COVID’s Far More Serious and Lingering Malady

In Victoria on Friday, retiring Chief Health Officer (CHO) Brett Sutton was named the state’s most upright and valued citizen, garlanded with the title of Victorian of the Year. Sutton was the face of the COVID lockdowns in the world’s most-locked-down city, the ever-nodding stage prop at Premier Daniel Andrews’ press conferences, where the latest offences against liberty and democracy were daily announced. The right to assemble, to leave one’s home, to appear in public unmasked and, most shameful of all, the all too often violent gagging of free speech were erased at the whim of the Premier and his compliant CHO. In their place, the right to be arrested for posting dissident views on Facebook, and if so bold as to take those objections to the streets, the right to be peppered with VicPol’s rubber bullets.

Three mad years of all this and, while COVID has receded, Melbourne is nowhere near a full recovery. Perhaps we will never see the damage fully repaired. Sure, it’s a subjective view, but there are reminders everywhere in still-empty shops testifying to small businesses pushed to bankruptcy, a CBD gutted and a populace cowed. When pulled over for a random breath test, the inevitable thought, discretely unspoken as you exhale into the Breathalyzer, is this: “So, officer, how many lockdown protesters did you club when Andrews let you off the leash?”

What has vanished since 2020 and that first lockdown (to ‘flatten the curve’, as CMO Sutton presented that epidemiological bill of goods) — is trust and the suspicion that it can never be fully restored. We have seen what an arrogant, autocratic Premier can do. We have seen the so-called ‘experts’ shilling for their TV closeups while mainstream media, flush with pandemic cash from public notices and get-jabbed-or-die ads, dutifully reported Spring Street’s authorised narrative while suppressing all comment to the contrary.

In Britain, unlike Australia, a public inquiry has been charged with examining how the country reacted, and over-reacted, to COVID. Below is a submission to that investigatory body from a woman who writes of the damage done. She relates her experience in London, but were you to substitute ‘Yarra’ for ‘Thames’ it could just as easily be Melbourne. Her submission is republished with the permission of The Daily Sceptic, where it first appeared.

— roger franklin


BEFORE COVID I was part of a small choir which I had helped to form. I helped out at a ‘Repair Café’, serving the tea and cake to a busy crowd. I was part of a group of eight friends we called the ‘philosophy club’. We gathered monthly to explore a topic in depth and then eat, drink and talk together about life, the universe and everything. I met one-to-one with close women friends and my sister. My small family gathered regularly from three points along the Sussex coast. I swam three to four times a week at a local health spa, visited gardens and our local nature reserves often. I walked both along the coast and in the South Downs. I went to Qi Gong class once a week and had shiatsu massage regularly. I used the local library. My partner and I shared companionable meals, games and conversation frequently with two local friends. Other friends came to stay with us and we with them. The last friends we had to stay were from Norway. My partner was part of the local history society, went to a local jazz club and was a regular at premier league football matches.

The last collective thing I did before we were locked down on March 23rd 2020 was to participate in a large one-day singing workshop. I was an optimistic, cheerful person with a satisfying and generally happy life.

Overnight in March 2020 all my opportunities for coming together in person – in community and one-to-one – were gone. Overnight I could no longer swim or walk in nature in beautiful gardens or listen to birdsong in the reserves. From a life where I had a rich mixture of connections with other people in person, enriching time spent in nature and healthy exercise, suddenly I had a life with a loving male partner, three cats and what connections could be made by email and telephone. We walked each day on the local beach, read books, watched TV and sat in the garden. I wrote a journal and took to making mosaics. I know I was fortunate in my personal situation compared to so many people and yet this locked-down life without a variety of activities, intimacies and community gradually sapped my strength, weakened my spirit, emptied my life of joy and rendered me hopeless.

The elements that felt most oppressive were:

♦ social distancing and all the signage and strange behaviours that went with it

♦ face masks

♦ plastic screens  

♦ fear inducing propaganda

♦ weird and changing rules about what you could do or not with who or how many, inside or outside

♦ The lack of any real discussion or debate about what we were living through

I was living in a dystopian nightmare imposed by a Government from which there was no escape. Once I learnt about how Sweden was doing it differently without lockdowns and face mask mandates, I longed to live in Sweden!

I was also deeply concerned for children and young people. I think that the wellbeing of a whole young generation was ignored, and that they were oppressed and abused by lockdowns, social distancing, endless testing and, perhaps most of all, mask-wearing in schools. Schools and universities should never have been closed and masks were a form of abuse.

I was deeply concerned for anyone living alone in lockdown, people imprisoned in care homes, people in dysfunctional and violent relationships, people without garden space, women forced to give birth alone and miscarry alone, people left to die alone, people left to grieve alone and bereaved people forced to be socially distant and masked at funerals. How could the system be so cruel?

By August 2020 I was more miserable and hopeless than ever in my life before. I would wake up every day awash with anxiety, anger and grief. Fortunately, some good friends turned out to be resolutely rebellious and I was empowered to break the rules with others of my loved ones who were willing. Illegal hugs became particularly special. Some of my close friendships were restored to physical and emotional intimacy by autumn of 2020.

But the nightmare continued, on and on for more than two years. I went willingly and without too much thought for three lots of COVID jabs. I stupidly assumed that when everyone most vulnerable had been offered vaccination the world would open up and life would return to pre-COVID normal.

I stupidly assumed that vaccines would prevent the spread of SARS-CoV-2 – isn’t that what a vaccine does? Now I know different. Almost everyone I know has had COVID at least once and they have all been vaccinated. We were told these vaccinations were safe and effective – I believe we were lied to. My own experience of COVID was brief and unremarkable, apart from the nasty metallic taste in the mouth. I have had much worse experiences of flu and other respiratory viruses.

I want this enquiry to answer the big questions

♦ How could lockdowns be justified? Where was the evidence?

♦ How could face covering mandates be justified? Where was the evidence?

♦ How could all the fear-mongering propaganda be justified?

♦ How could all the weird and ever changing rules be Justified? Where was the evidence?

♦ How much harm was done to health, both physical and mental, by the non-pharmaceutical measures taken in response to Covid?

♦ Why was no cost benefit analysis done before lockdowns?

♦ Why weren’t we told the truth about the vaccines, that they do not stop a person getting Covid or passing onto others?

♦ Why were we nudged, pressurised and manipulated using behavioural psychology techniques?

♦ Why were alternative approaches from many highly qualified experts censored, ridiculed and silenced?

Personally, I am recovering now. There is some joy back in life.

I still feel weakened, lacking in resilience, courage and hope, and unable to find inner peace. I do not trust mainstream media, especially the BBC, I have little confidence in the NHS, and there is no political party that I want to vote for. So much was lost and needs to be rediscovered, reclaimed and restored for living a good healthy life.

I hope that the Inquiry will recommend that a UK Government never embarks on such oppressive treatment of citizens ever again.

There was always an alternative approach: to focus protection on the most vulnerable and let life go on for everyone else. Sweden got it mostly right. Most of the rest of the world made the same horrible mistakes as the UK.We will be living with the consequences for a long time to come.

Quadrant Online is grateful to The Daily Sceptic for permission to republish this memoir.

10 thoughts on “COVID’s Far More Serious and Lingering Malady

  • STD says:

    Total infections in Oz to date as at 19/12/2020, 28128, of this Vic contributed 20354 – total deaths Oz wide ,908 of which Victoria’s contribution was 820 lives lost, source (health. FURTHERMORE THIS SITE STATES “THAT THE MAJORITY OF INFECTIONS AND DEATHS ARE FROM VICTORIA” . Thank God ,At last we have some clarity.

    • guilfoyle says:

      Yes I get that Dan Andrews is a donkey’s arse – but why do Victorian’s vote for him?

      • STD says:

        The only thing that en masse never surprised Albert Einstein, was human stupidity.
        Primarily, the media is left wing and by inference corrupt – the left never service the people with truth. The un-informed decision (mass media and social media diet)is then always going to be made and met with misinformation (distortion – corruption -vice).
        Add to that an ineffective opposition that stands for the same agenda as the Labor party, therefore no wanton need to change.
        Here I will borrow the paradoxical light of Chesterton – Socialism by its very nature is progressive and breeds motivational apathy in-regard to the retrograde need for ethical change – the Liberal party and values once identified with are now obsolete and sneered upon, so what do you do when you want to be liked,liked them, you change? So now what do you do when you change and you’re still not liked – solution, polarise the change- make a stand for something, look at an issue and stand by the truth, for both the good and the bad, don’t be politically diecast be truthfully diecast.
        Now to the Greens ( the Dope party designed not by ,but for fools) which are the far Marxist driver behind the global warming swindle; there is a large swathe of society who believe fervently that mankind is on a collision course with real nature (the greens are on a collision course with truth – the real truth the proper form of that truth)-(creation) and as such they feel that their existence is really guiltily threatened.
        Self interest has always trumped ethical norm’s and behaviour (common sense). The Greens are just modern moonlighting snake oil salesman and confidence tricksters that garner your vote in the interests of the Labor party, without which Labor wouldn’t stand a ghost’s chance of governing – The Labor party that once sold button up shoes that now have no market and are now offering for sale shoes with hemp laces that everyone needs and wants, because it’s cool being Green.
        Couple that with an education system that is essentially indoctrination; I’m talking here of all the garbage on offer being dumped into the heads of kids- equality, equity, sexual perversions of homosexuality and the transgender none senses, in short all the woke none fair dinkum stuff that essentially destroys the capacity of the brain to think clearly, logically, practically and in due course sensibly.
        By the way once you let the sexual genie out of the bottle, I believe it interferes with brainwave activity and the capacity to think coherently and therefore effectively, especially so in teenagers. What is on offer from the left politically at the education front is nothing short of Child abuse.
        Sexual co edification? Co-Educational schooling is especially bad for the concentration in males.
        Another reason, or one of the reasons that the political spectrum of the left also preys and targets most people in like fashion and in general and particularly vulnerable are the young, is with guilt, as it is a very effective psychological tool of mind management control and manipulation. Couple that with naive (blind) trust, then you have a totality of control of thought ability.
        [Communism]- indoctrination alters the proper concept of education and destroys the capacity to think – in order to think truthfully in its proper sense, the human brain has to have license ( coupling of heart [sense] and mind [reason] in order to recognise what is real [truth] in order to resist, [ temptation] to be free from vice and deception and being led astray.
        Once the ability to think has been caged or curbed or in the Marxist case objectively curtailed, you are then just like any animal that is being led- you have submitted control subliminally and essentially been stupefied,
        (Do you remember Doctor Who? To quote the late Dr TB Lynch, “The zombies are coming “). – they’re here, the capacity to think has been hacked by the progressive left. Think of climate change, the word skeptic in left parlance basically means you cannot voice what you would like to think, don’t even bother thinking it. Know wonder people these day’s feel so lost and despondent and rates of suicide are through the roof, I mean come on even the Greeks could wrap their minds around the concept of happiness essentially needs to procure freedom of thought to access the truth-truth is happiness.
        Guilfoyle people are basically just another animal and can easily be led astray. As Christ said, I think it was to Saint Peter “ Feed my sheep”, this is basically a command to lead properly – truthfully . I believe what Christ was hinting at also, is the nature of the world is polar or the dynamic has polarity and is polarised. This is how the psychology of nature works, ie; male – female, left – right, up – down, good – bad,
        distrustful – truthful.
        What I am trying to say is that truth and honesty matter and most people gravitate too it when they recognise it and by the way truth and honesty come at a price.
        The only way to stop the Sandakan March of the left LaborGreen juggernaut is to stop it in its tracks, confront it head on ,with what you really think – from the heart ,the heart dear Watson, no BS ( Bill Shorten mealy mouth none sense). To do this Guilfoyle you need people who will lead, well informed people with a very wide bandwidths in general knowledge and nous – the idiot liberals need to get rid of the corporate oleaginous Italian from the Greek parts of Italy. To my mind most Italian men are conmen full of BS anyway. Get rid of him and put the likes of that Lady Moria Demming who will actually walk the talk, unlike people who talk garbage.
        If you speak the plain unadulterated naked truth, people will follow, or at least listen to what you have to say- they may not always agree or even like you but if they believe they can trust you they may just entrust you with their vote. I don’t say this will be easy it’ll be hard work stating what the position is and why you think it’s worthy. One Tony Abbott proves my point.
        To my mind Moria Deeming is fair dinkum and the opposition leader is un Australian and just bloody lazy and has no moral right, backbone or work ethic to endow him properly to an Australian position.
        I think the guy who would have a good overview of the answer to your question would be Doubting Thomas.
        Power and truth are odd bedfellow’s- a polar winter for Moria
        Someone with personality, sense of humour and the warmth of a Gladys would definitely take it up to that sour Chinese puppet Marxist down there .

    • mrsfarley2001 says:

      COVID was a complete scam. End of.

  • STD says:

    PS, the CHO Brett Sutton’s recognition, is obviously an award in appreciation of the outcomes.

  • STD says:

    This is a response made by me on Anna Hitching’s blog, Agony and
    G’day ,Gay. I hope this doesn’t feel like gang up on Gay day! Gay I’d be interested know how you arrived at the assumption, that the Victorian lockdown (s?????) was a success. Can I presume that your response is based on financial consideration, did you factor in sanitising outcomes in concert with medical / nursing aseptic protocols, that includes wide ranging use of different personal protective equipment and tiered levels of aseptic engagement , preparedness and care?

    Does your opinion of success take into account psychological a suicidal outcomes, political and administrative ‘oversight’ in regard to quarantine security service delivery ?- I’m thinking about the use of the Australian Defence Force (ADF), which was offered ‘politically’ at the federal level – was initially accepted , then declined (there’s seems to have been a cerebral shift or was that the Victorian version of a change of heart) .To use an Australian jingoism , Victoria told the commonwealth to ‘hit the frog an toad’, in Mandarin is pronounced ‘belt and road’. My presumption is that the ADF would of had Australian’s, and Australia’s interests at heart ,at the very least! This may ‘well’ have been an oversight measure that again ,may well have insured and ensured compliance, with expected outcomes being ‘realised’ in regard to the stricture of quarantine procedure and by inference, adherence to Commonwealth Federal Law.

    Gay, from a holistic healthcare perspective, were people’s wellbeing and Happiness factored in, or did they even play a part, or even considered a core component ,of the key performance indicators ,that is success? Did opinion in regard to the assumed success get a rating and ‘rate’ or rate highly amongst nursing home residents, or for that matter people in the mainstream populace?

    Yes, the daily tested infection rate peaked at 7-800(WHY) , then plummeted to the noticeable level of background radio wave interference (Why) and how was this portrayed by Dan et al = bare in mind that in some sections of the media this was portrayed as another wave – the second wave if you like – which to put it mildly, is dishonest as it is deceptive and misleading. (FBD).

    Gay, in comparison with/to other states ,how did Victoria rate as per infections ? And with comparison how long did it take Vic to bring everything under control within comparison with other FIRST WAVE VIRAL AMPLITUDE spikes, and what were the amplitude variances comparatively speaking – were they even considered?

    Did the Victorian Gov do a good job in the defence of protecting ordinary citizens basic rights and DEMOCRATIC EXPECTATIONS ,with regard to individual autonomy; as Gladys did for NSW?

    I’m not sure at this point, of the figures off hand, but how many elderly people were dispatched / titrated out ,because of or with COVID 19 / SARS 2? If so, how many ,if any of these were Advanced Care Directive titrations, and could these ACD’s be considered a legal loop hole avenue of the state, divesting itself of its duty of care and expense legally (don’t get me wrong there is a place for these ethically)?Was care withdrawn and at what ‘price’ ? How do we measure success?

    As the late Pathologist Dr TB Lynch said with words ,”the greatest mask at human disposal is our immune system, our white blood cells”. Quality being our DNA- the good………success. As Anna alluded to, herd immunity accords nicely with most of the mainstream population. Is herd immunity to be considered antigen inoculation, and could it also be another sign of success in the long term horizon?


    Finally Gay, I would refer you to the Nursing Codes of Conduct and Ethics, which are state sanctioned guidelines for delivery of care – did the state Government of Victoria ‘breach’ people’s and / patient’s expectations with regard to trust and expectation of care delivered with regard to quarantine rules and adherence, MANAGEMENT AND OUTCOMES?
    Total infections in Oz to date as at 19/12/2020, 28128, of this Vic contributed 20354 – total deaths Oz wide ,908 of which Victoria’s contribution was 820 lives lost, source (health. FURTHERMORE THIS SITE STATES “THAT THE MAJORITY OF INFECTIONS AND DEATHS ARE FROM VICTORIA” . Thank God ,At last we have some clarity.
    This tells me that the lockdown in Vic from start to finish, was an unparalleled humanitarian disaster. This accords nicely, and is in general accord with Marxist management of other people’s lives and freedoms.

    This is what some would call a psychological side track. So what does the Marxist utopia (voice) look like. In the last 100 years or so, approximately 120 to 200 million people lives have been sacrificed (dispatched) on the altar of Marxism, in all it’s guises . The basic modus operandi seems to be the destruction of life ( happiness, freedom and hope – a direct attack and assault on the human (humane) HEART). The destruction of life at any cost , be it abortion, ‘Alive’ late term abortion or whilst ‘living’ euthanasia . These are all incremental progressive creeps ,toward control of the very nature of life itself -does this explain the progressive seismic shift and the greening of politics?
    On top of this they now have legislated controls( Abortion) in place in regard to the actual placenta of life itself- a woman’s womb, and just like mathematical calculus they have given us the stuff they will allow us to see and think we need and want- at this point – please let me assure you there are diametric mirrored images and consequences about that Cartesian plane, that as yet have yet to see the light of the day.

    You get the feeling these ‘people’ aren’t happy unless their making other people’s lives a living misery. Funnily enough and ironically the very thing that Marxists and for that matter Socialists hold dear to their rotten core – is their right to to freedom of expression and speech ; they being very good at telling ‘everybody‘ else what they think and how others should live ‘their’(“HIS”) life.

    In my opinion these people have very little idea of, or concept of the true needs and considerations and feelings of others (SELFISH- always comes to the barren mind) . And this I believe is how the state of Victoria under the stewardship of socialising of Marxist outcomes arrived at That successful number (outcome).

    To cap off, that most fair dinkum of Australians,’Cardinal George Pell’, in an interview after the unanimous high court decision of 7 nil with the Catholic Weekly’s Monica Doumit, stated that, “The culture war’s are real of course”; never a truer word said. So where does Peace reign- in the truth of course!
    And that would lie outside the institutions of ,and the state of Victoria, which
    includes the primordial ‘cell’ in Daniel Andrew’s head.

  • nfw says:

    1. COVID, which is coronavirus identifier, is the China Flu. The common cold is a corona virus. The CCP had its lefty lap-dogs change the name so it would not remind everybody where it came from.
    2. Lockdown is illegal house arrest.
    3. Vaccine for the China Flu is experimental untested drugs known to cause death and medical problems. The corrupt CDC changed the defintion to make the use of the untesed and untrialled money earners for their mates in Big Pharma and no doubt politicans and public servants seem safe and efficient to the sheeple and did not have to be explained in the complicit mainstrean media. By their definition aspirin is a vaccine.
    4. Ivermectin. Safe well tested and Nobel Prize for Medicine drug which costs about 5c per unit, which was anathema to Big Pharma, Fauci, politicians and public servants The “inventors” of Ivermectin gave the patent to the world for the good of everybody. No money for Big Pharma and Fauci in that.

    The writer “believes we were lied to”? That’s what politicians and public servants do all the time.

  • Citizen Kane says:

    I’m sure in the fullness of time, Suttons ‘Victorian of the Year’ award will be seen on par with Goring receiving the Grand Cross of the Iron Cross in 1940.

  • Stephen Due says:

    As this piece and the associated comments indicate, the full horrors of government and medical responses to the ‘pandemic’ are mind-boggling. It is difficult for the average person to grasp the enormity of what has been perpetrated in the name of ‘science’. In fact, it has been so totally unscientific, so vicious, and at times so ludicrous, that many people are simply unable, mentally, and emotionally, to grasp what has been done to them.
    I think it is important to understand, first, that there is a globalist core power structure, including but not limited to Big Pharma, the WEF and the WHO, that is behind the horrendous worldwide ‘pandemic’ response. Secondly, this is only the first phase of their plans for you and me. We are essentially at war with an enemy that is supranational and is therefore not accountable to any nation or government.
    We know from our experience of the past few years that our Western traditions, values and national identity are under attack from these powerful but untouchable fanatics – elitists, advocates of socialism, transhumanism, and eugenics – men (mostly) such as Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates.
    Conservatives must set out to regain effective power and influence. There is an urgent need for gifted people, who have the resources, to help turn the tide against the dehumanising globalist agenda. The enemy has already infiltrated our parliaments, our schools, our universities, our scientific, medical, and cultural institutions. This really is World War III. Not what we expected – but there it is.

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