Muhammad’s poor example

ex-cultistWe have heard a lot and learned little since last week’s massacres in Paris, quite possibly because those who get invited to rationalise — sorry, “contextualise” is the word rationalisers prefer — Islamist atrocities don’t actually wish to admit the problem is not exclusion or injustice, nor is it that fabled Islamophobia or even Tony Abbott. Rather, the root of Islam’s ills is that very model of the perfect Muslim, Muhammad himself.

The academics studying radicalisation, the same ones making so little headway in formulating plans to stop it, should perhaps set aside their grant applications and listen to the young lady pictured above. A former Muslim, she fits more sense and better history into a few short minutes than you will find in an entire year of academic seminars, ABC talk fests and the broad, dim acreage of the Fairfax press and Guardian put together.

The link below leads to her YouTube clip.  You might just feel like cheering.

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