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‘Let’s counterattack’

Reader George Mansford writes:

I recall in Korea when our platoon travelled south to protect a railway terminal at Tuchon. We were weary, filthy, hungry and looking forward to some comfort in established surrounds. We had no officer or sergeant.

On arrival, we were inspected by a British major who erupted with anger and informed us we were untidy colonial rabble. I stepped forward and reminded him that we had cast England aside some fifty-plus years ago and were no longer colonials. He screamed that I was to be returned to unit, adding that others with similar views step forward and join me. The entire platoon joined me. Soon we were humming a favourite tune, ‘The Wild Colonial Boy.’ He left in rage and we were not returned to unit. Such was the pride in our nation

Today our proud history and precious social values are slowly being recast as shameful deeds by the politically correct and woke brigades. One of their targets is our beloved Australia Day.

Let’s counterattack.

Roll up our sleeves and get involved. Be it the big street parades — if, that is, they haven’t been cancelled, as Dan Andrews has done in Melbourne — by beach cricket or backyard, the BBQs, picnics and sports to name but a few.

Let our many gatherings be a clear message to politicians: it’s our day, the people’s day, and it’s not for sale. It belongs to all Aussies — those now gone, we the living, and countless generations yet to be born. 

We seek tomorrow with pride, purpose, and all as one.  The question is, can we find the sound leadership so necessary to guide us into all those tomorrows? To ensure we reclaim that powerful weapon of national unity and purpose. To identify national projects and roll up our sleeves and pursue them. Simply put, to get off our arse or we really will go down under, a land of broken promises, empty pockets, despair, bickering and fragmentation.

Have a ripper of a time on the big day, cobbers, and with each national triumph, chant the words so very clear; “Aussie- Aussie- Aussie.” By the way, if you feel as proud as me, then when you hear that ripper of a song “We Are One”; join in and sing with loud voice. Soon or late it will reach and echo, and echo throughout that big house in Canberra and all of Down Under.

Happy Australia Day, cobbers.

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6 thoughts on “‘Let’s counterattack’

  • Lonsdale says:

    Absolutely. Happy Australia Day!!

  • Peter OBrien says:

    For those who don’t know him, George is a legend among my contemporaries, the veterans of Korea, Malaysia and South Vietnam. He rose from private soldier to the rank of Brigadier, commanding 11th Brigade. He also commands a level of respect that few can aspire to.
    Good on you George.

  • Lawriewal says:

    I am a white 92 year old male AUSTRALIAN.
    Born and raised in outback Queensland.
    My childhood was spent living in close harmonious contact with 2 Aboriginal Tribes.
    I saw Corroborees and hunting and much more of Aboriginal life when I was a boy and I am appalled as to the downright lies – often of omission – being spewed out today as aboriginal culture.
    If you find this difficult to accept please do some search through the Quadrant Archive on the topic.
    The use of this faux culture fiction as a rationale for condemning Australia sickens me and I greatly appreciate George Mansford’s COUNTERATTACK and join him in wishing all my Australian Cobbers:-
    Happy Australia Day
    (which is only 15 minutes away as I type 🙂

  • NarelleG says:

    Happy Australia Day George, all readers – and above all Quadrant and writers – for all that you do for keeping Australia alive.

  • padraic says:

    Good on you George. Happy Australia Day. We need to be proud of our country and it’s people like you (and my late father who was in the AIF in New Guinea) who make me proud to be an Australian.

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