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Dangers of wounded Rudd

From “The wounded are dangerous”:

Kevin Rudd let slip (June 3) that he has a vision for bigger-more-malignant ETS than the one he dropped.

“We need to make sure that the Senate becomes, shall I say, positioned in a manner which is able to deliver that change to Australia’s domestic laws,” Mr Rudd said at a news conference with the Maldives president.

We missed the bullet in December. As a nation we came within a butterfly-wing-flap of sacrificing ourselves to the carbon-Goldman-Sachs-socialist-nightmare. But it could still happen, and it could be worse. The national orbit has swung again slightly, like a pendulum with an elliptical chaotic path. With Rudd destabilized, so are we all collectively far from center.

Australia could be headed for an election where climate change is still a central issue, or worse, it won’t be, and the nasty surprise will spring afterwards.

The Greens are gathering power (16%) from disillusioned Labor voters. If, at the next election, Rudd wins, and the Greens control the senate, what we get then will be far worse than the ETS we fought before. They will have carte blanche to run the chainsaws through the intricate branches of business, careers, and livelihoods.

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