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50 Reasons Why Normies Should Vote ‘No’

Unless Anthony Albanese, taking note of the rapidly declining support for the Voice, decides to cut his losses by postponing the referendum, Australians will soon be asked to authorise a pointedly unexplained addition to the Constitution that opens a host of possibilities, none of them good.

That’s one key reason to oppose the Voice. Here are 50 more:

1/ Because you still can

2/ Because you’re sick and tired of woke

3/ Because BHP shouldn’t have opinion on anything except digging stuff out of holes

4/ Because Wesfarmers has no business giving $2 million of shareholder cash to the Yes camp

5/ Because every Yes-backing sporting code in the country has been bought with grants and handouts

6/ Because Albanese & Co can’t or won’t explain what they have in mind.

7/ Because you don’t approve of Melbourne being renamed Narrm

8/ Because, sooner or later, the High Court will get involved

9/ Because the High Court has been known to indulge in judicial ratbaggery

10/ Because Australians need their very own ‘Bud Lite moment

11/ Because the National Press Club tells us we should

12/ Because the ABC and Nine newsrooms will be awash with tears if Yes loses

13/ Because a No victory will prompt the gnashing of teeth and rending of garments at The Guardian

14/ Because you’re sick and tired of being called a racist

15/ Because Dan Andrews wants it and so does Victoria’s empty-suit opposition leader

16/ Because you’ve never given an Aborigine infected blankets

17/ Because you’ve never distributed poison flour

18/ Because the Massacre Map isn’t history, it’s elements of truth larded with a lot of agit-prop

19/ Because you’ve been silent about too much for too long

20/ Because you don’t need welcoming to your own country

21/ Because, if you’re a New Australian or recently descended from such, what harm did your ancestors ever do an Aborigine?

22/ Because Bruce Pascoe

23/ Because it was fun to hear Linda Burney’s slurred mispronunciation of ‘Aborishnial’, but the novelty has worn off

24/ Because a No victory will do serious harm to Anthony Albanese’s leadership

25/ Because Anthony Albanese will have a target on his back

26/ Because few things are quite so amusing as watching comrades counting numbers, sharpening knives and lopping heads

27/ Because a No win will make Marcia Langton more irate than usual

28/ Because, unlike gender fluidity and other noxiously fashionable memes, the Voice is the one woke narrative you can stomp

29/ Because your blue-haired niece caused a scene at the last Christmas dinner

30/ Because, if you have no black blood whatsoever, you’ll have only slightly less than some Voice campaigners

31/ Because, as Salvatore Babones notes, at this rate we’ll all be Aborigines by 2080

32/ Because scholarly, accurate but unsettling accounts of Aboriginal life and customs are being removed from library shelves

33/ Because we shouldn’t be having this referendum in the first place and, Yes or No, race relations and resentments will be worse in its wake

34/ Because Noel Pearson’s constant insults deserve a ballot-box rebuke

35/ Because Noel Pearson is always ready for his closeup

36/ Because a Voice won’t stop what’s happening every night in Alice Springs

37/ Because Aborigines don’t trace the bulk of their lineage to Malaysia, the Philippines, Nuie, Vanuatu and Singapore

38/ Because you’re weary of being told how to think

39/ Because your kids are being taught what to think

40/ Because Pat Dodson refuses to remove his hat in the Senate

41/ Because bar associations, undoubtedly aware of the potential for lucrative litigation, are backing Yes

42/ Because the voting booth makes you immune to doxing, cancelling and workplace retribution

43/ Because of the newly legislated shakedowns by WA’s ‘indigenous cultural consultants’

44/ Because you’ve endured enough politically correct lectures from self-righteous dills to last a lifetime

45/ Because a clan pursuing a subsistence existence is not and never was ‘a nation’

46/ Because ‘a story the aunties told me’ isn’t reliable primary-source material

47/ Because you’re unfashionably normal

48/ Because normies are no longer found in newsrooms, on government benches, in academia or amongst senior public servants

49/ Because you remember the waste and disgrace that was ATSIC

50/ Because those vending lies know you recognise them as lies but insist you become complicit in their charades and falsehoods

Subscribers are invited to add further reasons in the comments thread below.

58 thoughts on “50 Reasons Why Normies Should Vote ‘No’

  • Ian MacDougall says:

    Because the add-on list will likely go from Voice to ‘Treaty,’ to continental land claim, to compo, to any claim to aboriginality qualifying the claimant for membership of an hereditary haristocracy and being kept in luxury for life at taxpayer expense; except if the said claimant can’t find a skin group to join that is not brawling with all other skin groups.

  • Paul W says:

    Because we already have many Aboriginal voices.

  • pgang says:

    28 pretty much nails it for me.

  • Mercaptan says:

    49 does it for me. The Voice would be ATSIC on steroids.

  • Blair says:

    Because Lidia Thorpe is voting NO.

  • Alistair says:

    I think you may not have completely covered the main reason to vote No as far as I am concerned. Sorry Roger, but while you sort of edge up to it, you then baulk at the last hurdle.

    My reasoning goes like this …
    I’m not voting Yes at the referendum because Scotty from the Block says I should vote Yes.
    Scotty from the Block is in the pay of the media – therefore Yes is what the mainstream media wants.
    The mainstream media is in the pay of the World Economic Forum oligarchs – therefore, I dont know how, but if its being pushed by the mainstream media, a Yes vote must be good for the World Economic Forum.
    If anything is good for the World Economic Forum, it must be disastrous for for the rest of us …
    therefore Im voting NO.

  • Peter Smith says:

    Brilliant list Roger. I have nothing to add except perhaps to echo Blair: “Because Lidia Thorpe is voting NO.”
    I don’t fancy my chances, if I got on the wrong side of her.

  • Farnswort says:

    Because racial equality under the law is worth defending. Gving special constitutional status and rights to one group – and one group only – on the basis of race is a terrible idea.

  • rosross says:

    Excellent list.

    Because in a democracy we should all be equal and to elevate one group to superior position and rights is undemocratic.

    Because the Constitution should only refer to Australians and not single out anyone which means the voice is unconstitutional.

    Because singling out people based on some of their ancestry is racist.

  • rosross says:

    The WA cultural laws would not only make farming impossible it would make building a house, putting in power and plumbing impossible. It would make everything impossible and all in the name of a few stone-age hunter-gatherers who were gifted this nation.

    • john mac says:

      Rosross, I suspect all the states will enact laws to subvert what will surely be a “No ” vote . The writing is on the wall ( pun useful) ,the bus ,tram,train ,government buildings from schools to institutions, wall to wall spruiking or gaslighting from the ABC/SBS/10/9, major sporting codes,and every official gathering of humans . Local councils , dominated by feminist SJWs (at least here in South Australia) are leading the charge. How on earth did we get here ?!

      • rosross says:

        We got here because we dumbed down the education system and academia and let vested agendas and their opinions replace facts, reason and common sense. It will take time but people will get sick of it and the worm will turn.

  • Tim Humphries says:

    Number 24 sounds good…

    • STD says:

      Be careful what you wish for – Bill Shorten is a highly ambitious snake. I think Tanya Plibersek also fancy’s her chances as well.
      Shorten was interviewed by Alan Jones on ADH;the wolf stepped out of his clothing with his ‘I am fair dinkum persona’- Shorten like Albanese is a real danger to the existence of Australia and her interests and freedoms. The Shorten radar is on indent for self interest, with the very real possibility of the Albanese voice coming a gutsa.

  • DougD says:

    Another reason: Marcia Langton’s threat/promise that if we vote No, there will be no more welcomes to country. “I imagine that most Australians who are non-Indigenous, if we lose the ­referendum, will not be able to look me in the eye,” she says. “How are they going to ever ask an Indigenous person, a Traditional Owner, for a welcome to country? If they have the temerity to do it, of course the answer is going to be no.”

  • Doubting Thomas says:

    Of the many undesirable things that Australians have adopted from American cultural “isms”, if the Yes vote gets up it will almost certainly cement the disgraceful American practice of identifying the ethnic origin of citizens, eg African American, Greek American and so on. Until recently, this unfortunate habit barely existed in Australia, because it was pretty much irrelevant. Ethnic groups were almost always indistinguishable in Australia after the first Australian-born generation, whereafter we were al just Australians.
    But, once Aboriginal people are placed in a unique category with their own additional privileges, other minority ethic groups are likely to demand their own special privileges. Vote No.
    And while we are at it, let’s do our best to laugh the “First Nations/Peoples” nonsense into oblivion, along with the equally ridiculous “oldest continuing culture” rubbish. There never were any first nations in Australia, the first peoples died within the first century after their arrival, and even the most ethnically pure current Aboriginal people are no more than the distant descendants of first people.
    We shold no longer tolerate these divisive lies.

  • Elizabeth Beare says:

    Well, let me see now. Probably some overlap but here goes:

    Because they won’t fund the No vote but will bankroll the Yes vote.

    Because urban aborigines are nothing like some regional and all remote aborigines

    Because First Nations is an imported and irrelevant and very irritating term

    Because six hundred languages can’t ever speak with one voice

    Because much of the $35 billion and counting per year is being wasted on ‘elders’ like Yunupingu (see Windschuttle, July Quadrant)

    Because aboriginal culture is a dead end, see Gary Johns’ critique

    Because other poor people are being ignored when homeless or in strife

    Because not looking after your kids is something Australians despise

    Because drink and drugs and domestic violence require self-help not more help

    Because so many outright lies have been told about the past re white helpers and carers

    Because things were better under the missions and stations system

    Because assimilation and movement into towns is the answer

    Because there never were kids escaping along a Rabbit Proof Fence

    Because magistrates swish wayward aboriginal kids gently with a wet lettuce and let them go.

    Because there were no stolen children, only children removed due to neglect or handed over willingly for education and care

  • STD says:

    51)… Here’s Ex nurse and Aboriginal woman Kerry White- the no nonsense case for the No case. What I would call, a Bob Carter torpedo.
    52)…Because Keith Windshuttle is not deceitful or a liar or a conman.
    53)… Because Australians already have a Constitutional Voice- it’s called a democratic right to vote (Justifiably object).

  • Elizabeth Beare says:


    Forgot – Because colonialism is not the root of all evil, and

    Because there is no such thing as inherited post-colonial trauma

  • Elizabeth Beare says:

    Because sovereignty (always was, always will be), treaty, ‘truth’ telling, and reparations will follow.

    Unto the twentieth generation, given that most aboriginal marriages are to white people.

    I’ll stop now.

  • Brian Boru says:

    Because: “The humblest citizen in all the land, when clad in the armor of a righteous cause, is stronger than all the hosts of error. ”
    William Jennings Bryan 1896

    • Brian Boru says:

      This comment comes to you from the land of the Boru people, where all are equal and there is no racism. We judge people by what they say and do, not by their colour or who their great, great, great, great grandparent in minute proportion was.

    • STD says:

      Bloody brilliant Brian: Hopefully the light of this monumental deception and its Ill conceived equality of errors is starting to dawn.

  • Tony Tea says:

    Very good. We pay our respects to uncle Rog, the proud Quadrant man.

  • MichaelinBrisbane says:

    On the other hand, there’s Elbow’s arguments to vote “Yes”:
    It’s a nice thing to do.
    It’s the vibe, etc etc

    • pgang says:

      Because you’re a sucker
      Because you can’t be bothered finding out
      Because you don’t care
      Because you don’t view aborigines as people, but as objects to use for virtue signalling

  • Stephen Due says:

    Because it is, actually, racist.
    Because it is a solution looking for a problem
    Because it serves no definable practical purpose
    Because it will cost a lot of money and will not achieve anything
    Because it is unfair
    Because it is undemocratic
    Because the offended party already has a voice just like every body else
    Because it will be just another tedious virtue-signalling talk-fest

  • Tony Tea says:

    Because no matter how you try to talk it down, Australia is the greatest success story in western colonial canon.

  • Jackson says:

    BECAUSE we didn’t abandon the White Australia Policy only to get a Black Australia Policy.

  • Adelagado says:

    Because confirming to non-aboriginal kids that this is not really their country it will do huge psychological damage.

  • padraic says:

    Thanks Tony for a great article and thanks to those above who posted positive comments and to STD for that video by Kerry White. – “them’s my sentiments too”. If the NO case prevails in the referendum perhaps we could thank the PM (irony, folks) for lancing the boil rather than let it fester for years to come. We can then move on and now knowing what we were up against make sure this communist nonsense goes into the dustbin of history and is taken to the tip.

  • padraic says:

    Errata… should be thanks Roger. I had just finished reading the next article about the celebrities who must be obeyed.

  • Salome says:

    20 and 27 combine on the back of Marcia Langton’s statement that if Australia voted no, there would be no more welcomes to country.

  • Daffy says:

    Because everyone is already reconciled; otherwise, give back the mobile phones, the grog, the cars, the clothes, the flag. I didn’t know Aboriginal tribes (the absurdly rebadged ‘first nations’) had flags.

  • john mac says:

    Because ” Youth ” crime in every city and town in Australia is overwhelmingly aboriginal and will not abate, but increase manyfold, so empowered and angry are they , courtesy of their ABC etc.

  • call it out says:

    The honourable course of action for the YES supporters, and the inevitable treaty and reparations, is to seek out their local Lands Council, and hand over their house (or houses, as will be the case for many of the elite).
    They can then contemplate a return to wherever their ancestor came from.
    Otherwise, it is all hypocrisy.

  • Tony Tea says:

    Now that the Yessers have pivoted to celebrity-lite niceness, should we now pivot and believe them.

  • Bron says:

    Could someone explain 37?

  • john mac says:

    From the very credible sexual assault allegation against him , to his shameless Beaconsfield pose to his “I don’t know what she said , but I agree with her ” (Gillard) , he has been a soulless cypher , but who amongst Labor has one ? What a rogues gallery they are !

  • Margaret O says:

    Because the unkindest thing one can do to an able-bodied young man is give him a dole-cheque and tell him he doesn’t have to work.

  • John Daniels says:

    Because I should not vote to make my children second class citizens in the country they were born in .

  • Michael Waugh says:

    Because Noel Pearson promised that he would fall forever silent if the referendum were lost.

  • Michael Waugh says:

    Because Marcia Langton said there would be no more welcomes to country if the referendum lost.

  • Brian H says:

    Has anyone else noticed the hypocrisy of black -identifying elected members of parliament standing up in parliament and saying that their race don’t have a say, or aren’t listened to?

    • Stephen Due says:

      Yes, I have. It is ludicrous to suggest they don’t have a voice. Right now there is no reason why the future members of the proposed constitutional Voice – whoever they might be – could not hold meetings, prepare agendas and present their ideas and requests to the parliament and the media. They have a voice now. But this is not really about a voice. It is about opening up a back door to the halls of power and the honeypot of taxpayer money.

  • nilsm says:

    Another reason. With apologies for the language, I add: Because I’m sick of little eight year old Aboriginal children telling me “you white c*s stole our land”. Try riding on the Midland or Armadale lines, and I mean go all the way to the end stations.

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