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Mann handled

Have you noticed how stories and those pushing them rise and fall? Take Michael ‘Hockeystick’ Mann who, as late as last September, was getting boffo coverage from the ABC. Here is Penn State University’s Professor of Climate Doom telling the national broadcaster’s Chris Mitchell that the end is nigh.  … and againand againand again.

Funny thing, though, there hasn’t been much recent coverage of Professor Mann in Australia’s fearlessly selective mainstream press, and that is indeed a pity given his defamation suit against Mark Steyn is heating up in a Washington DC courtroom. So far — and this is just one listener’s view — the case, which has stretched over 12 years, has been going so badly for the plaintiff that Oscar Wilde’s decision to sue the Marquess of Queensberry is starting to seem well advised by comparison.

For much better listening than you’ll find on Their ABC, follow this link to Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer’s coverage, which takes the unusual approach of dramatising the key elements of each day’s transcript.

Mark Steyn’s opening statement sets the tone, but there is much and better after that.

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