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Suffer the Little Children to Come Unto Woke

Parent-teacher nights once served a single useful purpose. They enabled parents to learn from teachers exactly how their child’s education was (or wasn’t) progressing.

But those meetings now have a far more important purpose. They allow parents to discover precisely what kind of woke ideologue is indoctrinating their kids.

Individual teachers, of course, are only a part of the problem. Schools are now introducing various woke programs and projects devised by race activists, environmental extremists and other non-education types. 

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One such project, an anti-racism course evidently intended to shame children for their white privilege, recently featured in the ABC documentary series The School That Tried to End Racism.

The ABC’s summary is typically worthy and boring: “Marc Fennell explores a ground-breaking school program designed to provide a class of primary school students with the tools to identify racial bias and make positive change.”

God help me! Still, two particular moments from this three-hour series are notable. In the first, a classroom of young children are shown a clip of Con the Fruiterer, Mark Mitchell’s popular comic creation of the late 1980s and early 1990s.

“He’s not Greek. He’s a white guy,” comedian Nazeem Hussein, a participant in this folly, tells the children. As Andrew Bolt observed on Sky News, it’ll be news to Greeks that they’re not white. Thus primed, the clip is presented.

Some of the kids are quite taken by Con, a character created decades before they were born, and reflexively laugh out loud at his Greek shopkeeper antics. “What did you enjoy about it?” Hussein asks a young boy, perhaps ten or so, who found Con entertaining.

“He was funny,” the boy says. “I don’t laugh a lot, and he made me laugh.”

His lack of laughter is shared with anyone who has watched Australian comedy since Con’s era. Not that it matters, by the way, but this kid happens to be olive-skinned and dark-haired. He’s no fifth-generation Anglo-Australian.

But he laughed, so therefore surrendered any multicultural high ground. A young girl who eye-rolled her way through Con’s clip and who clearly picked up on the instructor’s line about the character’s deceptive whiteness then has her say.

“That was absolutely disgusting,” she announces. “The whole intention was to make fun of Greek people’s accents and the way they talk and what they do when someone comes to their shop.”

What they do, in the case of Con in that particular clip, is say with glee: “This is a great country!” You can see, then, why certain types may be triggered. That scoldy little girl could walk out of her class tomorrow and score a gig at the ABC, Nine media or the Guardian. She’s obviously qualified.

Once she and a few classmates have completed their denunciations, the camera switches back to the boy who laughed. He’s not laughing now. He seems ashamed. It’s heartbreaking.

“Does it make it better or worse,” Hussein continues, “that this is perhaps the only representation of Greeks on television?”

Hold it right there, pal. The only representation of Greeks on television? Hussein has erased from history Chantal Contouri (star of Number 96 and memorably among the first women to appear topless on our screens), George Donikian (newsreader at SBS, Nine and Ten), actresses Zoe and Gia Carides (both prominent during Con’s time), comedians Nick Giannopoulos, George Kapiniaris and Mary Coustas (all part of the original 1987 Wogs Out of Work team) and—a personal favourite—wrestler Spiros Arion, the Golden Greek, whose grappling strategies against the likes of Killer Kowalski enchanted schoolboys throughout the 1970s.

In other scenes from The School That Tried to End Racism, children are invited to perform a march of privilege shame. “If both your parents were born in this country, take a step forward,” Fennell tells kids lined up on a playing field. A co-host delivers the next instruction: “If you have blue or green eyes, take three steps forward.”

And so on. Kids advance if their parents spoke English, if they travelled overseas and so on. The obvious purpose was to separate children based on income and background. By the end, an Asian boy who barely made it from the starting line is kneeling on the ground in tears.

“Only a few questions related to my culture,” he notes. “I was being held back.” But only by the deliberate and cynical design of an alleged anti-racism course. “Society in Australia,” Fennell then tells the children, “gives preferential treatment to people with lighter skin or a certain cultural background.”

Oh, go to hell. And take your ridiculous privilege walk—imported from US college campuses, as you’d expect—with you.

If ever you discover that your children or grandchildren are to be involved in such madness, there are several ways you can help them turn it into a genuinely educational and entertaining experience. Through that course, they can discover the art and science of subversion.

First, let them know that any anti-racism activists invited to a given school do not have the same authority as teachers. They cannot influence grades or dish out punishments. With that freedom, you may then decide on strategies.

Perhaps your child or grandchild might remain at the starting line alongside his or her less privileged classmates. An act of schoolyard solidarity, if you will. Or, should your child or grandchild be among the less privileged, they should defiantly step forward.

If an instructor takes issue with lack of movement—for example, by refusing to step forward following that question about blue or green eyes—kids could creatively talk their way out of it by using the language of woke. Blue-eyed subversives would utterly confound a privilege-walking race activist by saying they identify as dark-eyed.

Another checkmate move: decline to step forward when asked if you’ve ever travelled by announcing that you don’t fly because of your environmental concerns.

Children are intuitive and competitive, so they’ll quickly detect what is going on and join in the subversive reverse “race”.

There’s an excellent way, too, to deal with that classroom caper starring Con the Fruiterer. Just ask Nazeem Hussein or whoever is running the show to demonstrate that it is possible to be a completely inoffensive yet laugh-provoking comedian.

Ask him to present a routine that is hilarious—so much so that it makes children who rarely laugh be genuinely and openly amused—but at the same time is incapable of offending anybody at all.

Hussein might offer his 2019 routine about becoming a father. “Like Jesus, our son is brown and Muslim,” Hussein began during that year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival ABC television show.

He’s just offended Jews and those who believe gender is not determined by biology. Great start. “He’s a very cute baby,” Hussein continued. “Incredibly cute. Probably cuter than any baby anyone here could produce. I mean it. That’s because most of you are white. White people don’t make cute babies.”

A response from the scoldy girl who was so upset at Con would be interesting. A tip for her and her kind: replace “white” in those lines with “Aboriginal”, “black” “brown” or “Asian”. Or, for that matter, “Greek”. See how far that gets you along the privilege walk.

AUSTRALIA has exactly one sports stadium with an audience capacity greater than 100,000 people. Even so, the Melbourne Cricket Ground very rarely fits in that many people.

To give you an idea of how massive in the US is college football, seven college arenas are bigger than the MCG. And they’re just not big enough to meet demand. A few years ago, just as an experiment, a game between Tennessee and Virginia Tech was played at a huge Tennessee speedway. Nearly 157,000 fans turned up.

Numbers are huge again in 2021, but the crowds aren’t just being entertained by the on-field action. They’re creating their own fun with a three-word chant aimed at the US President. It isn’t very polite. It begins with a word that rhymes with truck and concludes with “Joe Biden”.

For decency’s sake, let’s refer to the chant from this point on simply as “FJB”. The chants began at college football games in the South, where Biden is generally unpopular anyway, but soon spread to other regions in the US. New York, as usual, voted heavily in favour of the Democrat candidate in last year’s election, but multiple rallies in Manhattan and Brooklyn now feature a loud FJB component.

The US media is struggling to deal with this, although NBC tried its best. When NASCAR driver Brandon Brown won a recent event in Alabama, his post-race interview was overshadowed by a very clear FJB chant. Thinking on her feet, Brown’s interviewer gamely asserted that the crowd was really chanting “Let’s go Brandon”.

You can now buy “Let’s go Brandon” T-shirts and other merchandise. Everybody knows what it really means. The FJB chant is sonic confirmation of a broader trend: Biden’s approval rating has declined in just a few weeks from 52 per cent or so to below 40 per cent.

He’s effed, as those crowds might put it. 

14 thoughts on “Suffer the Little Children to Come Unto Woke

  • Brian Boru says:

    Thanks Tim. Could anyone tell me if FJB “T” shirts are available yet and where.
    “Good luck to your family.”

  • Ian MacKenzie says:

    The recent election of the first Rebublican governor in the US state of Virginia in over a decade has demonstrated that education can be a significant factor in winning elections. Republican Glen Youngkin promised to ban the teaching of critical race theory within state schools on “day one” if elected. He won. Former Governor, Democrat Terry McAuliffe vetoed a bill that would have allowed parents to block books containing “sexually explicit content” in schools and told voters “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.” He lost.
    Thanks to recent “learning from home” many parents have been given an unprecedented view of what their children are taught. It will be interesting to see the result.

  • Blair says:

    “Society in Australia,” Fennell then tells the children, “gives preferential treatment to people with lighter skin or a certain cultural background.”
    I am of Anglo/Irish descent; my wife is a Torres Strait Islander.. So what culturtal background is he talking about?
    Both our children have University degrees and one has a Masters.

  • Michael says:

    Biden declares his first year in office a failure because he hasn’t destroyed America yet.

  • Biggles says:

    Brian Boru: FJB tee shirts are available from Mark Dice. See him on YouTube. Don’t know whether getting one to Australia is possible, but I would bet Mark would be proud to achieve such a result.

  • padraic says:

    The ABC is full of losers promoting racial/ethnic hatred and victimhood on steroids in the content of what laughingly passes as “news” on their radio and TV offerings.

  • Stephen says:

    How is it that the promoters of Critical Race theory can’t see how incredibly racist it is? How can they think that dividing society into tribes that hate each other is a good idea that will end well? Effectively saying that white people are evil, with no path to redemption, is the same thing that the Nazis told the German people about Jews. I’m white and Jewish. Maybe if I self identify as a trans sexual Aborigine I’ll be safe. It works for Pascoe. His claim of Aboriginality has earned him a pass. If the 18th century was the Age of Enlightenment then the 21st century must be the Age of Stupid.

  • whitelaughter says:

    Stephen, there are two types – firstly those who realise how evil it is and want to destroy society. Secondly, those who are profoundly, fundamentally racist and who when told they aren’t allowed to hate blacks simply changing to hating whites.

  • Watchman Williams says:

    It’s easy to blame schools and the woke media, but surely the people responsible for bringing up children are parents. Why any parent would send their children to any school is a mystery to me. Families are the vehicles that God established for the raising of children.
    Sending children to school is giving them into the hands of change agents focussed on alienating them from their native culture.
    Once upon a time, it was not thus, but in today’s environment, it is child abuse on a grand scale.

  • Rebekah Meredith says:

    I fail to see the morality or cleverness of using something that everyone (including plenty of kids, who are being taught that such vocabulary is acceptable against BAD people) knows stands for an utterly filthy expression that means absolutely nothing. People do not mean it when they say it; if they do, that is even worse. Is that sort of rubbish not the kind of thing that we deplore in the left? Why lower ourselves to it? Can we come up with no more intelligent way to express our disapproval?
    During Trump’s presidency, there were people who did not like him, personally, that said that the office itself deserved respect–no matter who filled it. Plenty of others, of course, had no such scruples; but must we lower ourselves to their level? Like many, I do not believe that Biden really won last year; but he is occupying the office of president. Speaking of him in such a way is further tearing down respect for that office.
    Most importantly, such behaviour is displeasing to God; it can only hurt the cause of right and truth to employ such methods in its cause. “Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people.” (Proverbs 14:34).

  • nfw says:

    Biden’s approval can be zero and it will make no difference to the dead, illegals and USPS who voted for him. In a basement video around September or October 2020 Biden stated “they” had created the best voter fraud system ever. He was installed by the muslims, black terrorist murderers and marxists running the DNC and simply does as he is told. The fact he is a sleepy senile old sexual harassing white man is icing on the cake. Only 52 days to go.

  • nfw says:

    So Nazeem Hussein is such a winner the best gig he can muster is being a racist at the taxpayer funded their ALPBC. What a loser. If he and his ilk don’t like living in a “white” country they can always move to their ancestors’ points of origin from which they escaped for a better life in a country created by “white” people. But they never move to those wonderful diverse racism-free non-white countries do they because they are guano-holes run (into the ground) by not white people.

  • BalancedObservation says:

    When you start to lose your sense of humour you’re really in trouble. Tim Blair certainly hasn’t lost his – thank goodness.

    Even the Barry Awards have been cancelled despite the fact that they were named after one of our most creative and funny comedians ever – who used to dress as a woman (you’d think that would have helped with his credentials).

    The Melbourne Comedy Festival has become the Melbourne Woke Festival.

    The vacuum left by the cancellation of politically incorrect jokes seems to have largely been filled by a sizeable increase in jokes featuring bodily functions – gender neutral of course.

  • terenc5 says:

    A good first step would be to ring your federal LNP member and demand they stop funding the ABC.

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