Mask and You Shall Deceive

Disappointments are part of life. One particular class of disappointments concerns conservative politicians who after attaining power go to water. Or, in the case of Boris Johnson, turn out to be a one-trick wonder. Brexit done, nothing much left that isn’t of the Left.

Donald Trump disappointed least among the cohort of recent centre-right leaders. This is faint praise you might think, coming from an unabashed Trump supporter. Well, to put the record straight, he was personally magnificent. He had all of the right instincts on policy and a narcissistic turn of mind to boot. And in case you fail to see the advantages of a touch of narcissism, you haven’t properly considered the intent of the media to drag him down every minute of every day. I can’t think of anyone else who could have stood up to it. He needed lots more self-esteem than is generally doled out, even to preening pollies.

Where Trump fell short is that he couldn’t control the machinery of government. The goal of draining the swamp was chimeric. Even many of his picks went awry. For example, Jim Mattis (Defense), Christopher Wray (FBI), Rex Tillerson (Sec. State). One man, even if president, is just one man against the entrenched state juggernaut. And to backtrack to Boris. Apparently, he has the same kind of problem in coming up against Mrs Johnson.

I can’t say I ever expected much from Scott Morrison. His record as Treasurer of bringing in a capricious bank tax (opening a door for Labor) and his callous impoverishment of part-pensioners said a lot about his principles or the absence of them. He hasn’t disappointed since becoming Prime Minister. Hail-fellow-well-met summed his dealing with recalcitrant state premiers and their border closures. And he’s soon to become Mr Net Zero.

How will he explain his railing in April and May 2019 against the much more modest emissions-reduction plan of Bill Shorten? He won’t. The prevalence of video recordings these days would, you would think, make politicians think twice about turning on a dime. Not a bit of it. Bring coal into Parliament one day to goad the opposition; join them to extol the magic of zero emissions the next. Now you see it, now you don’t.

I should mention Tony Abbott. So much promise. What a waste. No sooner elected with a thumping majority than he raised a range of taxes, none of which he had foreshadowed in his campaign. It was all downhill from there.

This brings me to new NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet. A conservative Christian. Hopes soar. Hopes, I fear, will soon plummet. He has already explained that his Christianity is “personal to me.” This is the same Christianity that of all cultural influences has been most responsible for building the modern, prosperous and free Western world; which still provides the best hope for mankind. There is no better marker of the liveability of a country than whether it has been shaped by Christianity.

The current corrupted culture explains why Perrottet must personalise, keep contained, his Christianity. Can’t really blame him. What else can he do as a politician. As Andrew Breitbart was fond of saying, “politics is downstream from culture“.

The prevailing culture is increasingly a woke derivative of Marxism. That’s also why Perrottet had to strike a deal with minister-for-green Matt Kean. It’s why Education Minister Sarah Mitchell will do little about the pollution of young minds in schools; why Bruce Pascoe is still a source of “learning” on Aboriginal history.

Perrottet will have little room to move. Nevertheless, he didn’t have to be the first political leader in the history of the Commonwealth of Australia to bring in medical apartheid; to institute vaccine passports. It doesn’t matter that he is following Ms Berejiklian’s plan. She’s gone. He’s in the chair. He could have changed it. He didn’t.

On Monday, October 11, 2021 in NSW, healthy, non-infected, people will be denied rights (e.g., to sip coffee in a café, to attend church, go to a gym) available to people infected with COVID, provided such people can show they’ve been vaccinated. As I read the complex rules, the unvaccinated will be compelled to wear masks outside while they, the privileged majority, will be free of this useless mandate. Might as well give out yellow stars.

Let’s be clear. These vaccines are experimental. No ifs or buts. They have not undergone five-to-ten-year trials. Second, they are leaky. They do not sterilize the virus. They do not prevent those vaccinated from catching the disease and passing it on. And their effectiveness in preventing serious disease quickly wanes. In those circumstances there is no basis for coercing people into being vaccinated, which is precisely what Perrottet is doing. It is discriminatory. It offends against the Nuremberg Code. It might well be illegal in Australia, offending against the Disability Discrimination Act 1992. And, it is, most definitely, unconscionable. Let me emphasise, Perrottet is doing it and, in doing it, he is beating a path for Daniel Andrews et al.

Sure, Perrottet is far better than Gladys Berejiklian. I’m very glad she left and that he took her place. But he has made a false start. He might not be able to do enough to prevent NSW destroying its energy security. He might not be able to do enough to restore the integrity of public-school education. But he could have put a stop to vaccine passports and he hasn’t done it.

It was such a big chance missed. He would have made it difficult for any other premier to act tyrannically – for that’s what it is. As it is, one of those rare chances for a conservative Christian leader to make a difference, to do the right thing, has bitten the dust.

26 thoughts on “Mask and You Shall Deceive

  • Elizabeth Beare says:

    Perrottet may have felt he couldn’t immediately change the whole vaccine passport scenario, which may well impode in a few weeks anyway. But he could at least have immediately made a better Captain’s Pick for his top public sector leadership job. Surely he could have looked around for a competent leader unaligned by marriage to a female Labor Prime Ministerial aspirant. One may be sure that the Labor party would never appoint the wife of a prominant Liberal to a position of such inner-sanctum knowledge.

    The way in which Liberals are unable to find conservative people who can fit various public sector employment positions is a rare case of the blind who cannot see. Appointees with Labor links abound.

  • Adam J says:

    To be clear about Elizabeth’s post, she is referring to Michael Coutts-Trotter, who is also a convicted drug dealer.

  • Ceres says:

    Disappointing about Dominic and the same with Matthew Guy here in Victoria. Both are happy to continue with divisive medical apartheid. Mr. Joviality Scott Morrison states no mandatory vaccination, but the prospect of losing your job and the ability to feed your family ensures the vax is mandatory so he speaks with forked tongue.
    I expect United Australia with Craig Kelly at the helm and Clive’s money, to have quite an impact next year as voters are tired of the bludgeoning oppression from both majors and seek a party more aligned with Ron de Santis’s views in Florida.

  • Rebekah Meredith says:

    It’s hard to imagine what it’s like for you in NSW who see freedom opening around you but are forbidden from partaking of it. The eyes of the rest of us (who have them open) around the nation are on you. Please, do not give in. What is happening to you is almost surely coming to all of us. You have the opportunity to point the way. Please, do not comply with this tyranny. Fight it! May God help you to know how to do so in the right way, whatever that would be.
    I do think it would be a good idea to wear yellow stars–perhaps even those who have been vaccinated, by their own choice or because they felt they had to, might consider doing so in solidarity. I hesitate to suggest this to people who have been in lockdown for over 100 days, and I know that businesses desperately need clients; but I wonder if it would be a good idea for those who have been vaccinated to refuse to accept “freedoms” that are unavailable to all. It’s just a thought.
    You of NSW–and Victoria, with Dictator Dan’s mandates–are in my prayers.

  • Daffy says:

    I’ve been in and out of the NSW pubic service and GOE’s (government owned enterprises) and both there and in the private sector at operational and executive levels.
    Over my time I’ve noticed a couple of things. Decades ago, business was almost government agnostic: all you did was keep your corporate nose clean and get on with business. Now business pants after government and its voluminous pockets like a dog after a dead rat while being beset on every side by voluminous activist regulation that typically adds nothing to the community but plenty to please sectional obsessions. I’ve also seen changes in government and the public service. When Ferguson took up the ministry of public works in NSW he called in the top couple of layers and presumed their Liberal sympathies. In more recent years the public service execs I’ve met tend to be almost activist in demeanour and leaning to the slight left or right of Gramski. The swamp here has the same muddy water as we’ve seen splashed around in the US. It bodes ill for the maintenance of robust liberty of thought and its concomitant robust entrepreneurial spirit and inventive economy,

  • Stephen Due says:

    Why do the protected need to be protected from the unprotected by forcing the unprotected to use the protection that didn’t protect the protected in the first place?
    Answer: Because the ‘authorities’ are beyond the reach of reason.
    When they order the churches to lock out the unvaccinated, the churches had better stand up and fight. This is not the time for pious platitudes and writing letters to the editor. This is war. Remember Psalm 2.

  • ianl says:


    As December 1 draws closer, the nanny state noise in NSW will crescendo. Daily “cases” will again be thundered out by the MSM, obscure professors of epedemiology will again infest tv by the hundreds, the left as defined by the ABC will become hysterical with Dr. Swan becoming apoplectic, the unvaccinated will be covertly hunted by the police (filming police in doing their duty will by then be a criminal act) … all designed to prevent the final advent of Freedom.

    Nothing at all to do with rational scientific method.

  • STD says:

    Rebekah, re prays and praying, my father has a little French bulldog named molly, she is of a slender muscular disposition ( fit)-I fear she feels and knows she is being short changed at meal times ,could you please petition on her behalf for a little extra portion. GBY.

  • Losthope says:

    Hi Ms Beare,
    I agree.. the situation is like a ship of a jet, sudden changes produce shocks, and passengers become unsettled. sudden changes are also not good on the structure of the ship or jet..slowly slowly catchy monkey. the forced vaxed need a little gold star for being good, otherwise resentment sets in.
    And Mr O brien, may I suggest this ” apartheid” will highlight the fact that it is now THE VAXED who are spreading and are still vulnerable. AS you pointed out, this is experimental. and so they now have a control group for data collection … albeit for
    6 weeks.
    love your writing

  • rod.stuart says:

    Another fantastioc prtrayal of the insanity that befalls us Peter.
    The gap widens. In the USA, the Southwest Airline staf action (taking sick days in difiance of the company mandatory clotshot eict) is haveing a similar effect on other enterprises. The insanity of firing frontline medical staff in the midst of a pandemic because they can’t be successully intimidated to accept a medical treatment they neither need nor want (and know the risks of same) is rampant.

    In Australia, for those that subscribe to the “Telegram” app, there is a long list of horror stories under the heading “Frontline Workers Speak Out”. Doctors nurses, and first responders tell tales that will make your hair curl, regarding the damage they see many times a day caused by the “vaccines”.

  • March says:

    The Oz today reporting that epidemiological models got the peak in hospital cases in NSW wrong. What a surprise!
    They have been wrong, dramatically so at every point along the way. Yet at no point has anyone within the bureaucracy or amongst the best and brightest (lol) that lead us thought to question them or their creators. What rankles worst is that those behind these complete mathematical failures will continue in their work and pay no price for being so utterly wrong.
    The same mindset has been driving the response to climate policy since the mid 1980s.

    In the face of such clear falsification how does this madness persist???

  • Stephen Due says:

    All you need to know about vaccine safety.
    See Steve Kirsch yesterday:

  • pgang says:

    Perrottet held no surprises, as sure enough he immediately failed on principle. Henceforward, we can expect nothing more from him. Situation normal.
    As for Morrison, did he just kiss the election goodbye? Has Australia ever been treated so treacherously? His previous election win was based solely on energy policy, and now… The Nationals will likely cease to exist, and he can’t win without them. Western Sydney may well go to Palmer if he plays his cards right. And why not, with Craig Kelly as front man?
    ‘The prevailing culture is increasingly a woke derivative of Marxism.’
    I think Marxism is the incorrect term, and the widespread use of it is causing some confusion about what is happening to the West. Marxism was a derivative of chiliastic socialism which suited the 19th century, but it has little relevance to the contemporary West. It therefore gives people the incorrect idea that we need to avoid heading down a similar path to Russia, but that has never been our fate. Thus, I find that people tend to diminish the real danger that we are in from our particular form of socialism. Even today you can’t begin a discussion about socialism because people think you’re talking about Russia, and we’re clearly not Russia.
    I do like the descriptor, ‘a woke derivative of socialism’, as I think that sums up contemporary socialism perfectly. Our society is not Marxist, but Wokist. It is being destroyed by government/corporate cronyism, which is driving a Woke, global socialist agenda to seize power from the individual and hand it back to oligarchs. Wokism is simply the latest tool of the trade.

  • Avalon says:

    Ms Beare – I remember talking to a Liberal State AG in about 2013 about his picks for judicial office. I was told it wasn’t appropriate for an AG to choose such people – it was better left to the public service. I tried to argue that the public service were the Liberals’ enemy – but to no avail.

  • STD says:

    Pgang, where already there. Women have been conscripted to the workforce en masse. Having children interferes with state productivity. Some 20-30% of women access surgical abortion services in their lifetimes, not sure on the figures as regard the 1080 variant . Either way ,as with Russia the secular moral malaise has given us a population demographic winter of discontent. Spot on tho.

  • ralphlhpain says:

    As always, such a cogent article Peter! Yes Dominic has missed an opportunity. But if we all indivisually email him to ask him to reconsider, it can do no harm. I don’t think Christianity can be kept ‘personal’. One either follows one’s conscience or not. He will judged by his actions, not his personal prayers, perhaps even by God.

  • Phillip says:

    You’ve said it Exactly.
    Nothings changed…we still have a Premier who has no balls…you can take that figuratively or physically.

  • rod.stuart says:

    Does anyone have a rational explanation for the reason the governmments everywhere apppear to have declared ope war on their constituents?

  • pgang says:

    Perrottet has just outed his true self to the state of NSW.
    3 billion dollars in ‘investment’ in ‘hydrogen’ something or other, with all that matters being its green colour.
    … which will magically generate 80 billion in private investment
    …….and magically create at least 10,000 new jobs
    ………and magically ‘grow’ the NSW economy.
    The announcement was absolutely flush with socialist insanity. I don’t think we’ve seen anything worse to date, maybe apart from Shorten. This guy is a dangerous lunatic.

  • Christian says:

    No idea, it truly is evil.
    Big Pharma & money is the usual suspect, but even they couldn’t cover up the adverse reactions to the jabs.

  • Peter Smith says:

    Someone told me that I have it wrong about face masks. No-one has to wear them outside. I think that’s right. I need a lawyer to help me through the rules. In any event, we have medical apartheid. I was kicked out of my local cafe this morning into the pouring rain. Don’t blame the owner, but doubt I will ever go back. This is the new Australia. It’s hard to recognise.

  • vickisanderson says:

    Why has no one noted that a significant number of those double vaccinated in the first quarter of the year no longer have protection from COVID? A recent study in Israel estimates that protection falls to 15% or less after 6 months.

    Where, then, is the rationality of not classing this group in the same company as the unvaccinated?

    And why class those who have recovered from COVID, and have natural immunity from reinfection, but refuse vaccination, as equivalent to unvaccinated?

    They are all mad.

  • hwka says:

    @Rebekah Meredith
    Yellow stars eh?
    I am retired so am in fear of no one…which is not bravado…it is simply that I have no job to lose and I am not slow to make my contempt known when control freaks appear on my horizon.
    The only problem with wearing a yellow star is that the current bend-over- and- grab-your ankles crowd are entirely oblivious of the lessons history offers.
    I am in favour but I think it might be ambitious to think even 5% of the woke crowd would know what the hell the yellow star meant.
    No good preaching to the converted.

  • hwka says:

    Depends if you are inside the tent or outside the tent.
    Modern day carpetbagging perhaps.
    The Palaszczuk government last year announced a $10 million fund towards hydrogen investment, in addition to an earlier $15 million pledge.
    Considering that the first stage in Queensland was costed at $115 million and was to be be built on Government owned land the big boys….once again….are in for another huge payday with absolutely zero risk.

  • abrogard says:

    got to tell the people what’s going on is killing people.
    get the facts and figures out and present them to them.

  • MargieCJ says:

    And how many people who have died of Covid-19, would still be alive if they had been treated early with Ivermectin and/or Melatonin (neither of which make much money on the stock exchange)?

    Success of Ivermectin in India:-

    Natural hormone with very positive results:-

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