The ABC’s 14 years of fake news


Those who watch and listen to the national broadcaster might be familiar with British “human rights” lawyer Phil Shiner (above), who has been interviewed repeatedly since 2002 for updates on the case he brought against British troops  accused of war crimes in Iraq.

He was on Radio National with Phillip Adams in 2003, his message being that the Iraq War was illegal.

His case was promoted by AM in 2004, given a thick coat of deferential gloss in 2009, and further extolled yet again that same year. Radio Australia also got in on the act, not once but several times. For good measure, World Today also put its  shine on Shiner.

And need it be said that SBS loaned its taxpayer-backed voice to the cause of promoting such a well-regarded crusader for a better world?

All this worshipful attention has been Shiner’s accorded lot, but don’t expect to hear any more of his legal exploits. That would be because, as a legal disciplinary panel has concluded, if his lips are moving he is most likely telling lies. His offences against truth and legal ethics are so grave even the Guardian has been obliged to report them. From the Guardian‘s report:

Shiner, who is a law professor at Middlesex University, failed to appear at the hearing in central London and was not represented. He has already admitted eight counts of acting without integrity and one of acting recklessly but denies acting dishonestly or misleading the courts.

He faces 24 separate charges and is said to be unwell, suffering from stress. Shiner, who lives in Birmingham, has acknowledged he is likely to be professionally disqualified for his misconduct. The tribunal directed that the case should proceed in his absence.

Opening the case, Andrew Tabachnik, counsel for the Solicitors Regulation Authority, which is prosecuting, said Shiner’s firm had been paid £1.6m, mainly in legal aid, up to last summer for its work on the Iraqi claims.

“At the heart of Prof Shiner’s misconduct [is his belief that] his work in the human rights field was of sufficient moment that he was entitled to ignore the rules that applied to fellow solicitors,” Tabachnik said.

The ABC and SBS broadcast the florid lies of a shyster. Don’t hold your breath for a retraction or qualification.

The Guardian‘s full report can be read via the link below.

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