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The Voice and its

Writing at The World, Quadrant’s Simon Kennedy explains the Voice and its failure. Here’s a sample:

… one of the great ironies of the Voice was that the leaders of the “Yes” campaign do not reside in remote communities, do not live in traditional ways, and do not face genuine disadvantage. As Gary Johns, a leading figure in this policy discussion, has argued, these leaders have all assimilated into Australia’s western culture and society, all the while leaning into their so-called “First Nations” identity.

These leaders have all benefitted from living in non-remote communities, getting a good education, and participating in mainstream Australia. And yet, a likely outcome of the Voice proposal was continuing the status quo of remote disadvantage. “Yes” leaders embraced racial identity politics and emphasized symbolic issues like “Welcome to Country,” but proposed no real solutions to real problems for their people…

Simon’s piece can be read in full here.

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