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mo and squeezeWe will never know who leaked what about Prime Minister Trumball — er, Turnbull — and the truncated telephone conversation with President Donald Trump. Could it have been Australia’s PM who began the whispers, perhaps in a bid to assure his eroding base at the ABC that, yes, while his usefulness in ousting Tony Abbott ended long ago, he is still as one with them, the rudeness of that abrasive man in the Oval Office a demonstration of his Ultimo- and Southbank-worthy soundness. Or was it Team Trump that did the spilling, perhaps to establish once and for all that this President does not suffer fools gladly?

Whatever the truth, the certainty is that undocumented aliens at Manus and Nauru are to be thoroughly vetted by the US and, when that is done, will most likely remain exactly where they are. After all, it is rather hard to establish a person’s identity, background, affiliations and sympathies when the subject of that probe long ago performed the ‘P3 purge’ by dropping passport, phone and papers into the Indian Ocean.

Not all alleged refugees, however, are quite so difficult to profile. Take Mohamed Bajjar (above), for example, whose exploits, amorous and otherwise, are probably not what Angela Merkel had in mind when she assured Europeans that a million-or-so new arrivals will be providing care and comfort to older Europeans. John Derbyshire writes:

… Bajjar was helping the British volunteers, including those who work for an outfit named Care4Calais, which gives food, clothing, and medical care to the illegals.

Care4Calais was launched in November 2015 by an upper-middle-class British lady, Clare Moseley, 46 years old.

Can you see where this is going?

Yep: before very long, Mohamed Bajjar was having the leg over with Mrs. Moseley. That’s right, she’s a Mrs. Her husband is a wealthy corporate tax accountant living in northwest England.

I’d assume Mrs. Moseley’s husband was frowning more than most—although looking at her pictures, I might be mistaken on that.

Anyway, there was a big fuss.

As a result of the fuss, people started looking into Mohamed Bajjar’s background. Guess what: he was not Syrian, and also not a refugee. He comes from Tunisia, where his family owns a souk—that’s a sort of Third World mini-mall—in a prosperous resort city.

And guess what else: Mohamed is already married to a different British lady, 54-year-old Carol Hutchings.

You keeping up with the ages here? Mrs. Hutchings—or I guess I should say “Mrs. Bajjar”—54; Mrs. Mosely, 46; Mr. Bajjar, 27.

Derbyshire’s tale of a lusty lady luvvie and her lothario’s legerdemain can be read in full via the link below. One guesses young Mohamed’s next stop will not be the United States.

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