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The ABC ‘stands by’ a compendium of errors

Over the past two weeks, since the release of the Durham Report (in full here) scuttling any and all claims that Donald Trump owed his 2016 election to Russian mischief, one minor question has intrigued Australian taxpayers who underwrote Sarah Ferguson’s globe-girdling jaunt in pursuit of what she breathlessly billed as “the story of the century.” Would the ABC correct the record and apologise for getting so much — indeed, everything — so thoroughly wrong?

Today we have an answer:

“In response to questions from The Australian, an ABC spokesperson said: ‘The ABC stands by the reporting by Sarah Ferguson and Four Corners’.”

Tonight, should you chance upon the recently promoted Ms Ferguson hosting 7.30, bear in mind that she by now knows she helmed a journalistic travesty, that the ABC knows it as well, and that neither individual nor organisation recognises the obligation to set the record straight.

The ABC likes to bill itself as Australia’s “most trusted” news source. Trusted indeed — trusted to bury unpleasant truths about itself. Below, links to Ms Ferguson’s three-part frolic with the Russiagate fairies

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♦ Trump/Russia: Secrets, spies and useful idiots

♦ Trump/Russia: Moscow rules

— roger franklin

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