You dirty old man…

steptoe and randy

There is nothing quite like thoughts of the Himalayas melting or polar bears drowning to get a certain kind of fellow quite excited. It’s a warmist thing, apparently, which is why normal folk may never understand how the emotional satisfaction of jetting hither and yon about the planet to combat CO2 emissions can stimulate an amorous reaction. Perhaps it is the thrill of knowing someone else is paying for that first-class ticket.

Five women who worked for former IPCC chief Rajendra Pachuri seem much better versed than most in the effects of carbon fetishism, with one of the allegedly put-upon employees now sharing her memories of seeking to work with her boss, rather than under him.

Just why climate science might have this stimulatory consequence is open to debate, but some hopeful leads are emerging from an unlikely quarter. Viewers of the Sixties TV series Steptoe & Son will recall that old Albert, who surrounded himself with junk and rubbish, seldom stopped with the leering and lusting. Who knows, but perhaps a career built on junk science leads to the same result?

As a theory, it is every bit as credible as those asserting the planet-threatening impact of runaway temperatures that, for 18 years, have refused to get a wriggle-on.

No Frakking Consensus has the details on Pachuri’s purported prurience via the link below.

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