The love that won’t shut up

noddy and big earsFederal Education Minister Simon Birmingham, whose department oversees not a single school, tells the paywalled Australian that all this fuss over the Safe Schools program is “unhelpful” and that its objectives are “perfectly reasonable”. He has company in that regard. Click the link below to see which organisations believe that asking a proud parent if a newborn is a girl or a boy  manifests an appallingly and unacceptably “heteronormative” mindset.

While the list of Safe Schools supporters includes very many gay-rights, AIDS-awareness and transsexual-advocacy groups, what seems to be missing is any organisation eager to promote old-fashioned literacy and numeracy. When it comes to the passions and priorities of modern educators, it seems sums and spelling can’t hold a candle to sodomy.

Bear that in mind, employers, when the next ill-educated youngster’s semi-literate and incoherent CV lands on your desk. If you can’t read it, thank a teacher.

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