Insights from Quadrant

Brexit, the movie

Writing in National Review, Quadrant‘s John O’Sullivan recommends an evening’s at-home entertainment, although not without qualification, and makes this point:

… the MPs in all parties who privately opposed Brexit — a shifting majority, larger or smaller depending on circumstance and how far party discipline had broken down — gradually came to think that they could dilute or defeat Brexit by parliamentary tactics and legal maneuvers. They were supported in these aims by a majority of the House of Lords and, outside Parliament, by the BBC, industry, the City of London, the labor unions, the universities, The Economist, the Financial Times, the Times, the Guardian, most pundits and political correspondents, and a large majority of the Great and Good in establishment bodies. And the expectation in all these circles — the Remainer narrative, you might say — was that this impressive coalition was likely to prevail and to restore a more civilized order to politics …

Their hopes were dashed by Boris Johnson’s sweeping victory, which John addresses at some length.

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