Triggs, still on the payroll

triggs hearingThe Australian reports:

“AN American fraudster who swindled $644,000 deserves a $300,000 compensation payout because the Immigration Department detained him while he launched frivolous and vexatious lawsuits against the government, the Australian Human Rights Commission has ruled.”

and there’s this:

“Human Rights Commission president Gillian Triggs, who recommended the payout, banned media from reporting his identity, despite his being named by two High Court judges, five Federal Court judges and seven Queensland Supreme Court judges. ‘The commonwealth could have placed (him) in community detention subject to conditions, such as reporting requirements, travel restrictions or a curfew, to allay any concerns it had about the risk (he) posed to the community,’ she wrote in her report, noting Queensland Community Corrections Board judged him a ‘low-risk’ offender.

Professor Triggs recommended he receive $300,000 compensation and a written apology.”

Now what else have we heard from Ms Triggs’ lately? Ah, yes, that’s Christmas Island is “a prison, effectively”, no different from Long Bay Jail. Then-Immigration Minister Scott Morrison set her right, as you can see from the 2:50 mark of this video.

That was back in August, yet the Human Rights Commissioner continues to draw her considerable salary while urging six-figure payouts to convicted swindlers.



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