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The new Left’s scolds and neo-wowsers

Melbourne University’s Timothy Lynch ends his piece in today’s Australian (paywalled) by wondering what the bolshie girlfriend of his youth would make of today’s Left, concluding

…she did teach me something vital, a lesson too few on the right imbibe. Those on the left are not bad people. They are not evil. But they are naive. They insist on realities that are fantasies. They seek final solutions to problems insoluble. They imagine better worlds while creating worse ones.

The paradox of good intentions and their dire consequences, as Lynch notes, has seen the Left and Right swap positions on, well, just about everything from sex to coal to race and religion, with neither side being quite aware of their respective about-faces.

For those with subscriptions, the essay can be found in full here.

UPDATE: In Germany,  Berlin police have raided the compound of far-left feminists accused of supporting Muslim terrorists.

Lynch’s point made to perfection.

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