If it hasn’t been deleted…

lancashireIn Lancashire, the local rag carries a story about Islamophobia and an upcoming conference to combat it, with the local police chief oozing all the required quotes about diversity and how wonderful it all is. The comments thread below strikes a rather different tone and those remarks are well worth reading. While it might be in the best career interests of police officers, city fathers and social workers to notice only a rosy glow about the altar to multiculturalism, others see oppressed women, brainwashed youths, bashed gays, arrogant separatism and intolerance. The language is rough, the spelling bad and grammar painful, but the gulf between the official line and a bluntly uttered reality could not be more stark.

Interesting times to come, no doubt about it.

The story and comments thread can be read via the link below, unless the latter is deleted in the interests of community harmony. Yes, that’s what the apologist class call it, “community harmony”.

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