Don’t mention the war

rapefugeesAll problems have their solutions, although the matter of reconciling a misogynist and militant faith with the kinder and gentler articles of official multiculturalism presents a particularly thorny dilemma. How does the cultural relativist excuse, say, mobs of Muslim men hounding and harassing every woman who crosses their path? That task might unsettle a less capable sophist, but Leslie Cannold is not daunted in the least. Here is how she diverts attention from the outrage to reaction (emphasis added):

Women’s rights have taken a battering this festive season. The Briggs fiasco, the Gayle insult to the professionalism of Channel Ten reporter Mel McLaughlin, and marauding hoodlums in Germany using women’s rights as a cover for a violent rampage against refugees all show the battle for gender equality is far from over.

Beautifully done!

The post-midnight misbehaviour of the former Minister for a Pointless Portfolio is “a fiasco”. A cricketer getting fresh with a female reporter is “an insult”. But the mass molestation of German women isn’t worth mentioning, except to denounce the reaction it promoted.

Men with roving hands, take note: should you find yourself in Ms Cannold’s close proximity, feel free to do your worst. Her only objection will be to those who object to your behaviour — allowing, of course, that you are member of an ethno-religious minority for which excuses must always be made.

Ex-ministers and cricketers are out of luck.

Cannold’s column, which has something to do with women liberating themselves with phone cameras, can be read via the link below.

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