TURC keeps threats under wraps

gillard toon specsThe Trades Union Royal Commission may not quite have made an honest woman of Julia Gillard, but it does seem her power of recall is not again to be tested under oath, no charges against the former Prime Minister being recommended. This will disappoint blue-tied misogynists everywhere, who might have organised some splendid drinking games along the lines of one skol per every ‘I don’t recall’.

And it seems there is something else the public is not to see. From page 29 of the Interim Report’s Volume 1 (emphasis added):

Confidential Report
    99. There is a recommendation that one volume of this Interim Report be kept confidential.
    On 12 December 2014 an order was made directing that any information in the Confidential Report that might enable a person named in that report who has given evidence before the Commission to be identified not be published.
    That recommendation and that order were made because the confidential volume deals with threats to witnesses.
    It is necessary for that volume to be confidential in order to protect the physical well-being of those witnesses and their families.
    This is unfortunate, because the confidential volume reveals grave threats to the power and authority of the Australian state.

The entire report — volumes 1 and 2 — can be downloaded from the link below.

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