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Peter O’Brien, who passes along the poster reproduced above, also relays this note from his friend and fellow ex-serviceman Rodger Lamb.

As a white immigrant from New Zealand who migrated here when my father sought a better life 63 years ago, I was raised in a humble home in rural Australia, gave 23 year’s service to Australia in the Australian Army and am still working at age 74, paying taxes with the purpose of creating a good life for my ongoing family.

I note that while I currently have one equal vote to change laws that affect me, there are already many places in this country that I may not walk but which may be accessed by more privileged folk; that there are already great tracts of land that may pay ongoing royalties to those same privileged folk (but not to me or my future family); that those privileged folk already have many agencies working for their benefit (and not mine) and are given funding for educational and health etc that I am not entitled to.

You seem to be asking me to vote to reduce a good portion of the already reduced privileges that I and my children have. In fact, you are asking me to vote away more of my children’s children’s privileges and you are asking me to vote that my family line will pay ongoing fees to a privileged sector of the community. In fact, that means that I will be voting to make my future family line second class citizens in our country.

Not only that, but you asking me to keep my one equal vote to change laws that affect me, but give those already privileged folk an extra privileged vote that may be used within an extra and shielded Constitutional organisation that is designed to help them change laws that affect them.

My answer is No, No, No.

My family members deserve equal rights to every other person in this country.

Rodger Lamb

The poster can be viewed in large format at this link and is available free of charge for downloading.

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