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May 2011

Volume LV, No 5

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Keith Windschuttle May, 2011


The God That Did Not Fail locked Michael Giffin

England’s Merry Martyr locked Donat Gallagher


The Eternal Search Irina Dunn


Seeing the Light on Earth Hour Rowan Dean

The Personal Costs of Spurning Green Misanthropy Daryl McCann

A Dozen Global Warming Slogans Bob Carter


Bohemia by Sea locked Giles Auty


Diplomatic Silence locked Mike Fogarty

The Peripheral Life locked Alan Gould


Virtuoso of the Vituperative locked Peter Ryan


Three von Sternberg Masterworks locked Neil McDonald


The Nazis and the Muslims locked Rod Moran

Gods, Graves and Language locked Patrick Morgan

The Betrayal Myth locked Nigel Davies

Acquaintance Chain to Antiquity locked Philip Ayres

The Emperor Needs a Wife Geoffrey Partington


Andrew Bolt on Trial Michael Connor

The Idea of Human Rights in a Civil Society James Allan


Letters to the Editor locked Babette Francis, John Reid, Ken Schultz, Michael Warby, Bjorg Thorsteinsson, Henry Long, Charles Copeman, Robert McLaughlin, George Nikolic, Marcel Weyland, Stan Scott


Meeting Flora locked Jennifer Compton

Uhuru locked Jane Downing

First Person

Abbott, Australians and Oxford locked Ben Jellis


The Campaign Against the Self-Employed locked Ken Phillips

The Lull Before the Industrial Relations Storm locked Steven Kates

Foreign Affairs

The Return of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt Peter Day


The Pitch Drop Experiment locked Iain Bamforth

The Realpolitik of Forecasting locked Jack Opie

Philosophy & Ideas

Did Atlas Shrug? Mervyn F. Bendle

Western Civilisation

The Enduring Legacies of the West Miriam Dixson


Tully Under Cyclone locked Ivan Head

The Lovers locked Suzanne Edgar

Seven Birds locked Andrew Lansdown

In the Instant of Falling locked Russell Erwin

Weaning, at Any Age locked Russell Erwin

What’s Creüsa to Us? locked John Ridland

Recluse locked Ken Stone

The Tattoo Girl locked Diana Richardson

Fire locked Todd Turner

Burglars locked John Whitworth

Far Away locked John Whitworth

Irish Sketches locked Geoff Page

Eurail #2 locked Geoff Page

A Glimpse of Beau Jack locked Robert Mezey

Two Poems locked Andrew Lansdown

10 Random Questions locked Rod Moran

Sabah: First Person Images locked Rod Moran

I Wrote a Little Haiku locked Les Murray

In Dependence locked Andrew Lansdown