In the Realm of the King of Lies

Did you know that the Australian government is still running TV ads spruiking vaccinations against COVID? I didn’t until recently. Presumably, it’s to do with the limited number of programs I watch. I must have inadvertently diversified my viewing. In the space of a few days, I’ve seen repeats of two nauseous ads. One, encouraging very healthy-looking people to “boost [their] happiness”, or so we’re told. The other, encouraging vaccinations, “which have been rigorously tested,” for children from five to eleven years; “to protect them, other kids, their families and everyone else”.

Leaving aside the fact that normal people have moved on, I was struck by the continuing implicit lie. The lie is that healthy people and children are at any material risk from COVID. They are not, and never have been from the very start. Giving novel medicine to those at no risk from a disease, particularly children, seems to me to be shockingly neglectful of doing no harm.

The only people at material risk from the virus are those who are obese in addition to having other underlying illnesses. And where is the proof that the vaccines have helped them? I haven’t seen it. How many obese people with co-morbidities have been saved by the vaccines? Maybe none. We know the vaccines don’t prevent infection or transmission. Just maybe they’re totally ineffective in saving lives. Not true? OK, show us the studies.

You might query my take on things. You might say ‘how could governments, drug companies, the medical profession, get away with such outrageous lying?’ Well, then, you haven’t been paying attention. We now live within a house of lies.

Last Sunday I was discussing stuff with a friend after church. We got onto Aboriginal disadvantage. She, not me, raised the Stolen Generations and was genuinely taken aback when I said that it was a lie. I later sent her a Quadrant article by Keith Windschuttle, taken from his book The Fabrication of Aboriginal History (Vol.3). (Here and here).

Hopefully, she’ll read the article and do her own thinking. But the point is that the myth of the Stolen Generations – the systematic removal of part- Aboriginal children from their parents throughout the bulk of the 20th century — has become accepted fact throughout the whole community. It must be true. Kevin Rudd apologised for it in Parliament in 2008. It’s taught as gospel to schoolchildren. From myth to factoid; it’s now part of who we are as a nation – guilty for an uncommitted crime. We base policy on the lie. Numbers of disadvantaged children who should be rescued from their dire situations no doubt suffer terribly because of the lie. Living a lie brings costs.

Talking about the parishioners in my church, I doubt I would find more than one or two that hadn’t wholly swallowed the climate-change scam. Why restrict it to my church? The airhead Teals didn’t get in because of the strength of their arguments. They rode in on the general gullibility of a population, which has succumbed to climate-related lies; just as the same population dutifully and uselessly masked up.

I’m not talking, by the way, about the unproven hypothesis that man-made CO2 is the predominant cause of the mild warming since, say, 1875, or that continued warming might cause problems. That’s at least a contestable proposition. I’m talking about the surrounding gabble. The ten years to extinction trope, which is constantly updated to ten years hence as each year passes. They don’t think we notice. And, for the most part, they’re probably right.

Dud prediction after dud prediction. Tim Flannery’s, ‘the dams will never fill’ prediction has gone down in Australian folklore, thanks to Sky News saving the video from deletion. But his wayward prediction is one of many. Snow is a thing of the past. ‘Drowning’ Pacific Islands. More widespread and intense droughts, floods, famines, bushfires, cyclones. Millions of climate refugees. None of it bears scrutiny. Lies. And deliberately constructed to serve an agenda.

Then there’s renewable energy and the tall tale that this will bring many green jobs and lower energy costs. The recent events in Australia, soaring gas prices and the ironic call by the government for more coal and gas power, should put pay to that. It won’t. The powers that be are shameless. If they said higher power bills, unreliable power and less prosperity is the price for protecting the planet, at least they would be honest, if stupid. Instead, they lie. It’s hardly noticeable against the backdrop.

It’s always been a fact of life. Real estate agents and used car salesmen twist the truth; to be generous. How about Christian clergy, surely we can depend on them? Not really, not in today’s world. Recently, at the Anglican church’s general synod, a majority of bishops stymied a proposal to affirm that marriage is only between a man and a woman. Really. They might consult Israel Folau on that one. Or, failing that, actually read the Bible.

From exactly where do Christian clergy think their credibility springs? It’s from the Bible. The whole of it. Every word of it.  They have an option as individuals: leave the church. There is no available option to misconstrue, distort, or ignore plain biblical admonishments. Effectively to lie about the very book on which they purport to base their lives and guide others.

As I said, we live in a house of lies. It’s not hard to think of others. Transgenderism offers rich pickings. The Father of Lies must feel at home in Oz; and, if it’s any comfort, elsewhere in the world.

19 thoughts on “In the Realm of the King of Lies

  • ianl says:

    > ” … the same population dutifully and uselessly masked up” [Peter Smith, above]

    Under the real threat of armed violence gleefully carried out by the State Govts’ armed militias (police forces).

    It is true that a majority of the population now think that “climate change” (not even *anthropogenic* climate change) is grievously aggravated by our sinful indulgence in hydrocarbon energy.

    Most are scientifically illiterate and mathematically innumerate of course. To understand their fear, though, just consider the last 3-4 years here in Aus. A longish and quite severe drought, culminating in widespread, damaging bushfires burning timber dessicated to tinder by that drought, followed by widespread, damaging floods caused by long periods of heavy rain. All overlaid by a pandemic that various authorities twisted the people into knots with never-ending injections of fear, albeit constantly contradicting themselves.

    Most people do not think long-term, so climate being dynamic rather than static is not a factor to alleviate their fear. The cycle of drought, fire, flood has never happened before, or at least not to the same degree, so Gaia must be appeased … this is the core of fear, irrational and uninformed as it is.

    Wind and solar ? Try pointing out that the Aztecs tried that but the droughts killed their food crops anyway; even human sacrifices didn’t change the dynamics. This is guaranteed to achieve you a hearing …

    The West is in decline. Those with power, and those who wish for it, are deliberately driving this decline in the expectation that they will gain from it after their own squabbling is done. We have an overlay of these people who are now deliberately risking grid power failure through a heavy winter to entrench the drop in living standards.

    If the grid does fail, hope you are not in a lift, or on a train in the underground circle, or in surgery with instruments in the open wound, when it does. Already, older coal-fired plants are being blamed although deliberate policy destroyed them. If the grid does limp through, come summer we will be told that wind and solar do work: “See, we told you”.

  • Adelagado says:

    To suggest that this drug can ‘boost your happiness’ (a mental health claim) is probably illegal according to TGA regulations.

  • IainC says:

    The problem is, the hashtag lie can be halfway round the world and into a policy document before the truth gets its trousers on. Activists, academics, TV presenters and dinner party guests can proclaim that “Australia is getting drier, and bushfires are getting worse!” without one in a hundred piping up to say “That’s a lie!” This is despite the fact that the evidence is not from any murky oil company sponsored shill, but the (what should be) above reproach NASA (for the global and local trends in bushfire numbers and extent, reducing by 25% over the last 20 years) and the BoM (Australia has been steadily getting wetter since the 1950s, and the decade 2010-2019 was the second wettest on record). Whatever you think of either NASA of the BoM, they at least have the advantage of squashing the “so what? It’s from a denier website” response to being presented with any facts on climate trends rather than a confabulated slogan.

  • cbattle1 says:

    Regarding those Pacific Islands disappearing under rising waters: If the islands are not rising, due to volcanism, then they must inevitably sink. If the island sinks at the same rate as the fringing coral reef can grow upwards, then you end up with an atoll. But a number of such volcanic islands have sunk too fast for coral to grow up; there is a chain of former islands west of the Hawaiian Islands, that get progressive smaller the farther the tectonic plate has moved Westward away from the Hot-Spot, which now is under the big Island with the active volcano. When we see footage of seawater inundating huts and gardens on the TV, it may well be the case of the island sinking, as they naturally do.

  • Jim Ball says:

    Many if not most church ministers and the priesthood remind me of the justices on the US Supreme Court. With the Bible as the constitution of the church, you have “constitutionalists”or originalist priests (justices) who remain faithful to the constitution (Bible) and activist priests (justices) who read into the constitution their own politics and things that aren’t there.
    Roe v Wade, anyone.

  • STD says:

    With regard to the political and pharmaceutical mandated intention to vaccinate children- where are the respective share prices of Pfizer et al…..?

  • Ceres says:

    Thanks again Peter for helping save my sanity. The flippant ad on getting the boost is nauseating, childlike and incorrect as we know it wanes quickly and adverse effects are not mentioned nor are unknown future consequences to our immune system.
    However moving on to the so called stolen generation you mentioned, here’s a story from a Victorian Grade 4. My grandson was required to draw an aboriginal flag in the shape of a heart and scrunch it up to show how aborigines, apparently felt. Then he had to sign a document saying he was sorry. My daughter was outraged and sent an email expressing her concern that all this was disputed and listed the links to two Keith Windshuttle’s articles suggesting the teacher read them. Ha ha. That didn’t happen and a phone call to her from a second year teacher brainwashed in this propaganda was useless ending in ” would you like to discuss this further”? The left really are getting into the minds of the young. Thankfully my 9 year old grandson, had the gumption to say to the teacher, they were taken away because they were being abused, just like any white kid. My daughter has discussed this topic, climate change and all the other leftie nonsense with him, thank goodness.

  • Homer J says:

    I had Covid 4 weeks ago. I’m 56, severely obese (BMI 44), high blood pressure, obstructive sleep apnea and unvaccinated. It was the mildest thing ever. For 7 days I felt a bid tired and weak during the day. Mainly stuffy nose, a little night sweat. For the first two days I had body aches but again very mild. My friend (who gave it to me) is 64 also had no issues, nor his wife (52). Both are also unvaccinated. Were we just lucky or were we all mislead from the beginning? You can form your own opinion…

  • Peter Marriott says:

    You’ve encapsulated my own thinking on the whole rotten business very nicely Peter, and well put together.
    I have the same problem in my C.O.E. Church mostly driven from the pulpit. We were having a cuppa on the Church veranda after service on Sunday and on a different subject one of the weaker more vulnerable souls had seen on TV & I advised caution and quoted T.S. Eliot’s little comment on what wisdom consists largely of, “scepticism and uncynical disillusion”. It seemed to strike home, probably because he’d never heard it before & it even struck home I could see with one of our rector’s right hand men who was there, and also an ordained priest.
    What is most disturbing to me is this morphing of what used to be nanny state words of advice from on high, into mandatory regulations. All these unnecessary things like masks, and even the vaccinations can be acceptable so long as they are always optional, never mandatory in civil society, outside the military. We’re going to have to be more on our guard from this time onwards I think, having seen how seamlessly large swaths of the population have fallen for it, although there are some encouraging signs at the fight back that has erupted here and there around the world, which our press I suspect editing a lot of it.

  • Rebekah Meredith says:

    Great ending, Mr. Smith. But is it any wonder that many religious leaders enjoy coming up with their own agendas no matter how unbiblical they are? For decades, many religious “leaders” have denied such key biblical concepts as the virgin birth, the absolute essentialness of Christ’s blood atonement, and Jesus’ bodily resurrection.
    If they truly do not believe these things–though it will be to their eternal sorrow and loss–that is their own business. But if they do not believe the Bible, why do they claim to follow it? If they will not trust in Christ as their Saviour, why do they claim His name? If I thought that the Bible was nothing but a fairy tale–in other words, a pack of lies–I’d find something better to do on Sunday than pretend to follow it. Such blind leaders of the blind could at least find a more honest way to feather their nests; outright atheists are more admirable.
    But such wicked men have been around since the time of Jude and before, and will be until the Lord returns.

  • Geoff Sherrington says:

    Regarding lies and climate change, the monthly measurements of air temperatures over Australia by the respected satellite method of the University of Alabama at Huntsville (UAH) was updated as usual, a few days ago.
    For the atmosphere over Australia, measurement shows that from August 2012 onwards, there is no warming trend up to now. That is, 9 years and 10 months have passed with temperatures being on average, flat – not rising.
    So, why are we bombarded with claims of existential crisis, of extreme events happening more often, of more floods, more droughts, more heatwaves?
    Surely the essence of a rather important law suit exists, to determine by available legal means, whether some body or some people should be asked to defend a charge of deliberately misleading a segment (or all) of the public for the illegal purpose of making money by uttering false claims.
    Further, similar legal redress must exist about claims that “renewable energy” is cheaper than other stated means of making electricity for the public grids.
    In my younger days I stirred the pot now and then, such as by taking the then Minister for Environment through our Court system, to the Full Bench of the High Court, because the Feds were depriving us of legal entitlements to explore our Mining Leases. They wanted to have a national park (Kakadu) and soon after, world heritage to let the United Nations have some control over our Sovereign lands.
    These days, we seem to have fewer people willing to do more than just natter about these important legal and social principles.
    Who, do we know, has the will and money to stand up to the plate? Geoff S

  • Claude James says:

    And a lot of people seem to think that because they or an acquaintance had a mild case of covid infection -that means all cases are mild.
    Such anti-empiricism and such anti-logic have also given us the great human-caused climate idiocy.
    Same fundamental errors in observation and attribution -just aimed at different topics.

  • STD says:

    – global warming and climate change are very real ,and presently it is so sheik and cool in all the up to date cocktail parties and in all the other leftoid biological meme’s -it exists in the false dimension and is commonly referred to as the Climate Councils Flannery dipole when imbibing the French revolutionary drink of choice- a latte. All those afflicted with Flannery dipole syndrome, which affects a persons ability to discern truth with reality should be referred to the Frankfurt school of inverted psychiatry .

  • Peter Smith says:

    “And a lot of people seem to think that because they or an acquaintance had a mild case of covid infection -that means all cases are mild.” No, they don’t Claude James. I haven’t met any such people who think that.
    Those familiar with the evidence do know, however, that only those with serious underlying conditions; most notably the obese with co-morbidities, were at material risk from the virus. The rest was hype to terrorise populations. Why? Who knows. But cui bono. Big Pharma made a mint. And their lobbyists would have been working overtime.

  • 27hugo27 says:

    Homer J (Simpson?) ,I also had covid , am unvaxxed, 62yo never had a flu shot either , almost never wore a mask . My brother and sister-in-law also had it at 59 and 55 respectively with virtually no symptoms , I had a mild headache for a day – and my wife never got it – hows that for transmissability ! That is all i can go on and feel vindicated despite the fearmongering . Peter Smith – you are the Babe Ruth of articles , constantly knocking them out of the park .

  • Peter Smith says:

    27hugo27, over-generous I think, but thanks all the same.

  • Stoneboat says:

    Every liar will have his day (Ecc 12:13-14).
    The consequence of trampling the Bible underfoot must be close, or identical, to trampling the Word who became flesh, and his blood, underfoot. It’s truly fearful (Rev 22:15), yet the pulpit impostors, those dogs without bark, and their followers ‘abhorreth all manner of meat;’ while marching on to meet their Maker.


    To Homer J,
    How do you know it was Covid?

  • Homer J says:

    @STJOHNOFGRAFTON: I did the RAT test. Initially I thought I just had the flu. When the symptoms started (day 3) I did the test and it showed negative. I did the test again on day 5 and 7 and they were both positive. After 7 days I felt fine and a day later the test confirmed it. I know for some people the RAT test doesn’t work but for me it was spot on. The RAT test also worked for my two friends.

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