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Trudeau puts
his foot in it

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau’s attempt to reconcile Gay Pride Week with the Islamic celebration of Eid hasn’t gone well, as Mark Steyn notes:

When I first heard that Justin Trudeau had marched in the Toronto Pride Parade wearing Ramadan socks … which, on reflection, is a bit boringly overdressed. Perhaps for next year’s parade he could wear a niqab with cutaway buttocks and a crescent tramp stamp. Just trying to be inclusive here.

The official explanation here is that he wished to celebrate both Pride and Eid. Which makes you wonder why nobody thought to hold a combined Preid Parade that would march down Yonge Street and then up the CN Tower where a visiting Gayatollah from the Holy City of Qom would ceremonially hurl everyone off the EdgeWalk. Pride comes before a fall, as some infidel said.

Steyn’s thoughts can be read in full here

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