Neanderthals to Humans to Post-Humans

I can’t recall in my younger years being worried about unfolding world events. There was the possibility of nuclear war with the Soviet Union. But no-one really feared it would come to that, apart from President Kennedy in the Oval Office getting kind of anxious during the Cuban missile crisis.

China has now replaced the Soviet Union as the nuclear threat. Get anxious about it if you like. Me, I have more pressing things to worry about. These aren’t remote possibilities. They’re happening as we speak.

Climate changes is wreaking havoc on the planet and COVID laying waste to human life. We are in Trouble; you will note, with a capital T. And then to cap it off, as it were, young Jill at school doesn’t seem know whether she’s Martha or Arthur, while being equally concerned, in either case, about being respected and given a fair go in later life. And young Bill, if he’s white, knows that he’s an incurable racist and sexist; and, if of colour, that he’s destined to be put upon by the white Bills of this world.

I can’t turn my attention to war with China while all this is going on. It’s occupying my mind, even pushing important things like football and cricket aside.

What to do? It wouldn’t be so hard if we had lefty-green politicians in charge like my local federal member Trent Zimmermann and, Abbott-beater Zali Steggall in the adjoining electorate. They might wisely say, listen to teenagers. They’ll have the answers.

Remember, the very immaturity of teenagers’ brains helps them cut to the chase and avoid those pesky practicalities, which a diminishing cohort of boring adults insist on coming up with. Even better if their mental faculties are, shall we say, a little off centre. Then pesky practicalities don’t even exist. There’s only clarity. Greta Thunberg shows the way.

We must immediately stop using all fossil fuels. Turn off air-conditioners and heaters forthwith. Every spare acre of open land must be saturated with wind turbines and solar farms. Belching cows are a no-no. People must eat insects and stay home. Travel uses energy, wears out shoes and clothing, and contributes to the transmission of COVID.

Osculating must be limited except under controlled conditions. Children must be dressed and treated androgynously. White boys must be injected with a dye to make them brown. OK, I went too far there. Redact that last one. Just that one.

Surprised by my wokeness? I’m faking it. Practicing how to survive an inquisition by the tribunals révolutionnaire in the coming reign of terror. In fact, but keep shtum about it, I don’t think climate change is an existential problem; nor, perhaps, any problem at all. It’s jolly cold in Sydney at the moment and I’m burning natural gas to keep warm. I wish I had an open coal fire. And when Earth Hour comes around, mischievously, I switch all my lights on. Memo to me: stop that in future. Google is watching.

I also think that COVID has been grotesquely hyped. But then, unlike the powers that be and their cheerleading media chums, I’m not carelessly indifferent to the damage lockdowns cause to people, their lives and livelihoods. And I think children should be taught the three Rs and otherwise be seen and not heard; told to get on with it if they whine; and told not to be silly if they get strange ideas. I am, in a phrase, incurably Neanderthal in my outlook.

I’m not claiming that I have more Neanderthal DNA in my genome than the next chap; in fact, I fancy myself as having less. No, what I mean is that I feel like Neanderthals must have felt as they saw their species overtaken by humans. Humans probably had lots of funny and threatening ways from a Neanderthal perspective.

From my perspective, when I look around, I mostly see evolved (devolved?) creatures calling themselves humans. Not shape-shifting lizards you understand, apropos my disclaimer below, but post-humans. Their brains have become tunnelled to avoid exposure to non-ABC-type views. They are terribly fearful of climate change and COVID. Terribly fearful full stop. Want to be kept safe.

They embrace renewable energy, with no insight at all into its ineffectiveness; they embrace lockdowns, masks, social distancing and staycations; and I have an uneasy feeling that chomping enthusiastically on insect hors d’oeuvres isn’t too far away.

As it was for Neanderthals, the game is up for us. We cluster in laagers. Consolingly, they don’t really have to guillotine us. All they need do is to mould the young in their post-human ways. Death picks us off. They might just wait us out. That’s the optimistic scenario.

Important disclaimer: I tend not to believe that a cabal of shape-shifting alien pederastic lizards rule the world. Does Scott Morrison? I came away from the latest Four Corners exposé with questions. All I’ll say is it’s plausible, Ms Milligan. More proof required. Can’t wait for follow up. On edge of seat.

21 thoughts on “Neanderthals to Humans to Post-Humans

  • STD says:

    Climate skeptics aren’t scared of the weather , no climate phobia in our ranks.

  • STD says:

    In regard to the Australian Broadcasting Commission, I reckon a tender awarded to sky news to provide balanced quality programming would provide the tax payer with better bang for our buck.
    Think of the actors that could be employed making Australian programming and quality documentaries.
    Better still if you paid News Corp to supply content such as that available on Foxtel the viewer would have choice instead of being force fed the Witches brew of the progressive Marxist left. I mean really who wants to watch a bunch of progressive lefties, such as on the Drum, sitting around contemplating their human rights navels.
    “ITS TIME”

  • STD says:

    Peter, the picture above reminds me of a comment by the Late TB LYNCH, in regards to a climate of Zombies.

  • loweprof says:

    Your suggestion that white boys must be injected with a dye to make them brown reminds me of the book Black Like Me, first published in 1961. It was written by white journalist John Howard Griffin, and recounted his journey in the Deep South of the United States, at a time when African-Americans lived under racial segregation. Griffin was a native of Mansfield, Texas, who had his skin temporarily darkened to pass as a black man. He traveled for six weeks throughout the racially segregated states of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, and Georgia to explore life from the other side of the color line.

  • Harry Lee says:

    Yes, excellent piece this. Only thing is, the situation is far, far worse than wittily described in the article.
    As a consequence of the AHRC, and 18C, and anti-Westernist groupthink in the education systems and in the news/opinion media, and the utter idiocy of the immigration/refugee systems, and the insanity of the criminal justice system, and the marxist-dominated legal system more generally, and the weaknesses in the Australian Constitution more generally still-
    -we are beset by very high levels of infiltration by foreign and transnational political forces, by anti-Europeanist cultural forces, by home-grown violence, and by various other kinds of extreme criminality-
    -and it is all censored, suppressed and pretended not to be occurring.

  • Tony Thomas says:

    Thanks for your word of the day, “osculate”. For those puzzled, it’s to do with common tangents to circles.

  • Michael says:

    Read Harry Stein’s book I Can’t Believe I’m Sitting Next to a Republican: A Survival Guide for Conservatives Marooned Among the Angry, Smug, and Terminally Self-Righteous.

  • Lonsdale says:

    Harry Stein wrote for QO in 2009: “Living in the Occupied Territories”

  • gary@erko says:

    Woolies had to withdraw all stock of their special this week on Birdseye freeze dried bogong moths because they didn’t licence the creature’s name from the Indigenous owners.

  • DougD says:

    “Climate change is wreaking havoc on the planet…. We are in Trouble”.
    Go back to the 1970s: “Global cooling is wreaking havoc on the planet!”.
    1990: the climate is no longer cooling. It’s global warming that’s the existential threat!
    2015: wait! the planet has stopped warming-it’s climate change that’s the problem! (that’s a winner – the climate has been changing up and down for millennia).
    But wait – people are not panicking. It’s really climate emergency or better still, climate catastrophe that is destroying the planet! (Very satisfactory – cognitively still developing kiddies are marching and breaking down in the streets- we must all listen to them!)

  • STD says:

    But Doug you need to take your chill pill !

  • Harry Lee says:

    Assess all the ways that governments at all levels -and that includes all public service organisations- spend money.
    Then add it all up and observe:
    a) What proportion of such money spent is aimed at, and actually enhances self-responsibility, useful productivity, and individual contribution to the community, to the nation -you know, proper citizenship –
    b) the proportion that encourages and endorses ignorance, ineptitude and parasitism, even criminality, and actually, how much money created within Australia is passed on to foreign and transnational anti-Westernist forces, or just simply invested in non-Australian entities.
    And assess which segments of the populace are the major recipients/channels of (b).

  • DG says:

    I attended church this evening with a relative. Normally in Anglican church services (alas, it was not Evensong, with a choir, it was unlike evensong with a band… quite a good one at that maybe it was Evensong with drums), anyway, back to the story: a prayer is offered that deals with spiritual matters, often modeled on the prayer book. This evening the parish climate officer did the job! We were treated to pleas that the G7 would really pull together and help address climate change. This was followed by a desire that the beatitudes (listed) would be followed by the government. Now, in most churches the beatitudes are taken to apply to the faithful, not something to be outsourced to the government…but I guess that’s the way of climate warriors.

  • DG says:

    Me too for Earth Hour: I also put all the lights on. It’s a celebration of the wonderful bounty our earthly home provides.

  • Alice Thermopolis says:

    PS: “As it was for Neanderthals, the game is up for us.”
    A lot has happened in the field since that day in August 1856 when they discovered a beetle-browed skullcap and some thick limb bones in a cave in the Neander Valley, about eight miles east of Dusseldorf.
    Far from being dim-witted and brutish cave-persons, they had capacious lungs – just the thing to handle COVID variants – and a brain volume larger than the average gorilla one finds on Main Street today. Indeed, one maverick paleo-anthropologist has proposed a divergent lineage via Homo heidelbergensis. He does “not rule out some interbreeding” with modern humans to produce “a clever and perseverant breed of survivors” much like many readers of QO, and not as PS laments, a cognitively challenged dead end.
    The other relevant fact to note here that to support his body mass in a cold climate, a typical Neanderthal male would have needed up to 5,000 calories daily – a lot of mammoth steaks – or approaching what a bicyclist burns each day in next month’s Tour de France. That’s a lot of mammoth steak or woke stew.
    Anyway, if do you have Neanderthal DNA in your genome or brow, celebrate it in our age of identity politics. You’re lucky. Whether the climate warms or cools, it will suit you just fine. Invite your nearest alarmist to a winter solstice dip tomorrow in the nearest body of water and have a genomic test on the way home.

  • Harry Lee says:

    Alice T -you make an excellent contribution. Too many people, who should know better, speak in ill-informed terms, when not in cliches. Fact, I reckon it’s time that we develop new cliches. All best, Harry Lee.

  • lbloveday says:

    “Thanks for your word of the day, “osculate”. For those puzzled, it’s to do with common tangents to circles.”.
    Always to do with smooching in my world!

  • john.singer says:

    I am relieved that you recovered from the tripe of your opening paragraphs to identify tripe as tripe. You may gather that tripe is my least favourite offal.

  • Elizabeth Beare says:

    ‘ I am, in a phrase, incurably Neanderthal in my outlook.’
    Well, from one Neanderthal in Outlook to another, that’s not a bad thing.
    And Alice explains my love of a good steak.
    No compounds of smashed insects can ever replace that.

  • Harry Lee says:

    This is a good piece, making its points with jocularities. But let us keep in mind a couple of truths.
    One is this:
    China is not a nuclear threat, nor even a conventional weapon threat.
    But agents of the CCP are among us in vast numbers, and have infiltrated all our institutions.
    To control China’s people, the CCP -and any post-CCP regime- must feed many more mouths than can be fed by farm products grown within China -by an order or more of magnitude.
    CCP agents, here and in all other countries, seek to control/enslave the peoples of all other nations to feed the Chinese at home, some more opulently than others.
    This fits perfectly with ALP ideology -and the goodies that ALP commissars imagine will be bestowed upon by their Chinese masters.
    Therein resides the China threat.

  • whitelaughter says:

    I suggest you (re)read Prince Caspian; as talking animals go rogue and lose the ability to talk, the children worry about it happening to humans, still looking human on the outside but only being animals on the inside.

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