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  • alandungey says:

    Great Poster! But can I ask who are the two photos of? I like to know what it is I’m posting.

    • Peter OBrien says:

      I can’t identify the people in the top photo but the second is Marcus Stewart former Co-Chair of the Victorian First Nations Assembly and an influential member of the referendum working group. He derives his aboriginality from his great great great grandfather John Franklin. John Franklin, an Aboriginal who was orphaned at 4 or 5 years of age, was brought up by a settler family, married a white woman, was granted land by the Victorian government, worked hard and lived life as a respected member of the Yea community until his death in 1921. His story is a fascinating and, indeed, uplifting one. You can read it at http://taungurung.net/Franklin%20Reunion%20Lecture%202013.pdf. Stewart has every right to be proud of his great great great gtandfather but not because he was an Aborigine. John Franklin did not live life as a victim of white colonialism, and it is hard to see how his descendants can justifiably claim any such status.

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