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Official: the more scientifically illiterate you are, the more you believe in ‘climate change’

by James Delingpole

Before I head off for my well-earned rest after my last well-earned rest, I can’t resist drawing your attention to this delicious story by Lewis Page in the Register.

Turns out that a stunt arranged by the US climate alarmist establishment to discredit sceptics has backfired horribly:

A US government-funded survey has found that Americans with higher levels of scientific and mathematical knowledge are more sceptical regarding the dangers of climate change than their more poorly educated fellow citizens.

The results of the survey are especially remarkable as it was plainly not intended to show any such thing: Rather, the researchers and trick-cyclists who carried it out were doing so from the position that the "scientific consensus" (carbon-driven global warming is ongoing and extremely dangerous) is a settled fact, and the priority is now to find some way of getting US voters to believe in the need for urgent, immediate and massive action to reduce CO2 emissions.

Needless to say, the authors of the report fail to draw the logical conclusion from all this.

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