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Nothing to Lose but Chains and Shame

The first I heard of Quadrant was in the Seventies and that was through a miscellany of liberal journalists’ casual slurs about CIA money and James McAuley’s 1950’s editorship. I reckon it was the Adelaide Advertiser’s resident “foreign affairs” columnist who alerted me, a self-important little bloke called Bill Guy who kept lacing his articles — always brimful of undergraduate anti-American pieties — with this accusation. I remember that he and other communist auxiliaries such as Mark Aarons on ABC radio in a programme called Broadband were always telling us about the money that this journal had received from the Congress for Cultural Freedom, expecting to elicit the usual bien-pensant faux indignation from readers and listeners and usually succeeding in doing so.

I was a law student then and my reaction was –well done, Mr. McAuley! And thank you, Mr. Foster Dulles.

In the Fifties we were at the acme of an undeclared war with a regime that was murdering its own citizens and exporting its totalitarian virus to every part of the world. If Quadrant got a few bob to help increase its circulation in the West’s increasingly subversive and intolerant intellectual environment, then that was a very good thing, or so it seemed to me. Surely we see now that one of the reasons the leftist clerisy assumed control of all our public discourse in the Seventies (never to let go of it) was because such cultural counter-intelligence operations were no longer being run.

McCauley was a warrior in defence of Christian civilisation. Thank God for him and those like him in the Church and the professions and all of our other institutions. It meant that I had the chance to be schooled in my cultural inheritance and was still able to breathe its air and that has made all the difference to me.

It wasn’t until well in to the Eighties that I began to actually read Quadrant, and once started I have never stopped. I recall it did me the favour of identifying the then-ubiquitous phenomenon of anti-anti-communism. Some things must be named before you can see them.  I also remember an editorial’s acute observations about how we became uncivilised, untethered from our roots —  incrementally, never suddenly — and that while those small, creeping degrees may be scarcely noticeable at the time, each advances the process of unravelling the individual soul and the civilisation.

By the time I was reading Quadrant regularly someone had invented the expression “the culture wars”.  If it wasn’t Prime Minister John Howard who did so, it was certainly a meme that became associated with him. But it didn’t denote what was actually occurring. There was no war. War requires actual antagonists when there was but one long, unappeasable assault by the Left on everything dear to our cultural memory or emblematic of who we were.  Some of those who could see the unifying imperative behind all the “reforms” of our institutions and all the frenzied dismantling of our standards of speech and behaviour and all the radical recalibration of our norms published their anxieties and warnings in Quadrant. But the great mass of those who knew or ought to have known what was happening, and especially any vestigial conservative political forces in the country, convinced themselves and most of their constituents that all that really mattered in government was monitoring and managing the indices of our prosperity. Leftist political parties were content to join in that pretence because they knew that the real work of cultural deconstruction was going on not in the parliaments but in the schools and the mass media and the theatres and the professions (and their professional associations particularly) and in other clerisy strongholds.

This assault peaked with the desecration of the sacrament of marriage in 2017 and its predicted sequel, the attack on our remnant liberties by the alphabet people and political parties in their thrall. Those parties are, of course, Labor, Greens and, sad to say, maybe two-thirds of the Liberals. The enactment of abortion up to the moment of birth and laws banning conversion therapy in most states followed soon after.

This has been a period of precipitous civilizational decline.


I HAVE been referring here to the times before our Fall, and all I have written so far has been but a somewhat discursive recollection of my links with a journal for which I have great respect and affection and in which I am about to make an explicit call for revolt. Were I living in Germany in 1933 and had just witnessed the Enabling Act transform my polity, I could not in conscience have returned to the pursuit of Weimar era habits and distractions.

Strictly speaking, we fell in March 2020 when COVID arrived in earnest, but I date it from my acceptance that my fellow citizens would never stir. You cannot wake someone who is pretending to be asleep. The truth is that whether through cowardice or prolonged conditioning the vast majority of Australians, including many of my close friends and even family members, have manifested since then the absence of any kind of allegiance to their country or their heritage. 

Most of those I live among have no desire at all to recover the freedom to speak or to assemble which has been taken from them.  What would they have to say anyway? The only public utterances to which they now aspire are those to be roared as part of a crowd at the bread-and-circuses events, such as the football, which they are occasionally granted permission to attend.  Then they replace their masks for the drive home past empty shops on patrolled and near-deserted streets.

Netflix, full bellies and a warm place to defecate. That is all most want these days, is it not? To be frank, we have never really been asked to aspire to much more than that by any of our political leaders for a generation or two at least. Even as they destroy our liberties we must concede that Prime Minister Morrison, the two spinster premiers, Beijing fan boy Daniel Andrews et al have always had the measure of the moral and intellectual decline of those they govern. They know better than anyone the effectiveness of the two or three generations of post-Christian social engineering their own political class has administered. Seen from the perspective of their view of us, this has been their effortlessly easy putsch.

In truth, it merely required the dissemination of three seminal lies by the leviathan collaborators in broadcasting, newspapers and social media. These lies are:

1/ PCR tests are reliable indicators of infection by the virus. They aren’t.

2/ The virus is far more dangerous than a worse than normal season of influenza and respiratory infection;

3/ the risk of dying or being seriously ill as a result of infection by the virus justifies embarking upon experimental genetic therapy.

From the outset of the pandemic hysteria the one form of diagnosis of the virus permitted by law has been the PCR test.  But it only detects dead or remnant viral material. It cannot tell you whether such material is or ever has been infectious. It frequently involves amplifications of the nucleic acids it targets to levels that nobody even contends will tell you anything meaningful about the presence of the virus. Yet the results of such tests are transformed by the functionaries of the vast medico-bureaucratic complex into the “cases” which appear on the teleprompters read by witless TV celebrities to terrified breakfasting golems. This is alchemy not science. Accumulations of these cases — by this stage called “clusters” — are then trotted out at press conferences by courtier chief medical officers  to justify each fresh tranche of tyranny.

Thus has a State of Emergency been imposed and then, I fear, been made perpetual.


WHAT to do if you are not prepared to accept this masked, technocratic, hyper-medicalised and fascistic dispensation as a permanent one?  The answer for any person of honour is, obvious: you must reject and rebel. But what form should that rising take in a polity whose religious and cultural roots have already been extirpated? That has been a question I have been considering for some time.

I made some significant changes to how I lived when we were about a month in to the COVID hysteria. I recommend them to all insurgents.

First, get rid of your television. Don’t just put it in the shed. Don’t give it to the Salvos, where it will end up cursing some other poor bastard’s life. You must completely de-commission it, preferably by putting a boot through it. It is the main artery through which the enemy pours its propaganda into the body politic. The pernicious reach of a thousand Lord Haw-Haws in your home can be extinguished in an instant by this single action. Then, resolve never again to read a mass-circulation newspaper or lend any credence to talkback radio.

Next, I ceased to meet or even talk to old friends whom I knew would turn out to be collaborators. I made this decision very early. Blokes with whom I went to school, saw regularly through the 45 years that followed and had supported through divorces and deaths of parents and other crises and who did the same for me, I cut them straight away, right at the time the “flattening of the curve hoax” was being promoted. Anyone who faithfully carries any part of his inheritance in his heart intuits these things clearly and at once. I knew that these mates were lining up to consent to the hundred other humiliations quisling bureaucrats had prepared for them. It was as if all of my capacity to let ride the ways they had disappointed over the years with their lack of fealty to the things we had treasured in our youth vanished in an instant. All of them would have submitted to the mask. You might be thinking me very harsh but I know I made the right decision. It straightened me up. It also made me more vigilant of the many acts of cultural defenestration I had permitted others with whom I had been associating to wink at over the years. There would be no more of that. And rest assured, I wielded an even sharper knife during the self- inventory that followed this culling of friends.

I show you the times. Look out of your window if you need corroboration. I show you what you must do to get yourself in order if you want to be of any value in the fight to preserve what is left of your heritage. Here are some other ways to ready yourself for that fight.

Relinquish all of that unseemly longing for the return of unregulated visits to the theatre or the cinema and those beloved restaurants.  Accept that never again will such things be free of petty invigilation and that on the worst case outcome they will only be possible if you keep having mRNA booster jabs — now the case in Israel, where three shots are now required even as officials moot lifting it four.  If you are wary and reluctant to be inoculated with treatments whose long-term effects remain unknown, as am I, you need to accept that governments intend to make you a pariah for not having a “COVID passport” and be prepared to forfeit such pre-Fall pleasures as dining out. Keep your self-respect instead. Read that long-neglected Cervantes or C.S. Lewis on your bookshelf, help out at a refuge for the homeless or visit your sick grannie. Australia is teeming with sick grannies, so I’ve heard.

If you drink, never drink to forget the shame our leaders are inflicting on this nation, making us a laughingstock across the world. No, if you take a drink, bend the elbow for the reasons Falstaff gave — to dry up all the foolish and dull and cruddy vapours which environ the brain in days like these or to expel pusillanimity and cowardice from your heart and effect the warming of your blood! Seek the company of strong and hearty people. Return to your roots; get to know where you came from and who you came from.

If you have never been to a Christian church start going now. Avoid the mainstream churches (and Uniting most of all, it goes without saying). These are our Vichy churches. They were mostly captured by the enemy a long time ago. These are the folk who have, in compliance with the medically perverse and contradictory commands of the State, shut their doors or locked the Communion wine and wafer away from the flock or stopped singing or sung only with masks and who would stand on one leg to pray if that were mandated by secular authorities. They render unceasingly to Caesar because they have done Caesar’s work for Caesar’s coin for decades. Jesus overcame the world but they are content to be its servants and its students. Instead, find a pastor at a smaller church who hasn’t bent his knee. There are a blessed few left. If you can’t find a faithful church then just read your Bible and talk about what you are reading with the strongest Christian you can find. Start with Judges 6 and 7.

The needed revolt of which I am speaking will be natural consequence of your refusal to comply with the Lie in any and all of its manifestations.


ONCE you no longer participate in such idiocies you will find yourself brought to communion with those who have done the same thing. You will begin to share strategies for obtaining daily necessities; the legal and practical unenforceability of so much of this network of coercion will become plain and your spirits will rise. You will contemplate the loss of employment or a straightening of your finances with equanimity at first, then growing resolve. Much of what you jettison from your life through these new exigencies you will realise ought to have been let go long ago. They are the objects and habits and attitudes that have distracted us all from making a proper reckoning of our personal and civic decline.

Then get to all the rallies and meetings you can. They have been going on around you for many months. It’s just that the bought-and-paid-for broadcasters have never told you. My favourites are the “pop-up” ones where we meet at short notice outside, say, the office of a union that promotes mandated jabbing of its members even though the recusant nurses and ambulance drivers and those who care for old folk are frightened and will lose their jobs. The pleasure of naming and shaming the quislings within those buildings cannot be overstated. We have met outside the Health Commission, the inside of the building sprawling with obscenely overpaid management, and chanted our defiance and our anger in the richest Australian demotic!

The important thing however is to get to the rallies during those times when public assembly is outlawed. And it has been, repeatedly, in a nation with our tradition of free assembly and protest and under the cover of the weakest pandemic in the history of the human race.

Turning up for these events is what will test the mettle of your pasture.

Tens of thousands of brave men and women have done so in Melbourne and Sydney already. Your obligation to join them the next time can only be described as a duty. We in South Australia have  to date been spared the brutality and lawlessness of the Victorian and NSW police forces. We were freely settled in 1836. No redcoats marshalled us in our formative years. The tradition here is that the authorities accept that the trust and co-operation of the citizenry is what leads to effective policing. Our present Chief Commissioner has plainly operated as a brake on the zealotry of our Health Commission fascisti and as a foil for our Premier’s cowardliness during this year and a half, but the commissioner’s respect for Sir Robert Peels principles of policing surely won’t spare us much longer.

Taking to the streets is necessary because so many Constitutional remedies have been rendered useless by Morrison’s strategy of delegating all control and authority to the states and their madcap premiers, the PM’s role seemingly no more than enduring their blame-shifting abuse while plunging the country further into debt to underwrite their follies.

It is in the streets that we will have to confront and defeat this madness. 

We didn’t ask to be born in this time. That the lineaments of the evil going on around us became so clear so suddenly has left many of us unable to find our bearings. But faith and fortitude are returning to the honourable among us.

I read a book by Malcolm Muggeridge when I was 17 in which he said the most important difference between men was that some saw life as a process while others regarded it as a drama. The truthfulness of that remark struck me with the force of a revelation.  It is now being lived out in front of me. 

The “process men” are ascendant all over the world just now. But I think that can change if we care enough to change it.

Stuart Lindsay is a retired Federal Circuit Court Judge

53 thoughts on “Nothing to Lose but Chains and Shame

  • ChrisPer says:

    Interesting article.
    I have lived through a lot of this history too, and I have to say the point on the culture war is important: is it a war if the defenders don’t even bother to arm, and never take the field for battle?

  • andrew2 says:

    There are very few places left to run to, in every sense. Your article is a mixture of deciding what to walk away from and what to draw a line and fight for.
    I have to admit that I feel very conflicted about taking public stands until pushed to the brink. Particularly in Newcastle where protests have never been a big thing and the ones that I did participate in (the Iraq war started by dubya) amounted to nothing. It may very well be a different thing in capital cities where the heart of politics beats. I’ve seen people dead against vaccines cave when it became apparent that they may not get into their favourite restaraunt for a long time.
    The January 6th protests in Washington DC were a lesson to me in how protests can be used by your enemy to turn you into a criminal.
    I think it might be helpful to become a member of a minor political party and help turn it into a major political force. The only thing politicians seem to fear is loss of control of the political system. They don’t seem to even mind losing elections so long as they retain their seats in Parliament.
    I’ve decided not to take the vaccines currently on offer, but am open to the NovaVax option. However, like the Italian grandmothers who burned their vaccination certificates in solidarity with the unvaccinated, I’ll never participate in a “vaccine passport” system. So, I’m prepared to be denied all sorts of privileges in society.
    I don’t agree with your religious recommendation. I am a member of the biggest Christian group and it has always had different spiritual movements within it that have coexisted in the same Church, despite lots of infighting. It is completely possible to find likeminded people within such a Church and I prefer to stand firm as a Catholic in the traditional sense with my Catholic brothers and sisters from the previous 2,000 years and a couple of people in the here and now.
    In the life of Jesus, there were many examples where Jesus’ parents and he himself fled or escaped the rulers or mob until “his time had come” ie, until there was no possible escape from earthly, political, religious power or supernatural evil. Even then, Jesus sacrificed himself. Jesus never encouraged a political uprising among his followers and warned them through his prophecy to flee for the hills when Jerusalem was to be sacked by the Romans and the Temple destroyed.
    It is also natural for animals (even ferocious ones) to avoid risk or conflict unless backed into a corner or surprised.
    I think God works through truth and love and through making the smallest thing into the biggest thing: David slaying Goliath with a pebble. Jesus defeating Satan and Death through his crucifixion. I don’t think our political leaders are scared by mob gatherings. They might be scared by people rallying behind a champion. The hope is that the cowards and compromisers among us may still cheer on the people who have stood firm to their principles to see justice done for the harm done.

  • brandee says:

    Many QOL readers of this Stuart Lindsay recollection might share his history in becoming Quadrant readers. Maybe we are now ‘hoary headed’ [KJV] and much wiser and very much aware of the Culture War.
    However because conservative parties and mainstream Christian churches have not prosecuted a culture war engagement then I would be reluctant to engage in any local skirmish. Just like the Afghan army has seen there is no use of a skirmish if all power has been reallocated to the insurgent Taliban through their peace talks alone with the US.
    Until conservative political parties restore candidate selection by plebiscite
    then reform will be blocked by party hacks who are clueless career politicians.
    Recall that PM Scott Morrison has said that he will not engage in the culture war.
    Hence, in my opinion, he is a waste of conservative space and needs to be shown the exit door in one way or the other as quickly as possible.

  • andrew2 says:

    The thing I can’t understand about street protests is the lack of direct purpose, other than thumbing the nose at political power and getting angry.
    Now, I see the French “picnic protests” in a completely different way. Here are people who are not being let into restaurants and so sit and have picnics ‘en masse’ in front of those restaurants. There is a sense of joy and creativity and subversion in these types of actions that make me want to be part of it. It says, “you won’t let me do that, so I will do this” and “you will be sad and angry that you can’t join in because we are having so much fun in an atmosphere filled with love and community”.

  • Greg Williams says:

    Early this century, I was a teacher at a private school over here in WA. The WA government at the time, via the State Education Dept, the Catholic Ed office, what was known as the Curriculum Council at the time, and with most of the other private schools bureaucracies thrown in, was trying to introduce a diabolical curriculum under the name of Outcomes Based Education (OBE). I wrote a letter to the local rag denouncing it as nonsense, and the education writer for the West at the time contacted me, as the letter elicited a veritable storm of support from other teachers. Teachers were totally subjugated by their Principals and governing bodies and so no one knew the level of hatred by the actual teachers for this new curriculum. I got the name of another recalcitrant, who was a state school teacher at the time, and we started a lobby group opposing the proposed regime. My son, who was studying engineering at Uni and who was a bit of a jet with websites, constructed a site for us, and it became the go-to spot for a huge number of secondary teachers each day. It had a blog where people could post articles and comments, and it just took off like wild-fire. To cut a long story short, after 4 years of fighting over it, the government came to its senses and canned the whole idea. The point I am trying to make is that there are probably a lot of us out there who really don’t like the way this vaccination compulsion is going, for a whole lot of reasons, but we don’t have any common lines of communication. When the OBE fight was on, the website my son made was the single communication line for all of the disgruntled teachers, and it became such a powerful force that it overcame the problem. Maybe we could start up state based groups that could meet, either electronically or face-to-face, and each group in each state could come up with strategies to enable us to retain our basic rights. I have already told my line manager at my school that should the school impose compulsory COVID vaccination on staff, then that will be the end of my teaching career, at least in the short term. But I am in the fortunate position of not having to work, as I just do it because I love it. I’m in WA and I’m happy to pass on my email address to anyone interested.

  • padraic says:

    “We were freely settled in 1836. No redcoats marshalled us in our formative years.” An interesting observation about the “convict stain” that was a factor that nearly kept SA out of the Federation and was certainly a reason for NZ not to join as was the intention outlined in the foreword to Federal Constitution. I think it’s hardly relevant today as the basis for the alleged shortcomings of NSW citizens. Not many redcoats in NSW marshalled us in our formative years because they had their snouts in the Commissariat trough or were sheep breeders and were such snobs that policing was below their station and they left that to some convicts who had served their time and were appointed as constables by the Governor. Thirteen years after SA was freely settled, transportation ended in NSW to be replaced by free settlers.

  • DougD says:

    Padraic – don’t upset yourself about SA’s boast about being free of the convict stain – SA holds the crown for producing the most depraved murderers.

  • Stephen Due says:

    Today the Prime Minister has repeatedly said that unvaccinated people should not be allowed to travel within Australia or overseas, and that “any cafe”, indeed “any shop”, has the right “under Australian property laws” to deny entry to people who don’t have a vaccine passport. Presumably this means shops could deny unvaccinated people entry to buy food!!!!!!
    I have watched the video repeatedly just to assure myself I really am hearing this. I’m praying (literally) for strength to tell my wife about this and for wisdom to choose the right time to convey the crushing news. Now we know how the Jews felt when the horror started in Nazi Germany.
    It should be noted, incidentally, that this is only the tip of the iceberg. The technology platform used for the vaccine passports is functionally identical with the Chinese Communist Party’s equivalent. In China the system is used for mass surveillance and also to operate the social credit system. For example it can be used to deny a person access to public transport.
    Many people feared the country might descend into totalitarianism as a result of the pandemic, but few of us thought it would really happen. How wrong we were. I’m still hoping to wake up tomorrow and find it’s all gone away.

  • Ceres says:

    Struck a chord with me apart from the religious aspect but I totally respect what gives you strength and comfort.
    Yes I identify with having to think about a person whom I know was willing to snitch on neighbours early on. I was shocked and said I would never. So much division now and where to find strong, like minded people. I’m too old to attend demonstrations but I gain reassurance from of all places, social media which I always scoffed at. The comments from groups I joined are very reassuring in telling me I’m not alone. I don’t comment at all but can see the value of a place to have some sort of feeble voice.
    My contribution. to the cause of freedom and sanity are a few donations to groups with a spine and to plaster my rubbish bins with anti Dan signs. Have had some good positive feedback which is encouraging.

  • Stuart J. Burrows says:

    What a wonderful article. This is the sort of defiance I’ve been looking for; it’s the fighting spirit that is required. “It is not enough that we do our best; sometimes we must do what is required.” — Winston Churchill

  • Stuart J. Burrows says:

    Gee, with friends like you “andrew2”, who needs enemies?
    “I feel very conflicted about taking public stands until pushed to the brink.”
    Our governments are introducing vaccine apartheid, and Victoria currently has in Monica Smit a political prisoner whose “crime” was to incite her fellow Victorians to feel the sun on their faces and have a bit of a party. We are over the brink and falling into the abyss.

  • andrew2 says:

    Stuart J Burrows. I said that because they don’t work and because in Newcastle I would just be one of maybe 100 people, easy to identify and target.
    There is a lot of bravado and hyperbole on here. Both my parents escaped communist countries so I don’t need to justify my decision making to you. Maybe you’ll get a taste of what they went through and maybe you won’t. Read Kafka’s “The Trial” if you want to get a taste of it. And then really think if walking from Point A to Point B will make ANY difference. How did the iron curtain fall? Through people walking places? No, if we really are entering a totalitarian era you have to get the system to collapse. So prepare for that.
    Until then, I’ll join the United Australia Party and fight democratically for a change while being smart and also learning how to preserve food. In the mean time, yes I am prepared to suffer some inconveniences about where I shop and what I can do and maybe if likeminded people like me join in the businesses that comply with vaccine mandates will go bankrupt. I’m happy for you to change my mind.

  • andrew2 says:

    Also Stuart, if you think your highly indebted countrymen are going to join you in the fight. Think about what will happen when a totalitarian government ramps up interest rates and starts kicking them out of their houses. My parents taught me to be frugle so I’m completely debt free and most of my superannuation is tied up in real assets. But if things really get serious, I expect most people will cave to save their assets. But please change my mind. If you are the master of 4D chess, explain to me how parading down the street leads to the people with the guns losing.

  • graham.lyons says:

    I must declare a “conflict of interest”. I am a friend of and true believer in Stuart Lindsay. I should have subscribed to “Quadrant” long ago (I have subscribed to “The Speccie Australia” for several years), but just have, so I can post a comment here. I can attest that Stuart lives his life exactly as described. He is a “real man” (as opposed to the many “wether sheeple” (not rams) we see every day) of courage, integrity, steely determination (yes, he is indeed “a hard unit”), commitment and enlightenment. I consider it a privilege to have him as a true friend…and he is more than that: a spiritual advisor (for the past 22 years my atheism in the form of an evolutionist metaphysics I thought was all I needed as a scientist for a spiritual element, but with the advent of the coronahoax and its pointy end of the murderous quax rollout I have seen that that approach will not “cut it”…we are involved now in the ultimate contest of Good v Evil, and it cannot be fought on a mere temporal level), and indeed, legal counsel par excellence.

    For since April 2020 I have followed a similar path to Stuart, which has resulted in my falling foul of “the authorities”. Two tenets of my modus operandum are: “Live not by lies” (per Solzhenitsyn 1974…and the coronahoax is ONE BIG LIE, the greatest psy-op and atrocity ever launched upon humanity and I will have no part of it…I do not wear a face-nappy, do not “sign in” and do not submit to the fraudulent, invasive, DNA-collecting “covid PCR test”), and (per HD Thoreau): “Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty. The obedient must be slaves”. For refusing “the test” after returning to Adelaide from Brisbane in late March, I was placed under house arrest for 24 days, visited by ten police officers and issued with a $1000 “expiation fee”, which I refused to pay, electing to be prosecuted. I have not heard from the polizei for four months. I was hoping for a day in court where I would debunk the fake “test”, which is the pillar of the coronahoax, as Stuart has pointed out in his outstanding article. I am based tenuously at The University of Adelaide (Waite Campus). I say tenuously, because I am just a “Visiting Research Fellow” these days, but still have an office there. But yesterday, I received word that the Head of School (who I have never met) wishes to speak with me…nothing like a bit of subversive activity to stir interest (an interview I had with an ABC reporter was published on their website several weeks ago). It reminds me of my schooldays, when I was summoned to see the Scotch College Headmaster (who was Charles Fisher, the formidable and greatly respected son of Lord Fisher of Lambeth, who crowned Queen Elizabeth) in 1968. Stuart is also a Scotch Adelaide old boy, albeit a couple of years behind me…and, alas, he was not a Gordon House boy. No doubt I will be calling upon him again soon to get me out of more strife.

    I will take this opportunity to register my disgust with and anger at our so-called “leaders” in this “Vacci-Nation of Ozcatraz”. They are NOT our leaders, they are just quisling reps of evil Big pHARMa. Shame on you, you bastards!

  • andrew2 says:

    Seriously, I’ve read this article again and I can’t see it as anything but a recipe for defeat. The conditions that lead to victory of Solidarność in Poland was unity and non-violent resistance through strikes. Lech Wałęsa worked out early on that random protests just led to government crackdowns and actually stopped people from protesting in front of the Communist headquarters. Instead he kept them in the shipyards where they would be safe. The unity came through the workers, through underground media and organisation and through the Church, through a Polish Pope! – yet Stuart Lindsay is telling people to ditch friends and ditch their Churches.

    Are the miners willing to strike? Are the farmers willing to strike? Are the builders willing to strike? Most of our other industries are rather useless and having them strike would do nothing (the teachers go on strike all the time and noone notices).

    You know what would be the best unifying symbol today? Mary! I know protestants will have a problem with this but the Muslims in Western Sydney won’t. If you want to see the Immaculate Heart of Mary triumph over the errors of Russia, then maybe you should start thinking about what unifies us rather than what divides us.

  • Daffy says:

    @padraic. I recall a meeting some years ago with NSW government officials. Those from the public works department talked about being the oldest department of government in Australia. The chaps from Corrective Services piped up to the contrary. The criminal founding of our nation was firmly embedded in the state public service, it seemed.

  • Peter Marriott says:

    Good on you Stuart. You’re right of course of course, particularly about the TV and asinine talk back radio, and also church and worship, although I will not go while locked up in a mask, even if it’s only cloth and not iron ; there’s something not quite right in my mind, coming to worship God like that…. and they don’t fully protect against anything anyway, merely deprive one of oxygen., I personally regard them as a symbol of control, a sort of badge of authority over us, in our political masters hands. There’s no two ways about it alright, ‘They Know Not What They Do’, and that I’m afraid can probably be extended to many who not only accept it without even a murmur of protest, but seem to actively support them.

  • gareththomassport says:

    Regarding ditching old friends and many family members- I did this years ago.
    When get togethers involved ritual Trump denunciation sessions I confidently asserted that he was the only world leader upholding the values of Western Civilisation, and rapidly became persona non grata. Similar when stating that human activity leading to CO2 production was unlikely to have a significant effect on climate- no more invites. Challenging the Covid/ vaccine/ lockdown dogma has sealed my fate. I’m happy to enjoy the company of my immediate family who retain a rare ability to think, and avoid those who lost this ability years ago.

  • padraic says:

    “… don’t upset yourself about SA’s boast about being free of the convict stain.” Thanks DougD for the comment, but be reassured that such a boast does not upset me. It’s just that I feel sorry for those in contemporary Australian society who still believe in that stuff if that’s all they have got going for them.

  • rosross says:

    @Doug D.

    Like so many things in life, the claims about South Australia’s murderous nature are urban myths.

    The national rate is one murder victim per 100,000 people.

    The Northern Territory holds the dubious record for the highest per capita murder rate, at about six victims per 100,000.

    Per capita, South Australia’s murder rate is lower than average, at less than one person (0.9) per 100,000.

  • rosross says:

    As someone born in SA and while absent for many decades, living around Australia and he world, and now resident in the State, I find the concept of South Australians patting themselves on the back for ‘being free of the convict stain,’ a tad bizarre.

    Most people living in SA unless over the age of 65 would not even know the State did not have convicts and a lot of those over 65, unless avid readers of history, would probably not know either. It was certainly never mentioned by my parents or grandparents and neither was it taught at school.

    But, myths die hard and when people enjoy recounting them, hardest of all. Having lived in Perth many times, over many years, for many years, I have often been told when asked my place of origin: Adelaide, I spent a month there one night. Followed by peals of laughter. When asked, the individual would admit, ‘they had never been to Adelaide or set foot in SA’ and that would apply to a lot of people.

    Myths find ignorance fecund soil.

  • pgang says:

    andrew2 I tend to agree with you. I’m grateful to the protesters for just getting out there, but it is pointless. Two decades I took part in massive protests around the country against our involvement in the Iraq war. There were so many people involved that you could barely move. It amounted to absolutely nothing.
    There’s also a fine line between protesting and being the crazy old man who just abuses everyone and becomes a public menace.
    As for the lifestyle stuff, that comes naturally. Who still watches tv? Everyone I guess. Beats me what they see in it. But at the end of the day we still need to engage with the world.
    I will get the clot shot – that is inevitable. Most of us still have to work and take care of families. But it will be delayed until the very last moment, by which time hopefully Novavax will be available. I certainly won’t be getting it for the sake of ‘doing the right thing’.
    If you want to get an idea of how compliant people are, check out how many kids are (not) in school in NSW even after weeks of lockdown. Parents are putting government edict above their own children’s well-being.

  • abrogard says:

    I am very much in agreement with the overall sentiment but I do think the essay could have been/should have been cut down to a third of its size.

    Or just a few lines.

    Essentially all it says is that democracy has been lost to a pack of lies and the fools promoting them and we should adjust and fight back.

    That should have been the first para.

    And I’d like to object a little to the ‘go to the streets’ idea, as being the ‘only way’. First there should surely be a consistent and concentrate programme of inundating all and every MP you can find – and Dept. Heads too, for that matter – and Police officers and their superiors too (for they are being charged with attacking their own people in the name of these nonsenses and that’s not fair. They need to be acquainted with the facts.)

    Inundate them with demands that they cancel all States of Emergency and thereby revoke all emergency powers dependent upon them. Inundate them with links to true information, to graphs and charts, lurid pie charts showing actual truths of infection rates, deaths, illnesses and where/how they fit in the historical data set.

    Inundate them with real data from real experts in all fields. From immunology with Prof Ioannidis maybe to legal questions with .. who? I don’t know but they’re there. All the true expertise is with us.

    Show them we know all. For we do. Collectively we have all the expertise. We know the logical nonsense being propagated, we know the illegal behaviours, we know the very specific details of the misbehaviour of the mRNA vaccines, we know the history: the history of MP’ taking wrong paths, doing wrong things…

    That’s our part of the democratic process. That’s our duty.

    We should do that first at the very least.

  • norsaint says:

    Not sure about the efficacy of street marching but Stuart is dead right on the rest. The media is a giant brainwashing apparatus (Malcolm Muggeridge) and must be studiously ignored/avoided. And of course re-reading said Muggeridge at this time is well worth it. Oh and one other thing. The sacrament of marriage was destroyed well before the joke 2017 “plebiscite”. The creation of “family courts” aka involuntary divorce courts in the 1970s did for it. The state and its flunkies suddenly claimed the right to steal the children of blameless parents and it wasn’t long before those same blameless parents found themselves railroaded into jail if they didn’t acquiesce in this tyranny.

  • rod.stuart says:

    It is indeed refreshing to read this excellent essay and the many comments that are attached to it.
    It is essential to understand the enemy and his objective.
    Follow the dots:
    On February 17, 1950, James Paul Warburg confidently declared to the United States Senate: “We shall have World Government, whether or not we like it. The only question is whether World Government will be achieved by conquest or consent.”
    “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” William Casey, the 13th CIA Director from 1981 until he left in January 1987.
    Agenda 21 April 23 1992 “a comprehensive plan of action to be taken globally, nationally and locally by organizations of the United Nations System, Governments, and Major Groups in every area in which human impacts on the environment.” Close inspection of the document reveals a plan to reduce the World Population to under 2 billion, contained in several large cities.
    October 2020 Event 201 was a tabletop exercise that simulated a global pandemic, which resulted from a new coronavirus. The program was hosted in October by the Johns Hopkins Centre for Health Security in partnership with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and World Economic Forum.
    The Great Reset is the name of the 50th annual meeting of the World Economic Forum, held in June 2020. It brought together high-profile business and political leaders, convened by Charles, Prince of Wales and the WEF, with the theme of rebuilding society and the economy in a sustainable way following the COVID-19 pandemic.

    The current situation is explained well by Paul Craig Roberts; a former advisor to President Ronald Reagan.
    The Powerful Case Against Covid mRNA Vaccine –

    Can this enemy be defeated through mass civil disobedience, as suggested by Stuart Lindsay? I suggest that it could, but only if it is in fact MASS civil disobedience. I doubt that enough people are prepared to understand the enormity of what we face. Thus I am inclined to agree with Andrew2, in part because I have a friend who escaped Hungary in ’56, and has vivid insight into the mechanisms of tyranny.

    The ballot box would have been an excellent place to mount a challenge 15 or 20 years ago. It is not today, unless an amalgamation of all the minor parties such as Australia One, Australia’s Representatives, United Australia Party, One Nation etc. were possible. However, we have been conditioned to fight among ourselves. This, like the coming financial collapse, the Climate Change hoax, the Covid Hoax, etc. has been meticulously planned and executed in such a fashion to overcome by the strategy of divide and conquer.

  • andrew2 says:

    Thanks pgang. Here is a recent quote from Archbishop Vigano:
    “Faced with this bleak scenario of corruption and conflict of interest, it is indispensable that all those who are not subservient to the globalist plan unite in a compact and cohesive front, in order to defend their natural and religious rights, their own health and that of their loved ones, their freedom, and their goods. Where authority fails in its duties and indeed betrays the purpose for which it has been established, disobedience is not only lawful but obligatory: non-violent disobedience, at least for now, but determined and courageous. Disobedience to the illegitimate and tyrannical diktats of ecclesiastical authority, wherever it shows itself to be an accomplice of the infernal plan of the New World Order.”
    The whole statement is worth considering to provide overall context to the coordinated attack on freedom that we are facing.

  • vickisanderson says:

    I confess I cried when I read this article. The truth of it was overwhelming. This dystopia has descended upon us so rapidly it has often felt like some sort of nightmarish illusion.

    But Stuart is right. We have lost our way over a considerable period of time. Post war society and prosperity has been seductive, and the digital age has locked us into a new way of life that threatens to deprive us of thousands of years of accumulated freedoms of western civilisation.

    I cannot submit to a mandated injection of an experimental drug. It astonishes me that I am being coerced to do so, and it terrifies me that actual food sources may be denied. It is further distressing that anti-viral medication, as well as traditional vaccines, will almost certainly be available here in the new year. And yet, we are still being coerced into being vaccinated with unproven (long term) gene therapy.

    I am fortunate in living on a rural property, and we are financially secure. We have travelled all over the world and this country, and wont miss travel or any of the “necessities” of modern life. But we dearly miss our family, of course.

    But I have come to the shattering realisation that our society and the entire western world is at the cusp of a transformation that will signal the end of individual autonomy. But many of us will fight it to the end, as well as we can.

  • rod.stuart says:

    Orwell warned of “Newspeak” and “Doublethink”.
    Vaccination (pre 2915)
    Injection of a killed or attenuated organism in order to prevent disease.
    Vaccination ((2015 to 2020)
    The act of introducing a substance into the body to produce immunity to a specific disease.
    Vaccination (September 2021)
    The act of introducing a substance into the body to produce protection from a specific disease.

  • andrew2 says:

    One has to say that if accepting the Mark of the Beast/Tracking System is the vehicle by which we will be included or excluded from the New World Order, then an alternative world order is necessary. Do we have the skills an capabilities to pull this off? Can we produce our own food, water, clothing, tools and machinery, newspapers and communication systems? Can we build our own houses? Do we know the loads that beams can bear? In my opinion, it is these things that are going to save us. Can we throw away our mobile phones?

  • Searcher says:

    A good article, for the left is partial to fascism. The retired judge is looking in the right direction.

    He writes: “It was as if all of my capacity to let ride the ways they had disappointed over the years with their lack of fealty to the things we had treasured in our youth vanished in an instant. All of them would have submitted to the mask. You might be thinking me very harsh but I know I made the right decision.” Hmm. In order to parse it, had to read the first of these sentences twice. The communists and the more conscious of their useful idiots consciously want us to fall out against each other. I am not in favour of trying to use religion as a political weapon. Next booster time, which I think is probably inevitable, I will try to get a straight protein vaccine, such as Novavax. For the future, I don’t see why new techniques won’t re-engineer straight protein vaccines for future virus mutations. Is it true that the SA government will impose a mobile-phone app for random citizen-tracking? Because of my old age, I am not yet sure about rallies.

    I think some deluded Premiers are still partial to practically zero covid-19; that is anti-social. I think that is the regrettable reason for the Premiers’ wish for vaccination passports. It seems likely that most people, sooner or later, vaccinated or not, will be infected with some variant. I think it certainly wise for old people to get vaccinated. For other, especially older, adults, I think it may be wise. For children, I think better not.

  • rod.stuart says:

    Not that I wish to create alarm, but there is a recent interesting development.
    Perhaps some of us have been “waiting for the second shoe to drop”. I refer to the tendancy for the enemy to switch to a new scar once sufficient people have cottoned on to the last scare,
    Well in the news today is an account of the “Nipah” virus in Kerala, India that has claimed the life of a young boy. While it is said to be less infectious that Covid, the mortality rate is about 75%.
    Definitely something to keep an eye on.

  • pgang says:

    andrew2, call my childish but this made me laugh. ‘Here is a recent quote from Archbishop Vigano’.
    That is a very unfortunate name.

  • simonbenson65 says:

    Very refreshing reading. Good to know those of us who can relate to Stuart’s sentiments aren’t alone. As for dropping “old friends” I can relate to that in a big way, You haven’t seen cultural cringe until you’ve attended a dinner party in Perth’s western suburbs, replete with ‘foodies’ and loud references to what an outrage they think “climate change” (NB. “global warming” has been dropped) really is, before they all tear themselves away from proceedings in their 4WDs and, as they lack imagination, black Audis. Of course, one need not look far to find cultural Marxism metastasising in our midst. Most things that were once any good have been hijacked by the left. The church is just one institution that the Marxists have done their damnedest to win and white-ant once in the house. They just overlooked Matthew 16:18. But maybe they’ll come up with a new version of the Bible too, airbrushing out the inconvenient truths. Maybe in Sydney it’ll be called the ‘ESV’ – the ‘Eastern Suburbs Version.’ I find it comic that, with the left, the ‘fight’ once won makes the whole issue fade into a sort of tired obscurity. Hence the left’s need to wallow in “the politics of the inextinguishable grievance.” Take marriage, for example. The homosexual lobby fought hard for their previously non-existent ‘right’ to marry – good luck to them. But I wonder when we’ll all learn exactly how many have tied the knot since SSM became part of our unconstitutional law. Maybe the next Census will reveal all? We’ll see. Yes, I’m with Stuart on God and His Word as a balm in the prevailing malaise of lockdowns and crackdowns. To our detriment, individually and collectively, God has become ‘like unregarded Age: in corners thrown.’ If a few more of us, me included, developed enough humility to ‘draw near to the throne of grace’ more often, we might find the mercy and the grace that we all long for ‘in time of need’ (Hebrews 4:16). In the meantime, I’ll take up Stuart’s suggestion, and revisit Judges. It’s Old Testament, but if you substitute the odd late model ALP (and at least one Liberal) PM or Democrat President for some of Israel’s more forgettable foppish kings, the parallels are chilling. Now, more than ever, in this age of the empowered women, we need, as Peter Martyr Vermigli said of Elizabeth I, ‘a holy Deborah for our times.’

  • browndj77 says:

    You are entitled to your opinion. However the truth lies in the statistics . You only have to compare the death rates and ICU numbers (especially US, UK and Europe) against pre Covid numbers to know that we are dealing with a serious disease. Why else would the Government take these measures??

  • T says:

    Thank you for this article, your Honour. As a young member of the Profession in his 20s, I’m glad to find at least one lawyer who feels the same way!

  • Rebekah Meredith says:

    simonbenson–Unfortunately, I’m not sure how many GODLY people we have leading the way, but many of them do seem to be women–Kristi Noem, governor of South Dakota; Dr. Simone Gold, founder of America’s Frontline Doctors; Monica Smit, founder of Reignite Democracy Australia.
    The people I know personally who are really, truly upset about this wickedness AND the failure to stand against it are women.
    Surely part of the reason that we are where we are is that men have failed to stand up and be the leaders God intended them to be. That is not to take away from the efforts of the many men who HAVE fought for right. It is not a criticism of any any individual man on this site, any more than comments made on the MeToo issue are criticisms of any individual woman on this sight (at least, I hope not). But just as females, as a group, have helped lead the world to the immoral, unjust state it is now in, surely men, as a group, have allowed the world to be in the situation it is in by NOT leading.
    WOMEN have not done enough, for that matter. But it should not be up to us to lead the fight, and in many cases it seems that it has been.

  • Lo says:

    Stephen. I just hope to wake up tomorrow and find it hasn’t got worse.

  • andrew2 says:

    Rebekah Meredith I have heard military people refer to the “centre of gravity” for a military force. It is essentially the thing that their strategies and operational planning are centered around. It is not necessarily their strength. If you know your opponent’s “centre of gravity” you can analyse it for potential vulnerabilities and develop your own plans to defeat it. This can apply just as easily to non-violent disobedience, as suggested by Cardinal Vigano and enacted by people such as Ghandi and the Polish solidarity movement.
    The vaccine and passport rollout is a worldwide phenomenon and Australia is just one part of it. Through all the globalist thinktanks and UN bodies there is doubtlessly a lot of strategic thinking behind their actions.
    Before you start to fight or ask men to go out and fight, it is worth defining your enemy: who are they? what do they want? what is their centre of gravity? what are their critical vulnerabilities? Any ideas?

  • davyddwilliams says:

    Good article and good comments. There is just one thing that no-one mentions; the war is lost. It was lost not in one battle, but over many years, beginning with the loss of faith that followed the madness known as World War One. Faith has been declining ever since with the result that it is hardly possible to truthfully call most Churches “Christian”.
    I find myself disagreeing with the honourable judge’s recommendation to go to Church, or to talk to a strong Christian. Better to talk with God; He is always ready to listen.

  • Rebekah Meredith says:

    Women can certainly contribute to important movements, but part of my point is that it shouldn’t BE up to us to decide what to do in this. That’s not entirely a cop-out; God intended men to be the leaders in the world. Women, in the Bible and since, have sometimes had to feel a gap when no man would; but those of my sex should be able to support and follow the men that are leading the fight–whether that’s a literal fight or whatever form it should take.

  • andrew2 says:

    Can you at least point out who we are supposed to fight? If you don’t know your enemy, then they are going to wipe you out.
    With regards to fundamental human rights, there have always been many men standing up. Regarding specific health issues right now you have Craig Kelly, Romeo Georges, Avi Yemini, Archbishop Vigano, Patrick Coffin, Dr Peter McCullogh, John Henry Westen and Ron DeSantis just to name a few. Apparently over 40,000 people have signed up to the United Australia Party in the last few weeks, making it one of the biggest parties by membership in Australia.
    If you are talking about average men getting out on the streets and protesting or getting themselves arrested, men are primarily meant to love and defend their wife and their family. It is not our role to defend people who hate us or who support the other side. However, men do act when our wives tell us to act or we see our families in danger. If you want men to act now in a different way, you might be successful if you tell the specific men you love and who love you what you want them to do.

  • andrew2 says:

    Did you see the battle that was fought over the Restrictions on the Use of Cash bill? The government was trying to stop cash transactions greater than $10,000. The government’s advisers were telling them to lower this to $2,000 and the $10,000 limit was not even in the legislation so they could lower this limit without going back through parliament. Luckily it was spotted and a lot of us fought against it and the government backed down. Can you imagine what it would be like if banks started shutting down the bank accounts of the unvaccinated and they could not use cash?

  • rod.stuart says:

    Don’t pay too much attention to opinion. Just look for the facts.

  • pgang says:

    A few church leaders are belatedly making some noise.

  • Dallas Beaufort says:

    Save our Scientists, Scott Morrison must mandate all Government employees with a university degree take the double jab plus boosters, no exemptions, no placebo.

  • andrew2 says:

    davyddwilliams the war is not lost. It is just that we are deep in enemy territory. Look at our strengths: 1. We are decentralised (this is why they are trying to create the perfect tracking system). 2. Every single one of us is capable of independent thought and action (every single one of us could be the one who designs the perfect meme – the pebble that kills Goliath). 3. We are on the side of God. We are on the side of truth, of goodness and of beauty. We can tell who is lying to us. We can identify our comrades, even if they try to infiltrate.
    I urge you also to find a Church community. Individual prayer is not enough. That is not how this works. Action is also required. Jesus said he will be there when two or three are gathered in His name. Communion is essential to Christianity. The Holy Spirit will give you the stength to persevere.
    CS Lewis speculated that the German that he kills or who kills him in war would be his friend in Heaven. So go joyfully into battle.

  • browndj77 says:

    this graph provides a more accurate picture …

    Coronavirus disease 2019

  • Rebekah Meredith says:

    Without entirely conceding, I will say that you’ve raised some valid points. They’ve given me more to think about, and I thank you for that.
    But since you talk about fighting, too–how do you think that we should do that? I mean that in all sincerity. Much of my frustration is in simply not knowing WHAT to do; I’m interested in any ideas that others might have. This isn’t just for us. It’s for right; it’s for Australia; it’s for the children’s future; it’s for future generations–

    That others may enjoy the freedoms I have known,
    That others may enjoy God’s gift of liberty,”

    as an American song says. It’s for the Lord.
    By the way, I agree with you on being in church as well as having personal fellowship with God. Churches are made up of people who will fail, but Christ’s true churches are still His house.

  • Simon says:

    I have found myself in a very similar situation to @gareththomassport – All immediate family members and most friends (in fact, all but one) are now with what can only be described as the Socialists.

    Trump Derangement Syndrome, Brexit disastrous. Only way to fight Covid19 is what our valiant leaders are telling us -vaccines and lockdowns. GBR is doomed -we must do more to tackle climate change. And so on, and on.

    However, I have not burnt my bridges with them – I try very hard not to broach any politics when I am with them, and I have come to the conclusion that it doesn’t matter what ‘my facts’ are, we will never agree on any of the major topics of the day.

    What the real worry for me is that they don’t seem to realise the dangers we are facing now from the far left. And I don’t think the dangers posed to our way of life have ever been greater (except perhaps for WW2).

    I’ve also been sorely tempted to join in the anti-lockdown and anti-vaxpassport rallies – they are both anathema to me. But I think the only way to get the change we so desperately need is through the ballot box, and supporting people like Monica Smit (which I will do with cash and anything else I can).

    There is not enough money in the Royal Australian Mint to make me ever vote for this grotesque caricature of a LNP party ever again. My vote is going to the LDP, followed by One Nation and United Australia Party. The LNP is going to come second to last, one up from the Greens.

    It makes not one jot of difference

  • Simon says:


    -With respect, you’ve missed item 1/ – the governments quoting case numbers are talking unadulterated BS, because the PCR test it not fit for purpose. The designer of the test himself has warned on multiple occasions that it should be used for any diagnostic purposes.

    Following on from that – the number of people supposedly dying from Covid19 is also unadulterated BS.

  • andrew2 says:

    Thanks Rebecca for your reply. I don’t have the answers, only opinions. In talking about fighting I use such military terms in the Christian context of non-violence and the spiritual and ethical traditions of the Church. I mean it in terms of acting with and for Christ in love of God and love of neighbor out of our free-will.
    In this context, we could start by encouraging men to do what they do best, which is to design and implement systems to address our problems. Men need to start looking at these problems strategically and seriously. Who is the enemy? What are their goals? What are their strengths? What are their critical weaknesses? What are our goals? What are our strengths and critical weaknesses? On which battlefields do we engage with the enemy? Have we made sure that the battlefield is conducive to our victory?
    I personally think the enemy is the people behind the system of world control that does not have God at the center. That includes the UN and all the various non-elected organisations and think tanks that are strategically planning for the future of humanity. So we need an alternative vision to the UN vision for the world. We definitely need to keep waking up the general population by truth bombing them with memes and true information. Otherwise they will be convinced to go along with the created narrative. This communication with “the world” has to continue to be decentralised so it is difficult to shut down. The immediate things men can and should work on is developing alternative lines of communication amongst ourselves (the current lines of alternative communication have so much rubbish in them and it is keeping people unfocussed). Men need to take politics seriously. Men need to support each other financially when others are persecuted for the cause of freedom while acting lawfully, lose their jobs are taken to court etc. Men need to work out how we are going to live if we don’t want to buy into the tracking system: food and water, currency, goods and services, religion, work. Men should start looking at what practical skills we need to regain to opt out of the global system: traditional skills that have all gone to China. If you watch Romeo Georges, he showed videos showing that men in the construction industry have so much power against mandatory vaccination because they have valuable practical skills and are hard workers. Men need to regain religion. They need to make their religion their powerbase as freedom of religion will likely be the only refuge left against enforced rules. This means they must find their home and like minded souls in the Church just as much as in the world.
    But above everything else, men need to learn to act with wisdom in every circumstance. This requires discipline, which men must take seriously. Wisdom is to 1. Know the Truth 2. Love God and Neighbour 3. Choose and act for the Good (an action that flows from truth and love).
    That’ll do for starters.

  • Rebekah Meredith says:

    Thank you for the ideas.

  • michaelwells101 says:

    Mr Lindsay, thankyou for the brilliant insight within the article. I had the dictionary out throughout reading it (learning new words is a pleasure). I salute the passion and resolve you have and am inspired to rise and continue to rise to the challenge of these times. Thankyou, Mike in QLD

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