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The missing ingredient

Visitor’s to Melbourne’s CBD, especially those arriving via Flinders Street Station, might have glanced today at Federation Square, where the spectacle was even uglier than the architectural carbunckle which the tragically hip foisted on the city some decades ago. Today that eyesore’s mismatched, chaotically angled panels achieved a fresh zenith in ugliness, for on every flagpole there now a flies a Palestinian flag, all on display for what is billed as tonight’s ‘vigil for Gaza’.

But why do things by half-measure?

Why not assemble pyramids of severed dolls heads at the foot of every flagpole, just as a reminder to the mourners of their rapist heroes’ deeds. And a further reminder, too, for the rest of us to mull what sort of immigration policy and what sort of migrants Australia wants.                                                -rf

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