The Left’s Motto: I Feel, Therefore I am Right

While justified as a request for greater civility and the avoidance of unjustified discrimination over the last 40 years,l political correctness has morphed into an Orwellian nightmare of distorted language and mind control. Orwell observed in his essay, Politics and the English Language, ‘If thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought’ and there is no doubt we are now living in a world where reason and rationality no longer prevail and where words, phrases and concepts have been weaponised by the cultural Left in the campaign to impose its ideological agenda.

Best illustrated by the slogan “War Is Peace, Freedom Is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength”, the strategy is to force citizens to accept two or more conflicting concepts, thus, ensuring compliance by determining how people conceptualise and think. Orwell writes doublethink involves the ability “…to hold simultaneously two opinions which cancelled out, knowing them to be contradictory and believing in both of them, to use logic against logic”.

Such is the bizarre and irrational world of woke. Babies are no longer born girls or boys, rather they are “assigned” a gender at birth, with some parents waiting months before they decide where their newborn infant sits on the LGBTIQ+ spectrum. In maternity hospitals breast feeding is described as ‘chest feeding’, mothers renamed ‘birthing parents’ and fathers as ‘non-gestational persons’. Woke language is also used as a weapon to vilify and attack those who refuse to conform or who dare to question what has become the new orthodoxy.

Men arguing that not all males are sexual predators and cautioning that women should be aware of the dangers involved in walking alone through a dark and deserted park at 3am, are condemned as misogynist and sexist. Any who suggest not all cultures are equal and new arrivals should make some attempt to assimilate are attacked as racist and xenophobic. To argue it is wrong that schools and universities always portray Western civilisation as classist, sexist, homophobic, racist and guilty of oppressing ‘the other’ is to be guilty of white supremacism.

One only has to follow debates on social media sites such as Twitter, where primitive groupthink and hysteria prevail, to realise raw emotion has long since replaced civility, rationality and reason. In this brave new world of cultural Left mind control Descartes’s maxim ‘I think, therefore I am’ is replaced by ‘I feel, therefore I am right’.

While a recent phenomenon, the origins of political correctness and wokeness can be traced to Germany’s Frankfurt School established in the mid-1920s and before that to the work of the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche considered by many as the father of nihilism. The Frankfurt School championed critical theory and cultural Marxism and the academics involved included Max Horkheimer, Theodor Adorno, Erich Fromm, Herbert Marcuse, and Walter Benjamin.

All advocated a radically new and all-encompassing interpretation of classical Marxist thought, in part due to the realisation the proletarian revolution would never occur in the West. Instead of expecting capitalism to decline because of its inherent contradictions and the course of history they argued for a liberating and emancipatory form of radical change directed at the cultural foundations of Western societies. As described by the Italian academic Augusto Del Noce in his essay Authority versus Power published in The Crisis of Modernity:

Their revolutionary stance is a radical affirmation of the transition “from the reign of necessity to the reign of freedom,” understood in the strongest sense. Thus, the disappearance of authority must be viewed as the end point of progressive thought, which, in fact, presents itself as a process of liberation from authority, theological or human, transcendent or empirical…

The ’60s sexual liberation movement, the cultural Left’s preoccupation with radical gender theory, where human biology is negated, the argument that knowledge is a social construct based on power relationships and there are no absolute truths can all be traced to the Frankfurt School. Religion, especially Christianity, has been an especial target of cultural Marxism, drawing on Antonio Gramsci’s description of socialism as the “religion destined to kill Christianity”. The fact any who disagree with or fail to conform to woke ideology are immediately attacked and silenced is also attributable to the totalitarian nature of cultural Marxism and the belief that civility, impartiality and morality must be rejected in the battle to overturn capitalism and herald a man-made utopia on this earth.

Like Lenin’s statement, “Morality is whatever serves the success of the proletarian revolution” and drawing on Marcuse’s essay Repressive Tolerance, woke activists go to any lengths to force their ideology on people and silence any opposition.  The cultural revolution of the ’60s, when all forms of authority were undermined and a range of radical, liberating philosophies, including deconstructionism, postmodernism and feminist, gender and postcolonial theories arose, also underpins political correctness and wokeism.

As a result, literary classics are deconstructed and analysed in terms of gender, ethnicity and class, the history of Western civilisation is characterised by white supremacism, imperialism and exploitation and Western societies like England, America and Australia are said to be riven with structural sexism, homophobia, transphobia, classism and racism.

Such is the power and dominance of cultural Left ideology and the threat it represents to Western civilisation. The English cultural critic and public intellectual Roger Scruton writes in Conservatism, “Understanding political correctness and finding ways to combat it have therefore become prominent among conservative causes” and, as a result, the culture wars are “central to their sense of what they are fighting for and why”. Scruton also argues conservatives, in particular, are duty bound to

…rediscover what we are and what we stand for, and having rediscovered it, be prepared to fight for it. That is now, as it has ever been, the conservative message. And what we stand for is a religious as much as a political inheritance.

That such a battle needs to be engaged is made even more crucial at a time of international uncertainty and conflict, as illustrated by Putin’s invasion of the Ukraine and Xi Jinping’s campaign to achieve global hegemony. If ever there was a time for the West to be confident and assertive and convinced of its own validity and worth, then this is it.

The above is an extract from Dr Kevin Donnelly’s The Dictionary Of Woke: How Orwellian Language Control and Group Think Are Destroying Western Societies.

9 thoughts on “The Left’s Motto: I Feel, Therefore I am Right

  • Daffy says:

    :Any who suggest not all cultures are equal and new arrivals should make some attempt to assimilate are attacked as racist and xenophobic”
    Oh, the irony!
    The British new arrivals a couple of centuries ago, made no attempt to assimilate, so they just did what their culture gave: settled, shared, applied their law (giving equality to women in a place where this has been long inverted) Well, isn’t that what is supposed to happen according to the worrying class (Worriers Obsessed with Konfected Enmity)? It all happened according to their rubric. So no need for a ‘Voice’ or ‘Acknowledgement of Country’, or indeed ‘Welcome to…’ All done and dusted. That would be deprecating the British culture in favour of the culture ascendant at that time.

  • Macspee says:

    A Daffy comment indeed.

  • Ian MacDougall says:

    “Scruton also argues conservatives, in particular, are duty bound to
    ‘…rediscover what we are and what we stand for, and having rediscovered it, be prepared to fight for it. That is now, as it has ever been, the conservative message. And what we stand for is a religious as much as a political inheritance.'”
    It was put in a nutshell in that aphorism attributed to Voltaire: “I don’t agree with a word you say, but I’ll fight to the death for your right to say it..” Western civilisation, extending right back to the Ionian Greeks, has depended for its strength on the free exchange of ideas, to which Christian and Muslim clerics and those of certain other religions have been instinctively unsympathetic.

  • Geoff Sherrington says:

    The timing of “The ’60s sexual liberation movement” was, in largest part, dictated by the sudden abundance of the female birth control pill. It might well have been the seed planted in the young brain that germinated into other forms of societal change.
    It would have been unusual for any decade to pass without any changes worthy of the mention of progressive authors, so sex it was.
    For some males, the sexual revolution became, as we used to say, an opening for a bright young lad. That was back in fun times when society laughed at sexy jokes. Geoff S

  • Rebekah Meredith says:

    There were some strange and wacky people who were always opposed to “sexy jokes,” if by that you mean dirty ones. One of the many frustrating aspects of the #MeToo screamers is that they are Jainy-come-lateleys who make it difficult for those of us who opposed entertainment-of-the-gutter because we believe in biblical standards of morality to not seem woke. We haven’t moved; we took conservative moral stands back when that was being a “wowser”; now we uphold the same standards, while opposing the Me Too crowd. When your opponents keep shifting position, it’s not easy to try to stay in the same spot.

    • BalancedObservation says:

      In response to Rebekah Meredith
      It seems that many woke comedians these days use four letter expletives and toilet humour for effect every few words. And what’s more they seem to elicit uproarious laughter from their woke audiences.
      I don’t find it very funny at all. I must be missing something. I know what it is: real humour. It’s so hard to find these days.
      I should make it clear my objections aren’t religious. The use of the expletives is simply boring and overdone. It’s become a lazy way to get a laugh instead of crafting smart and hilarious comic situations.
      But perhaps far more seriously it’s also weakened the value of swear words. They just don’t have the impact they used to have.

      • john mac says:

        Balanced Ob, After witnessing enough of “female comediennes” , I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s an oxymoron. Bad language aside , Bill Burr goes right to the edge infuriating feminists and other wokeratis.

  • BalancedObservation says:

    Many of us might be absolutely fed up and at times bemused by extreme forms of wokeism but to imply that wokeism has created “a world where reason and rationality no longer prevail” and that wokeism could somehow be an impediment to standing up to the likes of Vladimir Putin is – to put it mildly – exaggerating the situation a tad.
    The huge irony is that Vladimir Putin – arguably currently the world’s greatest threat to peace – has been perhaps one of wokeism’s harshest critics. I noticed Kevin Donnelly also invoked the Putin threat in an earlier article to support his case. Not a good idea.

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