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‘Characteristics, attributes or circumstances’

Today (October 26) a Bill is to be introduced in the Victorian Parliament that, if passed, will confirm Premier Daniel Andrews’ absolute authority. Below, with emphasis added, is a section of the draft:The Hume Highway heading north becomes more appealing by the day in Danistan.

One thought on “‘Characteristics, attributes or circumstances’

  • Lewis P Buckingham says:

    Even with Brexit the Prime Minister had to go back to parliament to obtain the peoples assent.
    This was confirmed by appeal to the highest court.
    One of the advantages of Federation is that different States can find their own way on health matters.
    In NSW only small areas had total lockdowns while the rest prospered.
    Three weeks ago my LGA was 93% vaccinated.
    A challenge to the premier’s powers in Victoria, after the Pell case, could mean almost any random result, full of boxed logic.
    Parliament would be neutered.
    Pandemic powers could prevent elections and Dan rule.
    The pandemic for Andrews reminds me of the first Crusade.
    A high oath was taken to free the Holy land, so nothing could stand in its way, all was justified.
    Rape, pillage the sacking of cities.
    In the Victorian case a single metric was taken , elimination or suppression of Covid.
    Nothing else mattered.
    So if a whole education system shut down or people suicided or went bust, that was collateral damage, or not considered.
    A stark example was when the operatic soprano suicided when the last lockdown started, in Ballarat.
    This was when there were no cases for a month in the area.
    There was a single false positive isolated in the local hospital.
    They could have kept Ballarat open.
    The Government stopped thinking.
    In NSW just the LGA would be locked down, the local ethnic mayors put in the hard yards educating the people and lo and behold, they got their jab.
    Central planning at the Dan level did not work.
    Now he wants to enshrine it.
    ‘You should be ashamed’.

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