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Decipher this and you deserve the cash

Do you have stock of social justice cliches at the ready? Can you spell ‘post-colonisation generational trauma’? Will you place hand on heart and proclaim ‘First Nations trans women are real women’? Are you capable of deciphering bureaucratese and don’t care too much about misplaced apostrophes and banged-out-in-a-rush typos?

If so, the Australian Human Rights Commission has $230,000 in taxpayer funds it’s keen to hand over for measuring “indigenous gendered impact” (whatever that means)  as part of it’s $550,000 preliminary work to establish its National Anti-Racism Framework (whatever that is) on which Walter Waverley reported here at Quadrant Online.

ATM ID: Indigenous Gendered

Agency: Australian Human Rights Commission

Category:  Measuring and observing and testing instruments

Close Date & Time: 28-Sep-2023 5:00 pm (ACT Local Time)

Location: ACT, NSW, VIC, SA, WA, QLD, NT, TAS

Estimated Value (AUD): to $230,000.00

Request for Tender: The Australian Human Rights Commission is seeking quotes for Indigenous gendered impact measurement, evaluation and learning expertise to assist in the development of an impact measurement approach for the Wiyi Yani U Thangani (Women’s Voices) First Nation’s (sic) Gender Justice Institute and Framework for Action. This approach should be underpinned by principles of Indigenous data sovereignty. The Serviced (sic) procured will work in partnership with the Commission’s Social Justice team and contribute to the Framework’s advisory and Focus Group.

Don’t delay filing your tender. The closing date is September 28.

— roger franklin

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