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Madness in Warringah

The video of anti-Abbott cultists (above) clapping themselves into a furious ecstasy was shot early in the week. Today the ABC reports:

A man has been charged after a Liberal Party volunteer was stabbed with a corkscrew in former prime minister Tony Abbott’s seat of Warringah on Friday night.

A number of volunteers were putting up campaign posters outside Balgowlah Heights Public School about 8:00pm when a man began yelling abuse at them, police said.

“He allegedly threatened an 18-year-old man before he thrust a corkscrew at the stomach of a 31-year-old man causing a minor injury,” NSW police said in a statement.

“He then started ripping down the banners that had been erected, before fleeing the scene.”

The injured man was treated at the scene by paramedics but was not taken to hospital…

Click here for the full ABC report, including video of an anti-Abbott activist claiming it is his “democratic right” to destroy the political campaign material of  a candidate he doesn’t like. And there’s more from Andrew Bolt.

UPDATE: Tony Abbott notices an inconsistency.

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