The cat’s miaow

mystery catAmong the Australia Day honours there was this:

Mr Richard Alan ACKLAND, Potts Point, NSW
For significant service to the print and television media industries, particularly through reporting on legal issues, and as a publisher.

Presumably, this accolade has nothing to do with the conspiracy theory Ackland was shopping in his then-column for the Sydney Morning Herald at the height of the James Ashby affair. All nonsense, as later revealed, but appreciated nevertheless by those who are certain that a hand rubbed gently over Tony Abbott’s head will discern the presence of infernal horns. Strangely, so far as an extensive google can discern, the column and its wink-wink intimations of sly emails, erroneous time stamps and conspiracies involving that other devil, Rupert Murdoch, and his dark minions was never corrected. Well that’s modern journalism for you, and it cannot be denied that Ackland has served it very well indeed.

Then again, could it be that those who award these honours care deeply about cats and the sad fate of a certain Nessie, whose limp body was found one morning in the garden of a young woman who had rejected the love of a future PM?

Ackland’s splendid summation of that case can be read in full via the link below. Those who persist to the final paragraph will find “Diamond” Jim McClelland’s thoughts on his daughter’s former suitor quite interesting.

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