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Highly selective
blue eyes

It’s paywalled, which is a great pity because today’s Chris Mitchell column in The Australian raises points that need to be put to Australia’s police forces in general and their politically atuned commissioners in particular:

…As ASIO boss Mike Burgess said last week, the intelligence services still see Sunni Muslim terrorism as a threat.

This echoes the period immediately after the 2003 US invasion of Iraq following the 2001 al-Qaeda attacks on the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon. Similar concerns were expressed by police and intelligence services in confidential briefings to senior media in 2013-14 as young Muslims made their way to Syria to fight for Islamic State.

Yet, taking steps to avoid stoking Muslim resentment in Australia does raise serious issues about the treatment of groups intimidated by Islamic radicals.

Why are Jews in Sydney and Melbourne, many born here and some third or fourth generation Australians, being targeted over the actions of the Israeli government in Gaza? Australian Muslims are never targeted over brutality by regimes in Saudi Arabia or Iran.

Why are Jews being arrested when they peacefully attend rallies of chanting Muslims? Does anyone really expect to see Jewish youths picketing mosques the way Muslims protested outside the Caulfield Synagogue in November?

And why all the warnings by federal and state governments of Islamophobia when the only racist hate regularly on display is by Muslims threatening Jews?….

As to “Muslims threatening Jews”, have any efforts been made by Victoria Police to identify the bearded hatemonger pictured atop this page?

Don’t be silly.


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