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wallington milliganMelbourne’s Herald Sun now places almost all its content behind a paywall, which is nothing less than its right. We do the same thing here at Quadrant, gradually releasing pieces throughout the month to those other than subscribers, each un-paywalled essay embedded with a plea to subscribe and make sure there are future editions of Quadrant. Still, it’s a bit of pity when interesting reports are seen by relatively few.

Take the picture above, for example, which captures Louise Milligan, ABC reporter and author of Cardinal: the Rise and Fall of George Pell, posing with Magistrate Belinda Wallington outside the ABC studios at Southbank in Melbourne after their joint appearance in May, 2017, on Jon Faine’s Conversation Hour.

The pair met again more recently in court, when Milligan testified for the prosecution against Pell with Ms Wallington presiding. As the Herald Sun report put it:

This is the photo that has legal eagles in a fine flap, with one describing events surrounding it as “gobsmacking”.

Faine’s entire show can be heard via this link or the one below. Many readers who have followed the Pell case will find it quite interesting. Magistrate Wallington is now mulling if Pell should be committed to trial.

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