Street thugs? Blame the Iraq War

sparrowOverland editor Jeff Sparrow isn’t being fooled by all this silly talk that bashings are the consequence of intoxication, imbecility and indulgent courts. No, none of that. With the sort of insight that places him amongst the worthiest of The Guardian‘s antipodean solons, he identifies the real reason young men have been bashing each other senseless:

If you sought to normalise brutality, to present killing as an acceptable way for perpetrators to get what they wanted without repercussions, could you conceive of a better way than the war against Iraq?

Warming to his theme, Sparrow explains why Australia’s involvement in Afghanistan has compounded the mayhem in Kings Cross:

Australian soldiers have been fighting there since 2001. That means that youths just becoming old enough to vote have lived under a government sending young men to kill other young men since they were five years old.

Can’t get any more simple than that.

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