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There really is Climate Change

Dear Quadrant Online,

How can you, in all conscience, allow Geoffrey Luck to mock that poor little empty-headed innocent from Canberra on your website? Everyone knows there really is Climate Change.

It normally happens twice every day. During part of the day it is light and there is a bright shiny object in the sky. During that part of the day (often referred to as “day”) the climate is generally warmer (although the IPCC insists there is no evidence to causatively correlate that relative warmth with the bright shiny object).

During the rest of consecutive 24 hour periods (often referred to as “night”) the bright shiny object disappears (although sometimes replaced by a less bright shiny object) and the climate is generally cooler and darker (in the absence of a thing called “lighting” but that involves ANTHROPOGENIC intervention which is not to be discussed in front of the children).

Now, it is true that sometimes the bright shiny object and the less bright shiny object appear to be obscured from our vision by a manifestation in the sky that does not exist because the IPCC’s GCM’s do not recognize such manifestations. Some people have hallucinations about these non-existent manifestations which they call “clouds”.

Your correspondent from Canberra is probably a lost cause but the rest of your public deserve an explanation and apology. Shame on you (and Geoffrey).

Anonymously Yours,


[Kindly forwarded by Michael Wright

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