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Jan-Feb 2018

Volume LXII, No 1-2

Download PDF locked

Letter to the Editor

Nothing without Christianity locked

Editor's Column

Australia Dystopia Keith Windschuttle


Mugabe and After John O’Sullivan


Raised on the Milk of the Wild Beast Anthony Daniels


North Korea: Prequel Stark, Sequel Still Dark locked Anthony Paul

Western Civilisation

Roger Scruton and Enlightened Patriotism Daryl McCann

Himmelfarb and History's Resonance Alberto Mingardi


Stalin, Magnified Philip Ayres


To the Land, Boys, We Live In Robert Murray

The Dadirri Imposture Anthony J.H. Morris

Vladimir Petrov in Surfers Paradise Harry Blutstein


Making Laws Against Hurt Feelings John de Meyrick


Robotic Reductio Ad Absurdum Peter Smith

Race, Gender, Class: One Doesn’t Belong Stephen H. Balch

The Inherent Racism of SBS Frank K. Salter

The Universities

The Machiavellians in Our Universities Gregory Melleuish


With Friends Like This... Alistair Pope

The Lives of Spies locked Michael Fogarty

Poetry of Wildness locked Lin van Hek

The New Nationalist Edward Cranswick

Unreasonable Reasoning Hal G.P. Colebatch


Theatre Street v Skid Row locked Michael Connor

Inside the Theatre of Politics: US Presidential Elections locked John Goodman


Makers of Poetry and Masters of Prose locked Peter Craven

The Hip and Hop of Civilisation locked Christoph Keller

Immoderate Reactions locked Alan Gould

First Person

Living in Fear in Post-War Germany Eugene Schlusser

The Assault on Optimism locked Tony Grey

In the Footsteps of Guido Brunetti locked Jane Sutton


Music, Science and 2001: A Space Odyssey locked Christopher Heathcote

Three Poirots on a Train Neil McDonald


E locked Joe Dolce

For a Sheep locked Derek Fenton

Sweetness & Light

The Risky Conversational Gambit Tim Blair


Christoph Keller: Where Broadway Bends locked Christoph Keller

David Atkinson: Two Poems locked David Atkinson

David Morley: The Teardrop Stoop locked David Morley

Andrew Lansdown: Four Poems locked

Hal G.P. Colebatch: Janice B. locked Hal G.P. Colebatch

Gary Hotham: Ten Haiku locked Gary Hotham

Ivan Head: Flowers on the Bridge locked Ivan Head

Joe Dolce: Two Poems locked Joe Dolce

Margaret Bradstock: Three Poems locked Margaret Bradstock

Margaret Bradstock: Two Poems locked Margaret Bradstock

Sarah Tiffen: Motherlode locked Sarah Tiffen

Suzanne Edgar: Five Poems locked Suzanne Edgar

Valerie Murray: Confeatheration locked Valerie Murray