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‘The Persecution of George Pell by Keith Windschuttle … is as good an analysis as one could hope to find … I must say, that after reading this I was persuaded that not only was the standard of proof not met, but that Pell was an innocent man.’
— Gavin Silbert QC, Victorian Chief Crown Prosecutor 2008- 2018, as quoted in Gerard Henderson’s latest Media Watch Dog

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Audio: Keith Windschuttle discusses his book with the ABC’s Andrew West


The Persecution of George Pell chronicles how the highest levels of the police, judiciary and politicians in Australia, plus victim lobby groups, compensation lawyers, and journalists, used bogus accusations of child sexual abuse to persecute, convict and jail an innocent man.

Keith Windschuttle uncovers the campaign aimed not only at personally destroying one of Australia’s most influential religious leaders, but also of trashing the reputation of the Catholic Church. Had it succeeded, the campaign would have set damaging precedents for the rule of law in Australia. Pell spent 400 days in prison before a unanimous judgment of the High Court finally set him free.

To get their man, lawyers, judges and a Royal Commission reversed long-standing legal principles, including the presumption of innocence, the onus of proof, and guilt beyond reasonable doubt. Every claim of child sexual abuse, they insisted, must be believed. This is the story of profound injustice heaped on one individual and the social and legal damage caused by radical ideologues convinced of their own virtue.

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UPDATE. Of The Persecution of George Pell, Freedoms Project reviewer Paul Collits writes:

The appearance of the book is a further sign of justice belatedly won, of sanity regained, of evil called out for what it is, of an attempted character assassination put to rights. This year has seen not only the Cardinal’s legal vindication by the highest court in the land and his immediate release from prison following the decision, but also his superb and humble performance when interviewed by Andrew Bolt, evidence of his strong support from fellow inmates and warders while incarcerated, his unvanquished homecoming to Rome, his joyful reunion with the Pope, the revelations of possible Vatican complicity in Pell’s Australian persecution, and numerous analyses of the case by legal experts that confirmed just what a farce the whole thing was.

And now this impressive and comprehensive work. A work of both substance and significance.

With Windschuttle’s book, George Pell’s enemies have now been laid bare, and their lies and evil intentions exposed….

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