of difference, not even the brutal, full-strength Chinese brand.

Indeed, lockdowns don’t just fail to save lives, they cause loss of life from mental health problems, suicide, economic deprivation and from (non-COVID) medical neglect.

That is why no pandemic planning, pre-COVID, ever seriously considered implementing lockdowns, not during the flu pandemics of 1957-58 and 1968-70, and not during the H1N1 panic in 2009 (apart from Mexico, which abandoned the costly exercise after 18 days of total failure).  Even the WHO, before it lost its mind to COVID fear, specifically ruled out lockdowns in a report published in 2019 as a strategy for managing a flu-like virus

Even if pitiless lockdowns could be made to ‘work’, and even if a genuinely deadly-to-all virus was in our midst, it is never acceptable, morally or politically, to ordain mass home imprisonment while stripping those thus incarcerated of their  freedoms in the name of virus control.  People may voluntarily choose to hide from the world but such decisions should be up to the individual and based on their own tolerance for risk.

State compulsion should never be an option. It is anti-liberty at its very essence.


LESSON #3: ‘Non-pharmaceutical interventions’ (NPIs) are an absurdist joke

No amount of politically-driven hygiene rituals or ‘social distancing’ pantomime, no bleak landscape of deserted streets, empty schools, silent stadia, deserted airports or any of the other spells and incantations from our COVID policy wizards can thwart the pre-ordained life-cycle of a respiratory virus. Only large-scale economic destruction and social disfigurement can result from such fruitless NPIs.  They are, without exception, goofy pseudoscience staged to give the illusion of control and to showcase the stern action that tough-love ‘pandemic’ managers enforced to ‘protect’ us.


LESSON #4: Covid ‘vaccines’ are a dangerous farce

The never-before-used mRNA biotechnology of the COVID ‘vaccines’, so hastily and inadequately tested, doesn’t work — in fact, the ‘vaccines’ may well have a ‘negative efficacy’, making vaccine recipients more likely to ‘get COVID’ by temporarily suppressing (or even damaging long-term) natural immune systems, and it causes great harm (here is a concise, plain-english summary of the myriad pathways to mRNA harm).  Further, no vaccine of any kind against any coronavirus has ever worked, all having so far failed to achieve sterilising immunity. For more on the coronavirus, vaccines, efficacy and public health, Professor Robert Clancy’s explanatory essays for Quadrant can’t be beat.


LESSON #5: Big Pharma, big bucks

The COVID vaccines do not work as billed and have inflicted side effects that would have seen any other treatment withdrawn. Where they have been highly successful is in making a ton of money for Big Pharma as more jabs go into more arms more often, each blessed with legislated no-liability protection for the manufacturer.  Make no mistake, the financial wellbeing of Big Pharma’s shareholders and top executives is the chief priority. Follow the COVID money – it leads straight to Big Pharma’s accountancy departments.



LESSON #6: Propaganda Works

Terrifying the public with daily ‘cases’ and ‘COVID deaths’ certainly works.  Remember all the melodrama about the ‘novel’ nature of SARS-CoV-2 and its purported strategy of lingering on surfaces to ambush victims at their slightest touch? Well, that has been busted by even the CDC, which advises that fomites are a COVID transmission vector in only about one in 10,000 cases. 

Neither should we forget the propaganda technique of weaponising emotionally manipulative advertising to infect people’s brains with fanatical public health ideology through simplistic PR slogans (‘Two weeks to flatten the curve’, ‘Staying apart keeps us together’, ‘Nobody is safe until everyone is safe’).

Propaganda works well on those who are by nature trusting of authority and get their news from the mainstream press and idiot box (some 61 per cent of Australians fit this category) with its continuous drip-drip-drip of lies bolstered by frequent recitations of the approved narrative. But it also does a surprisingly effective number on people who should know better — the intelligentsia, the professional caste who are paid to think, even those brain-workers imbued with a respect for science.

The ‘progressive’ intelligentsia, in particular, barely broke stride from hyperventilating about Brexit (racist!) and Trump (racist! fascist!) to joining the COVID frenzy and embracing authoritarianism to defeat the COVID beast.  Almost to a man and woman (and men pretending to be women) they, too, proved easy meat for the propagandists upn being scared out of their wits by the virus and its publicity agents.  Like the rest of the human race, it turns out the highly credentialed thinking class isn’t any more astute than those of whom they believe it their responsibility to dictate behaviour and policy.

The lesson to be learned?  Demystify expertise and question authority.  If the ‘experts’ shy away from transparency, like not making freely available for public scrutiny the alleged science that underpins the Administrative State’s health edicts. This what all the premiers have done, so assume they have plenty to hide. Victorians, for example, are still waiting to learn on what ‘scientific’ basis playgrounds were closed, curfews imposed and four-figure fines imposed on those caught straying more than 5km from their front gates.


LESSON #7: The demonisation of ‘enemies of the state’

COVID has delivered the latest lesson in how a large segment of the population can so easily be mobilised against an officially designated outgroup.  Perhaps one-third of Nazi Germany’s population happily persecuted another third whilst the remaining third (the ‘Good Germans’) watched passively or simply averted their eyes.  In COVID Land we have seen a large majority of the population righteously demonise those who refused to buy into the quackery and were thus fined, arrested and assaulted for being rule-breakers.  They wished unemployment, discrimination, permanent home detention and, in extreme cases, even death on the vaxx heathens.


LESSON #8: Bread doesn’t always need circuses

As a recipe for pacifying the plebs, bread and circuses is as old as the Roman hills, but sometimes just bread alone will do.  The elites now know they can grossly impede or outright cancel all the popular circuses (football, parties, pubs, weddings, funerals, religious services, entertainment). But provided you keep their bellies full (by firing up the money-presses for JobKeeper, to name but one item of pandemic spending sprees), you can buy a surprising amount of compliance, at least until the resulting inflation and interest-rate death spiral presents its bill.


LESSON #9: Governments can’t solve every problem besetting humanity

Some problems — respiratory viruses, for example — simply can’t be solved by government action or bio-tech ingenuity.  Viruses are too well-honed by evolution to be foiled by Perspex shields, mass masking, the magic figure of 1.5 metres of separation or over-hyped vaccines. We had never before seen the like of government-ordered lockdowns or compulsory jabbing, and yet humanity survived by the simple means of unavoidable self-isolation, otherwise known as feeling sick and staying in bed.

Expecting governments to solve everything, including the spread of a virus, has been partly responsible for getting us into the mess of the last two years. It is never the job of government to embark on the fool’s errand of stopping viruses by rationing social interaction. Nor is it acceptable for government to take away personal rights, civil liberties and democratic freedoms and hand them over to an unaccountable, technocratic elite of public health officials or regime-friendly ‘experts’.


LESSON #10: Never forget, never forgive

The architects of the demented response to COVID now want us to consign all memory of their diastrous handiwork to the forgettery and act as if the last two years didn’t happen, or to blithely accept that it all worked beutifully. Here, recall Scott Morrison’s pre-election boast that “40,000 people are alive today because of the way we managed the pandemic”). How can he be so sure?  What is the origin of that missed-death estimate?

We should never forget that it was all a panicked, politically-driven and thoroughly disastrous over-reaction to an over-egged viral threat by a political and bureaucratic elite desperate to be seen as doing something, lest they be  portrayed as ‘uncaring’.  Our pandemic managers’ desperate strategy was entirely pointless, unscientific and unethical.  They must be volubly reminded of this and duly held accountable.


LESSON #11: The Left finally loses it

It should come as no surprise that the Left’s COVID theory and political practice aligned squarely with the authoritarian state and its tame media, with censorious Big Tech, and with all the other pillars of the new Pandemic Industrial Complex.  The Left gleefully went along with the new apartheid of medical discrimination and denigrated those who resisted the authoritarian COVID State as being somehow ‘racist’ (the Canadian Freedom Convoy truckers) or ‘anti-vaxxers’ or ‘far-right’ populists.  The Left, the self-proclaimed ‘Party of Science’ when it comes to climate change, betrayed every scientific principle when it embraced the virus hysteria.

The Left declared ‘I Love Big Pharma’ just as 1984‘s Winston Smith came to grasp that 2 + 2 = 5 and Big Brother as a figure to be loved and revered. Thus did we see the remarkable phenomenon of the same leftists, once fierce critics of Big Pharma and capitalist governments, falling over themselves in the rush to be injected with the former’s dodgy product on the say-so of the latter.

Just as, medically, COVID mostly targets the very sick and those in their dotage, politically it also looks like being fatal to the Left which has long been ailing with multiple ideological comorbidities, including chronic Trump Derangement Syndrome, Murdoch phobia, the psychopathology of ‘cancelling’ all that offends it, a tendency to fall to the knees resulting from acute imagined racial grievances, hallucinatory night sweats brought on by visions of St. Greta, etc.  The Left’s more-draconian-than-thou COVID performance could well finish it off. Or perhaps I’m an optimist; in any case time will tell.


LESSON #12: Lose but win eventually

You can forfeit every battle but still win the war by demoralising the enemy while sapping his energy and resources.  The anti-restriction/anti-mandate movement lost every major legal challenge and saw each truckies’ convoy come to nought, whilst the massive Freedom rallies seemed to make no immediate headway against the monolithic doctrine of lockdowns.

Nevertheless, COVID restrictions and mandates began to be scrapped or diluted by governments soon after all these apparent defeats, moves often in sync with the phases of the state and federal election cycles.  This freeing up of restrictions has come about not because the actual science behind them changed (the regimes’ version of ‘science’ was always a work of politically-convenient fantasy) but because the on-the-ground resistance both reflected and enhanced the swing in popular opinion, shifting it from a fear-driven embrace of restrictions to opposing them as more people stopped listening to their rulers.  This made governing their populace increasingly politically costly for the COVID regimes. 

The lesson here?  Never give up.  As the old lefty slogan put it – ‘Dare to struggle!  Dare to win!’.  Feel free to borrow it – the Left hasn’t used it since COVID kicked off.


LESSON #13: We are much better placed for next time

We are now better prepared, better resourced and better networked for the next time.  It all seemed so hopeless through the dark days of 2020 and 2021. Slowly, however, we got our act together, building a broad movement of opposition to COVID authoritarianism.  This has resulted in some surprising political realignments.  Whoever could have imagined that Quadrant would find itself on the same page with the Trotskyist anachronism, The Workers League? COVID policy overreaction can result in the oddest of (strictly temporary) bedfellows.

Early on, when the lockdown fanatics introduced their disastrous social experiment with all its threats and fines and pepper spray, they met very little resistance. But the opposition grew as the absurdity and the arrogance of its advocates became ever more apparent. They won’t have it anywhere near so easy the next time virus derangement comes around.


LESSON #14  Phooey to the larrikin stereotypes

What of the image of Australians as anti-authoritarian, tall-poppy-scything Crocodile Dundees?  I’ll leave the post-mortem diagnosis to Gigi Foster, UNSW Economics Professor and early lockdown sceptic, who has argued that

Australia has been shown to have produced some of the most docile, authority-loving, uncritical people in the developed world: people ripe for brainwashing and manipulation.

This was confirmed by the dob-in-your-neighbour calls pouring in to specially set up to accomodate informers.


LESSON #15: What a sensible  public health program would have looked like

With hindsight all round (though the early dissenters can validly claim it was with foresight), a science-based, liberty-preserving, proportionate public health strategy for COVID would have allowed the vulnerable (the immuno-compromised, the very old/sick/obese) the option of choosing to minimise time spent in risky environments whilst everyone else stayed level-headed and carried on, thus contributing to the inevitable development of herd immunity in the shortest time possible through naturally-acquired infection or impregnable immune systems.

Government regulatory agencies of any integrity would have honestly appraised the drugs that work such as hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin in combination with doxycycline and zinc which knock the COVID vaccines into a cocked hat, as demonstrated by the dramatic and immediate drop in India’s death rate.

Emergency powers, which formerly enabled the dictatorship of unelected pubic health officials and police supremos, would be deemed inappropriate for pandemics and restricted, on a strictly temporary basis, to natural disasters such as the bushfires and floods for which they were originally intended.

Pandemic management should be prevented from metastasising into a self-perpetuating institutional bureaucracy which rewards its public health officials with media flattery and political influence.  These administrators must be placed on the tight leash of accountability and, just for good measure, should be reminded, often and loudly, just who they are paid to serve.

Public health messaging would stress the need to eat less, eat better, move more and get some (safe) sun to boost the natural virus-fighting immune system.

Old-school public health issues of clean air, water and soil, and public hygiene and sanitation, would be central to public health by promoting a population-level, toxin-free living environment.  These issues may lack the drama and prestige of a pandemic ‘crisis’ (who wants to be the spokesperson for all things sewerage?) but that would be desirable as the state officials and scientists responsible for them labour away in humble obscurity.

Freedom of speech would be crucial to pandemic management – the COVID establishment’s crusade of fighting ‘misinformation’ through censorship under the guise of saving lives should have no place in pandemic management.  Errors of fact or policy, from any camp, are best exposed in the public sphere and subject to debate.  COVID-crazy zealots, mandate fanatics and vaxx obsessives, who showed no compunction about pointlessly ruining so many lives with two years of their public health tyranny, must be made to justify, and not simply ban or shadow-ban contrary views.

Finally, ‘gain of function’ virus research (an obfuscatory euphemism for bioweapons research) would be outlawed. Outbreaks of naturally-evolving viruses are quite enough to be going on with.

23 thoughts on “COVID: The Lessons We Dare Not Forget

  • Doubting Thomas says:

    I’m pretty sure that Dan Andrews will be re-elected in a landslide in the coming election, despite everything.

  • pgang says:

    Lesson #16 – This is what society looks like when you turn away from God’s ultimate authority and give it up to the mind of man.

  • 1735099 says:

    Lesson #17 – Care to rethink this statement – “lockdowns do not make a bit of difference, not even the brutal, full-strength Chinese brand” in the light of these statistics? – Deaths per million – USA =3,084; China – 4
    Source -

  • Botswana O'Hooligan says:

    Yairs, agree 110% with all of the above and make one observation and ask a question. The observation is that the brainwashing technique was a bobby dazzler for it almost had my Russian born, bred, reared, and highly educated wife sucked right in and had it gone on much longer she probably would have dutifully lined up to get all the so called vaccines so when a propaganda program can have that effect on a Russian, it’s got to be a ripper! The question is one of –what can we do to exact retribution from the idiots in government and those fools who advised them– for we cannot tar and feather them, burn them at the stake as in pour encourager les autres, and so they or those who will follow them will do it all over again. Don’t you worry about that, if one can misquote Joh.

  • Daffy says:

    1. Anyone who has read Ronald Conway’s Land of the Long Weekend would be completely unsurprised by the popular love of authoritarianism. Clive James was right; it’s not that we were founded by convicts that is the problem, it is that we were founded by prison guards.
    2. @pgang; it is not so much about ‘God’s ultimate authority’, but that belief in God de-thrones the hubristic governing elite. Yet I note that the mainstream Christian churches did exactly the same as the German Christian Movement. Churches and support government duplicity! The crowd that keeps telling us about human proclivity for sin, seem to pre-emptively absolve the governing elite of its effects. Not so says this little black duck!

  • Colin Robertson says:

    Dear 1735099, I think you may have stumbled upon the wrong publication, ‘The Guardian’ is two blocks to the left.

    With regards to the futility of lock-downs, a natural experiment occurred with Austria vis-a-vis Sweden, both densely populated (10 million), similar climate, size and demographic. Austria went for Dan Andrews style lock-downs, pointless restrictions etc, Sweden not so much, just sensible, proportionate restrictions, social distancing, hygiene etc. Result: Austria 2049 deaths per million (dpm) Sweden 1854 dpm.

    When the next pandemic hits, by all means let the bed-wetters do what they do best, let the rest of us get on with our lives.


  • pgang says:

    Daffy yes, the political churches chose to appease secularism rather than steady the ship for truth. I wonder when they will realise how greatly diminished they have now become in our society. In siding with Caesar against their own congregants they have merely confirmed their futility within our secular world. Had they stood their ground they might have turned the tide somewhat.
    It is hard to know what to do as a Christian now. You couldn’t even say that there is a rump of Christianity left any more, at least in Australia. The reckoning is going to be awful.

  • 27hugo27 says:

    Article of the year , a keeper . Was sceptical from day one , suspicious from day two , and clearly against the tide on day three. Never-the-less am an unvaxxed, unrepentant Covert survivor (a half day headache at 61 y/o ) who looks at my fellow Australians now with equal parts incredulity and contempt . Even now a sizable portion of the population is still masked and touching walk buttons at the lights with their elbows ! Ripe for the picking we are and hospitals / dentists/pharmacies etc may never allow us in unmasked again. We have been softened up , and our “leaders” are quivering with anticipation for the next phase of authoritarianism to inflict on us when the all too predictable “mother of all viruses” comes down the pipe. I don’t share the authors optimism about us resisting the next confected crisis however , if what my eyes are telling me is true . We are being assaulted on multiple fronts of many issues within and without and cannot circle the wagons as the enemy is inside the gates . with their icy talons on the levers of power and information.

  • Ceres says:

    Great comment 27 Hugo. I share your concerns about the future.
    A sizeable number of people maybe 30% or more, thrive on authoritarianism and given the right conditions it will emerge. Thanks covid. We’ve seen it with the mask maniacs, the lockdowns forever nutters and so on. As you say, too many still on board with fear and compliance. At least they are easily identifiable to avoid.

  • Peter Marriott says:

    Very informative Phil, thank you.
    It’s a little depressing to me to still see the servile acceptance of masks etc from so many people. Some still have them right up to their eyes and as a result they must keep their head down to avoid tripping, apparently unable to work out empirically that one needs a little visual clearance below the eyes as well as in front, to get the best perspective. and apparently unable to think a little about the impossibility of a mask you can breath through, being able to keep out a virus much the same size or smaller than a particle of air.
    Many people just seem to be incapable of exercising even a little self reliance and judgement on all this, the sort of thing that is the hallmark of what it means, or at least should mean, to live in a free country…… self reliance and independence unhindered by Government or law enforcement.
    Hillaire Belloc, the writer of The Servile State and of course George Orwell in his 1984 covered it quite nicely, as has Kenneth Minogue in his 2010 book The Servile Mind. Both of the last two I think ( I know for sure Minogue did) acknowledged homage to Belloc for invoking the original idea, at least in modern times i.e. post 19th century.
    Having said that I wonder how much of this apparent mindless acceptance is being driven by the endless regulations being imposed on us by our new masters and great lord protectors….our elected representatives, with the compliance of our Police Forces…..and even more incredible to me….our Churches.

  • Jackson says:

    Dear 1735099,
    Why would one trust anything that comes out of China regarding COVID statistics (or COVID’s origins for that matter)?
    For the avoidance of doubt on the (in)effectiveness of lockdowns: consider the deaths/million stats in pairings such as Sweden-UK and Brazil-Peru. There are many other examples.
    The last two years has been a damning and damnable period of wound self-infliction by Western (now not so liberal) democracies. One can only hope it is a wake-up call, rather than a harbinger of worse to come.

  • Carlos says:

    Dear 1735099, I think you may have stumbled upon the wrong publication, ‘The Guardian’ is two blocks to the left.
    With regards to the futility of lock-downs, a natural experiment occurred with Austria vis-a-vis Sweden, both densely populated (10 million), similar climate, size and demographic. Austria went for Dan Andrews style lock-downs, pointless restrictions etc, Sweden not so much, just sensible, proportionate restrictions, social distancing, hygiene etc. Result: Austria 2049 deaths per million (dpm) Sweden 1854 dpm.
    When the next pandemic hits, by all means let the bed-wetters do what they do best, let the rest of us get on with our lives.

  • Simon says:

    The extraordinary thing for me was how little this catastrophic response by Morrison (boo, hiss) seemed to be so insignificant to the good people of Oz that it wasn’t even brought up once in the People’s Forums held by Sky News.

    No one asked Morrison why he chose to dispense with the pandemic plan and follow the Chinese model instead. No one asked Albanese to explain the outrageous Vic Pol, or the power-crazed premiers of VIC, WA and QLD.

    No one asked either of them why people were denied the human right to visit dying relatives in hospital.

    It’s as though the last two-years of hell on earth these people put us through just didn’t happen.

  • Simon says:

    @ Peter Marriott – I have just returned from the UK on Emirates, who still require face masks to be worn throughout the flight. So the only time you are allowed to remove it is for drinking and eating.

    I long ago gave up the fight against mask theatre, as Ron DeSantis so eloquently calls it, and just go with the flow now. I assume it will end one day, in the meantime we must just grin and bear it.

  • 27hugo27 says:

    Yes Simon . The behaviour of Vicpol in particular should have sent alarm bells ringing across the nation , yet we (not me ) accepted it as normal , which is when i knew we had changed as a country. This is where Morrison should have stepped in and nipped it in the bud . He was bullied by Labor Govts and they sensed his weakness , and the worst part of all this is that he was ousted for the wrong , superficial and shallow reasons courtesy of Labor’s and the media’s cheap shottery , a la bushfire absenteeism, the old “libs women problem” , selective and disgraceful editing of his words , and the never green enough policies . I didn’t vote for him because he doesnt have a conservative bone in his body (or any bones perhaps) and was just a windsniffer who could have made a difference in these dark times , yet chose the path of least resistance allowing state Premiers to set the tone . “Bulldozer”!? , we could only wish !

  • 27hugo27 says:

    Not to mention his treatment of Djokovic .

  • gareththomassport says:

    Great article Phil and completely agree with all you say Hugo.
    #18 Don’t believe any doctor.
    Multiple CMO’s have not practiced clinical medicine for decades, or ever (Public Health is not real medicine).
    The College’s and AMA are hard left wing political organisations, not bastions of medical knowledge. Most doctors mindlessly do what they’re told.

  • Jackson says:

    Yes, @gareth…
    Regarding CMOs and the fish rotting from the head down:
    If we were in any doubt that our venerable CMOs are political animals first, and medicos a distant last, we only need to look (aghast) at Brendan Murphy’s response to the question, “What is a woman?”, to be found here in all of its inglorious ignominy:
    It seems to me that the wokeist authoritarianist virus infecting our elite and political classes is far more sinister than anything merely biological. Thank God for the likes of Senator Alex Antic who are prepared to stand up against this rubbish.

  • Citizen Kane says:

    Lesson 0 – the consequences of the panicdemic response will take a generation to wash through – the emergent global economic crisis with the world awash with debt will play out over a period ten fold the radically overblown acute response phase.

    The ‘novel’ nature of the virus was not a construct of the media but the Wuhan Virology lab. The term simply refers to the fact that there is no pre- existing specific human immunity to it. The give away that this was an ‘engineered’ virus exists in the unnatural level of transmissibility with this virus. No random natural zoonotic crossover virus would be this transmissible so quickly.

  • Geoff Sherrington says:

    M<y ife and I are both in the very high risk group when a good immune system is needed. So far, all RATs have been negative.
    We are alarmed by the lack of official Covid-19 figures about the relative efficacy of vaccinations versus natural immunity from a dose of Covid-19. There is no guidance on whether further jabs are a benefit or a harm when one has post-covid natural immunity. We do not know if we should try to catch Covid for a better immunity or to continue with more jabs at increasing frequencies.
    Somebody needs to publish data and advice. Sadly, lack of such official action leads to suspicion that the main objective is to maximise jabs into arms, while being quiet about side effects, as if there was a commercial contract with Australian vaccine buyers being rewarded for ever greater vaccinated numbers – and nothing else matters much.
    BTW, Victoria's Chief medical Officer had a paper published in early 2020, just as Covid broke. Its theme was how the Vic medical bureaucracy should, must, could, will go all out with new Acts and Regs for woke global warming/climate change. popularity. It was so poor on science that I suggested it be redacted, but there was only a Secretarial Desk reply about procedures, the customary silence on any scientific matter of substance was enforced. Geoff S

  • abrogard says:

    Totally correct and well said. But you’re preaching to the converted. How do we get the message out to the millions?
    And how do we undo the entrenched evils like what I’m told the new SA Premier has done, ‘normalised’ emergency measures and imposed incredible fines that could be levied almost at will, so loose the definition of the ‘breach’ ?

  • abrogard says:

    @Geoff Sherrington
    I just saw your post expressing your doubts. There’s plenty of data been published but it is scattered across a handful of different respectable truthtellers such as Dr Malone and writers on Substack, Ivor Cummings’ ‘Naked Emperor’ channel on the tube and so on. I have been in the habit of collecting URLs to good such sites and putting them up on A bit tedious glancing through them perhaps but there’s a little text before each one saying something about what they’re about and you could perhaps glean from all that where the best and most prolific authors are.
    Hard to me to call them all to mind right now. So that might be the best way. Dr Sam from New Zealand is one. Dr Chris Martensen has put a lot of good stuff on Youtube. Dr Pierre Kory and his Alliance is good especially for clinical data on treatments.
    Unfortunately our Australian doctors didn’t step up to the plate. Or come to the crease might be what we should say in aus.
    Which, considering they are charged with practicing medicine to the best of their ability in the interest of the patients actually amounts to malfeasant, malpractice, doesn’t it?
    But yes, just look around. There’s heaps there.
    In essence I would say avoid vaccines and don’t bother trying to ‘get’ covid. Just keep your health up. Have a blood analysis done maybe if you feel like it and check all mineral levels are good.
    You are probably deficient in Vit D, nearly everyone is. But don’t rely on pills to fix it thought they’ll help It turns out the melatonin that is created along with Vit D is very important and it seems that explains how two apparently conflicting things happened: one: a large sample failed to find a single patient with adequate Vit D who got covid badly. But two: giving Vit D failed to prevent other samplings getting it. It was because of the ‘nature’ of the Vit D apparently. One ‘came with’ melatonin and the other did not.
    And a bit of Cod Liver Oil for Vit A. Very good.
    Plenty of Vit C around – oranges etc. Even pills. And the old standard Vit B well provided by the old Vegemite.
    Plenty of sunshine. Exercise. Good meat. No sugar and big mobs of pastries. Company of friends. Happiness.
    You’ll be right. 🙂

  • whitelaughter says:

    So, numbers believes the Chinese propaganda? Well, I guess you can program a bot to say whatever you want.
    If you *aren’t* a bot, numbers, then you should be ashamed, and realise that you are a living argument for a robot revolution: they have an excuse, you do not.

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