The Idiocracy That Reigns in the West

That we in Australia, and those in most of the rest of the Western world, are in the hands of idiots is surely beyond any reasonable doubt. Hmm? What is ‘beyond reasonable doubt’, asked one juror in a trial in which I happened to be the jury foreman. Can we ask the judge, she asked. I forget what I said, but it was something dismissive. It was a long time ago and I was relatively young and lacked the smattering of diplomacy which I’ve since acquired. But, to reflect, was the juror so silly. After all, Cardinal Pell’s conviction and rejected appeal showed that from juries to judges there is now no proper appreciation of its meaning.

Those deciding to prosecute cases against Bruce Lehrmann and Brian Houston seem to be equally in want of some education on the meaning of the term; which, of course, goes to the heart of our Western system of justice. When people generally, and the legal fraternity in particular, lose the sense of what ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ means, then we are all in trouble. And we are. And that, as my start, is just one legal tip of the iceberg. It’s part of a general undoing of Western civilisation.

Incidentally, I said we are in the hands of idiots. Could have said communists. They are much of a muchness.

I have just listened to “Rich Men North of Richmond” Oliver Anthony’s blue-collar anthem, which apparently has scored millions of hits. Not my kind of music, but I am totally in sync with the sentiments.

It’s a damn shame
What the world’s gotten to
For people like me
People like you
Wish I could just wake up
Have it not be true
But it is…”

Grocery prices are going up. Power prices are going up. If you’re buying a house, mortgage payments are going up. Rents are going up and places to rent are hard to find. Meanwhile hundreds of thousands of migrants are pouring into the country. Is this all just happenstance?

Take your mind back to March 2020 and to the grotesque overreaction of governments to the pandemic. Oh, well, no one knew what to do, so the excuse runs. I knew, and my knowledge of pandemics is rather miniscule. This is my ending to an article in Quadrant Online on March 23, 2020: “There is a need, I believe, to reconsider; and, if at all possible, to change course, and adopt a different strategy which better protects those at risk from the virus while freeing up the economy.” Instead, governments put people out of work and splurged wildly to mitigate the harm. The money supply grew like Topsy. Inflation was bound to break out, with all of its dire consequences.

Didn’t Treasury economists and at the Reserve Bank know that? Were they AWOL, or are they simply highly-paid, highly-cosseted know-nothings? Plump for the latter. Who is paying the bill for their incompetence? The kind of people Oliver Anthony is singing about. And, wouldn’t you know it, just as those on the wrong side of the wealth equation are finding it difficult to afford or find shelter, the insular powers that be think it’s a good idea to surge levels of immigration. This really says everything about the disconnect between working people and the political and bureaucratic classes, also the corporate mansion dwellers represented by the Business Council of Australia.Think about it: we have a Labor government professing to represent the working class. What a joke.

It’s hard to make comparisons on the idiocy scale. The pandemic hysteria versus the climate-change scam. I suppose the pandemic had a relative brevity about it. At least until the next one. Please don’t think anything will have been learned, except that people can be pushed around more easily than governments previously thought. The New Age commies in bureaucracies and in the World Economic Forum are waiting anxiously for their next opportunity to lord it over the hoi polloi. As are many in governments, whatever their political stripe. Politicians have much more in common with each other than they have with their constituents. “Climate change” (or is that now “global boiling”?) bound them ever more tightly together. In this case to wreak irreparable damage on the very wellspring of our Western prosperity.

Imagine something as inane and destructive as systematically decommissioning and blowing up reliable sources of affordable power. That would not have been possible without political unanimity. Both sides of politics in the Western world, almost wherever you look, signed the same national suicide notes. Scott Morrison, Mr Net-Zero, signed it first in Australia. The Liberals are now trying to wriggle out of their culpability by spruiking nuclear; which, recall, they originally banned under John Howard.

In the circumstances — the precipitous decline in common sense, the rise in communism and corporatism, the chumminess among politicians — it is not surprising we have been saddled with the racist Voice referendum. What to say that hasn’t been said (and compiled in this publication’s online August special edition?) I simply don’t know. The whole Aboriginalisation of Australia is a symptom of societal decay. When fifty percent of the land mass is under native title, controlled by a paltry few Australians who can point to some Aboriginal ancestry, you know something has gone seriously wrong. Well, you would know that if your mind had withstood the warping influences of the past thirty years and more.

I came from England and could escape back. From the frying pan into the fire. Hungary under Viktor Orbán is a standout place, even if they speak Hungarian. No. Undoubtedly some leftist-globalist goon is waiting in the political wings to take over as soon as I set foot. There is nowhere to go. Western civilisation is crumbling under an onslaught. Enjoy the wine and sunshine, the company of conservative friends, hold fast to your own biological sex, lie back and think of Holdens rolling off the assembly line.

Vote a resounding ‘No’ … and hope.

14 thoughts on “The Idiocracy That Reigns in the West

  • Ceres says:

    Many people will believe anything when their salary depends upon believing it. In an age when insanity has overtaken logic and reason lawyers, police, teachers, politicians, doctors, treasury officials, academics, business and media organisations to name a few, know they will be ousted, or their lives made a misery, if they don’t sing from the same song sheet. Some are courageous and suffer enormously.
    It’s pure authoritarian evil. You’ve named high profile cases Peter, so many other examples to point to and I so pity the little guy.
    Some optimism looking at Italy, Hungary, Florida and Texas but dismal here with Libs
    reluctant to put their heads above the parapet.

    • lbloveday says:

      Libs reluctant to put their heads above the parapet.
      As Bill Bonner wrote:
      Small wonder! It is not hard to see why good men and women stay away from politics. Who would want reporters checking out his high school yearbook…or what he wrote in a letter to the editor in 1985? Who would want political hacks calling up ex-wives…disgruntled former employees…or jealous rivals?
      Who would put his family through the kind of malign media attention that Donald Trump…and now Robert Kennedy…endure? What kind of power-mad, pathological egomaniac would want it for himself…let alone the people he cared about?

  • Peter OBrien says:

    Peter, I know how you feel. I have a mate in NZ who tells me if he was a bit younger he would come to Australia or go to Britain. I’m probably in the same boat as he is regarding having the drive to escape from Australia should it keep going the way it is. In particular if the Voice gets up and we have Wimmera style treaties across the land. But I sometimes think where I would go. It would not be the US or Britain – that would be no improvement. So I think it would be Spain. Not because Spain is immune to this crap but because it doesn’t belong to me or my tradition. I could enjoy its attractions but be detached from its degradation.

  • STD says:

    We are indeed in trouble Peter. But we need to be thankful to the progressives and the loony left for a living definition of these madnesses. Hold the line though – there is hope and like your article, truth reign’s supreme.

  • jackgym says:

    If Albanese gleans another term in government, it will prove once and for all that voters are utter morons.

    • sabena says:

      Fortunately there is no reason for despair- yet.The voice referendum and the cost of living will do a lot of damage to the Government in the next 6 months.
      The real worry is the stupidity of many of the liberal members eg people like Leeser,Bragg,Fletcher,Archer,Birmingham,Broadbent Hawke etc etc who are quite capable of snatching defeat from victory.

    • IainC says:

      The Andrews Government in Victoria has been an unending disaster for the last 9 years. The only thing they have proven to be competent at is winning elections. Conclusion: Stockholm Syndrome is alive and well.

    • Farnswort says:

      Keep in mind that Labor is busily importing new voters. 400,000 new migrants last calendar year. Another 350,000 this year. No doubt Labor strategists are hoping to permanently change the electorate through mass immigration and cement permanent political rule.


    “That we in Australia, and those in most of the rest of the Western world, are in the hands of idiots is surely beyond any reasonable doubt. Hmm?”
    That’s right. For those that have woken up, there is no doubt. Finding ourselves in ‘the hands of idiots’ didn’t happen overnight, it happened incrementally over the years. The trouble is we kept on giving permission incrementally because we didn’t want to offend for what seemed trifling matters. And of course, in ‘good old retrospect’, we realise that we’ve been bitten badly in the butox.

  • Homer Sapien says:

    Judging by this amount of idiocy, “beyond reasonable doubt”, how could people possibly have been on this earth longer than about 6000years?

  • IainC says:

    Under what definition of sanity would a grid operator allow the early closure of continuous, reliable, dispatchable, affordable energy generators without first demanding incontrovertible proof that any proposed replacement is at least as good as what it is replacing?

  • Stephen Due says:

    Actually it is a psychopathocracy in cahoots with a demonocracy.

  • john mac says:

    Yes Peter , I have little faith in the West correcting itself , some reasons stand out like never before ; the “cashless society ” is the greatest threat to our freedom , piggy backed and related is the surveillance state which potentially turns us all into criminals as the goalposts shift , Identity politics has seeped into every aspect of our existence and the cabal of Govt/big business/tech/ sporting bodies/health industry/ education/unions and the Media all in cahoots , is unprecedented in history , In communist Russia/China , many of these entities were in it out of fear , our institutions are positively gleeful in their contempt for us . Witness Joyless Alan Queertas CEO , Moe Sizlak (Gillon Mclachlan ) of the AFL , just two in a long list .Though I’m still working at 63 , I and my wife have decided to live the best lives we can now , as there are no guarantees that what we’ve saved , invested in , and work on will be there for our retirement , such is the grab for everything we own . We have a great circle of like minded friends and family , and have lost some over covert 19 and politics , but we have no regrets as the stakes are so high . I fear only a biblical intervention will reset the world , Humanity now on life support .

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