The Answer Isn’t Blowing in the Wind

As do all religions, the new climate “religion” has a number of constituent parts. An evolving, increasingly ominous canon; namely, IPPC reports. Prophets galore: Al Gore, Michael Mann, Greta Thunberg, David Attenborough, Tim Flannery, ad infinitum. God? Gaia, possibly. And, lest we repent, a hurtling in sinful steps towards Armageddon.

First man spews carbon dioxide pollution. Second, this causes greenhouse warming. Third, after a point, now reached, according to some zealots, this causes untoward weather events, melting land-ice and rising sea levels, and hordes of climate refugees. Finally, unless coal, oil and gas are abandoned, a tipping point will be reached. Albedo will diminish as ice is lost, hence more warming. Consequently, more ice lost, and even less albedo; and so on, into methane-spewing melting permafrost. The inevitable outcome is a death spiral into an inhospitable, nay uninhabitable, sweaty hellhole called Planet Earth. No wonder school children are frightened. Puts a recent health problem of mine into perspective.

At about 2am on Friday morning, recuperating at home soon after a bowel operation, but feeling the worse for wear and chilled, I decided to refresh my hot water bottle. Yuk! A black cockroach on the kitchen floor. Barry Humphries (More Please, an autobiography, 1992) leapt into my mind and his strong aversion to Sydney’s vermin, which for some delightful reason for Melbournians, stay out of Melbourne. I grabbed a large manilla envelope – the handiest thing – rolled it up and attempted to strike a mortal blow. It scurried. I missed, slipped and went sprawling face down across the floor. That can’t be good for my stiches, I thought. It wasn’t.

I crawled back to bed. No good. Nausea and violent throwing up ensued. My point? Out of the blue, “shit happens” to borrow Tony Abbott’s apt turn of phrase. This is my segue, as stretched as it seems, into the extremely fraught world of wind and solar. Where the unheralded s**t that happens is Dunkelflautes. In other words, sudden darkened skies and still wind.

Apropos, I recently had a piece in The Pipeline in which I looked at the power output of Australia’s largest “grid-scale” battery, the so-called “big battery” in Victoria, which cost $160 million.  It stores an “enormous” (hmm?) 450 MWh. For those not au fait with electricity nomenclature, this means that when tapped it can churn out 450 MW for just one hour. For those prone to be taken in by renewable-energy hype, this means that it can contribute but diddly-squat to powering the grid.

According to the Australian Energy Regulator, Victoria used 43.7 TWh in 2021-22. Per hour that comes to about 5,000 MW. Five and one half minutes. That’s the length of the time the battery would last if asked to power Victoria. Take a windless night of ten hours duration. How many big batteries would be needed to power the state? Answer 111. Cost Almost $18 billion. The National Electricity Market (NEM) – basically the whole of South Eastern Australia – used 189 TWh in 2021-22. How many big batteries to cover a 10-hour widespread Dunkelflaute? Answer, about 480 at a cost of $77 billion. And then, all unexpectedly, a really s**t thing, really happens. Wind stops for, say, 27 hours.

Anton Lang published a study of wind intermittency in the regions of S.E. South Australia and Central West Victoria, where there are high concentrations of wind farms, over 800 days ending in mid-2020. He found many periods when wind fell to little or nothing, the longest continuous period for 27 hours.

Go back to my start. Wouldn’t you think if you were a disciple of the climate pseudo-religion that you would do all in your power to avoid planetary annihilation? Even contemplate nuclear energy? Maybe not if your real goal was to stuff the human race; and, say, a quarter or more the global population. Seems to be the aspiration of Michael Moore and his fellow travellers, as openly expressed in the documentary movie Planet of the Humans. Alternatively, not if your real goal is to collapse civilisation and orchestrate a global communist takeover; a Klaus Schwab Great Reset.

Whichever way its cut, nothing happening now makes sense. It must be clear to those in charge of our fate, even to blinkered obsessives, like Chris Bowen, that wind and sun will not power a modern state. So what exactly is their goal? Leaving aside the Michael Moores and Klaus Schwabs of this world, I tend to think that most climate cultists are like a lot of latter-day Christians (including some priests). In name only. They don’t really believe it. It’s a cause. A replacement for old-time religion. For their part, politicians can trip the stage explaining how they intend to save us from a fate worse than a fate worse than death. What a buzz for Bowen et al.

11 thoughts on “The Answer Isn’t Blowing in the Wind

  • rod.stuart says:

    At this juncture, over three years “in”, it seems a number of people have realised that the “plandemic” was built entirely on a foundation of lies.
    Surely, at some point, a sufficient number of people will begin to see that the climate religion is built entirely of lies.
    Global warming is a lie.
    The notion that CO2 is in some way related to the weather is a lie.
    That human activies have any meaningful affect on atmospheric CO2 is a lie.
    That sea levels are rising significantly is a lie.
    The idea that there are “greenhouse gases” is a lie
    That the methane from livestock is greater than the methane from millions of bison is a lie.
    etc. etc .etc.

    • john mac says:

      rod – your post is spot on , I concur with all of it , but am not so optimistic in thinking that enough people will eventually see it as the greatest hoax ever foisted on humanity (with covert 19 a useful accelerant ). It’s brilliance lies in it’s unprovability ! Those of us old enough to remember and document all the floods, heatwaves, bushfires , droughts , cyclones etc and EXPECT them to occur periodically can see the collective madness and cult like fervour for what it is .That so many are susceptible to fearmongering – as a child watches a horror film through fingers, unable to look away, yet knowing deep down it’s not real , is very troubling , especially because of the generations of school children churned out each year , indoctrinated and at voting age .They believe in the con , with no historical or lived reference and will have to learn the hard way as we watch this slow motion train wreck .

  • STD says:

    From a legal perspective, isn’t the climate con now a form of intellectual assault.

  • Homer J says:

    As to Chris Bowen: I think that he really believes and means what he says. He is just utterly stupid or insane! What other option is there in his case? I mean, look at the man when he speaks. This is not normal.

    • lbloveday says:

      A foreign national, unfamiliar with Bowen, knowing just that he’s a politician, said to me after watching him talk, “He looks really dumb”.
      “Don’t judge a book by its cover” we were taught, but in this case I think she could safely do so.

  • Botswana O'Hooligan says:

    Sadly, Albo, Bowen and Stegall et al were voted into power by the electors so that doesn’t bode well for our collective IQ and is proven by these madcap schemes funded by the taxpayer dollar. The answer is simple, stop governments subsidising the schemes with the taxpayer dollar and they will collapse in short order.

  • Daffy says:

    And so the atmospheric concentration of CO2 ascends skywards (on the graph) and average global temperature (whatever that is, actually)? Not so much!

  • padraic says:

    It’s only a matter of time before they tell us that “climate change” is caused by humans exhaling carbon dioxide. Hopefully adults in the community have a healthy scepticism of such doomsayers, a scepticism kept in good health by memories of all the faux predictions of the global warming chicken littles , past and present, and common sense and rationality will prevail.

  • Alice Thermopolis says:

    A live cockroach on a flat surface, be it a wall or floor, is best caught in the following manner. Slowly approach the startled creature with a transparent plastic container (preferably circular) and then quickly place it over the insect. Using a stiff piece of thin cardboard or similar material, push it under the container, invert both container and flat material and dispose of it in a considerate way that does not involve loss of life, of either the creature or its pursuer.
    As for a possible return to hospital, Peter, suggest instead you take BH’s advice in My Life as Me – A Memoir (2002): “When you escape from the lion’s den, it is unwise to go back for your hat.”
    He also had a warning for our Minister of CC and others: “Everything becomes vaudeville in the end.”

  • Elizabeth Beare says:

    Bowen does not have a convincing intellect. It’s not just his appearance it’s the way the eyes mistime the mouth. Like something’s not firing properly in there. Good tip there Alice for catching a roach, but that’s if my cat doesn’t get to them first. It’s appalling to watch him crunch and eat them and sometimes throw them back up. The little insectivore. I do try to dissuade him with threats of doom but he’s a fast mover.

  • Elizabeth Beare says:

    Take better care of yourself, Peter. Glad to hear you are a hot water bottle fan.
    There’s nothing a good hot water bottle cannot make better if not totally fix.

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