Team Biden’s Witches’ Brew

Last week I was speaking on matters political with Larry Alexander, an American friend who also happens to be one of the world’s leading legal philosophers. Larry’s rather unusual in that he’s a US academic who holds right-of-centre political views in a US law school.  I thought it worth giving readers the gist of his views about our current situation, all of which are spot-on in my view.  You see Larry believes that we are living in what seem to be terribly fraught times, times that are even more worrisome than those at the height of Cold War tensions.  So what are these overweening concerns of his?

Many relate to US government policies. The Biden administration seems hell bent on reversing every Trump administration policy, even those that were quite successful. On illegal immigration, which the Trump team managed to reduce significantly, Team Biden seeks to make illegal entry easier and its legal consequences less of a deterrent. This will almost assuredly result in a significant influx of the unskilled, themselves infiltrated by gang members, cartel mules, and parentless children. Where the Trump administration managed to achieve energy independence, Team Biden has now halted drilling on federal lands and offshore and has killed the Keystone pipeline. With respect to the climate, which saw carbon emissions decrease during the Trump years, Team Biden has announced its intention to rejoin the Paris Accord, which will have no effect on the world’s major polluters but will impose needless costs on Americans, and other signatories, including Australians. (And why, if Team Biden is really concerned with greenhouse gases, does it not push for nuclear power?)

The Trump administration, pre-pandemic, engineered a very good economy with spectacularly low unemployment rates and widespread increases of incomes. It did so with a combination of deregulation and lower taxes. Team Biden appears to favor a large influx of foreign unskilled labor, a more than doubling of the minimum wage, the elimination of energy sector jobs, higher taxes, and more regulation. This is a witches’ brew of anti-employment, anti-growth policies.

As for domestic policies, violent crime is spiking in every major US city controlled by Democrats (which is virtually all of them), surely fuelled by Democrats’ attacks on the police—attacks belied by the statistics—and by their turning a blind eye to the true natures of Black Lives Matter and Antifa. Will things change now that a Democrat is in the White House? So far, Democrats seem to be strong supporters of law and order only when Republicans are the miscreants.

In terms of foreign policy, the Trump administration pushed back hard against the West’s major geopolitical adversary, the People’s Republic of China—its theft of intellectual property, its currency manipulation, its militarism, and its attack on Hong Kong’s autonomy. Given the Biden family’s financial ties to the PRC as well as the dependence of many of Biden’s corporate supporters on doing business in the PRC, can we expect the same of Team Biden?

Will Team Biden be as supportive of Israel and its better relations with its Sunni Arab neighbors as was the Trump administration? Or will it prefer to make concessions to their enemy, Iran? It looks like the latter.

And will Team Biden, like the Trump administration, put a premium on military readiness, or will it see the military as an arena for woke social engineering (sound familiar Australia?) rather than as an institution whose sole mission is to defeat adversaries? There are disturbing signs that Team Biden will sacrifice having the best fighting force in order to have the most politically correct one. (Aussies got there first, Larry.)

On the cultural front, if it’s possible, things look even more dire. Team Biden is driving a stake through the heart of women’s athletics, as well as ignoring natural concerns for modesty, by opening women’s sports teams and their locker rooms to biological males. Where the Trump administration brought due process to campus disciplinary proceedings, Team Biden seeks to restore the procedural inadequacies of the Obama era. And where the Trump administration supported school choice, Team Biden seeks to do the bidding of the teachers’ union, which opposes any means for escaping the failing public schools, and which, contrary to the scientific consensus, opposed, and still opposes, opening schools during the pandemic. Finally, Team Biden, in opposition to the Trump administration’s position, seeks to re-impose mandatory “diversity training” on federal employees, which frequently amounts to indoctrination in the grotesque racism of “critical race theory.”

That, in essence, is why Larry and I contemplate the coming Biden years with great anxiety.  Then there are the things that desperately need to be done but which few expect Team Biden to do.

First among these things is putting an end to the poison of identity politics, the destructive division of the people by race, ethnicity, sex, and sexual preference, and the formulation of policies through these prisms. (Biden’s appointees reflect this: their touted “qualifications” were their race, ethnicity, sex, and sexuality, not their skills or experience.) The flagitious critical race theory and such ideological monstrosities as the 1619 Project need to be eliminated from K-12 school curricula. Instruction in literature, music, and art need to be freed from identity politics, so that the contributions of, for example, Shakespeare and Mozart can be appreciated by everyone, regardless of their race, ethnicity, or sex, rather than denigrated because they were produced by white males. Isn’t it depressing that the self-proclaimed heirs of Martin Luther King’s civil rights movement have completely inverted its aim and now celebrate the very identity politics King struggled to eradicate?  Yet who believes that Team Biden, which has used identity politics to gain power, will now try to eliminate this political and cultural cancer?

A second desperately needed policy – Biden won’t endorse this either – is to combat the bias and attempted thought control by Big Tech. The immunity of section 230 of the Communication Decency Act should be conditioned on not censoring speech or speakers that government itself could not censor without violating the First Amendment free speech rights.  But as Biden has been the beneficiary of Big Tech’s censorship and its money this won’t happen.

The third desperately needed item that Team Biden will almost assuredly not support is fighting against the cancel culture, making it illegal for any for-profit firm or recipient of federal funds to discriminate in hiring, promotion, or educational admissions on the basis of political viewpoint.  No more use of ideological criteria such as pledges or evidence of support for identity-conscious programs and priorities. But of course, because it’s conservatives who tend overwhelmingly to be the victims of the cancel culture, there’s little to no chance Team Biden will attempt to combat it.

All in all, Larry and I both agreed that current times are more troubling than any we have lived through.

Until differing opinions aren’t censored and their advocates de-platformed or fired; until law and order (including at the border) is highly prized; until jobs are a priority; and until education and hard work are widely esteemed, things look bleak for the US. And that means things look bleak here in Australia and throughout the West.

7 thoughts on “Team Biden’s Witches’ Brew

  • ianl says:


    Predicting the destructive outcomes of these agendas is not difficult.

    I observed the enthusiasm and energy in China in the early, pre-Olympics 2000’s (as well as the oppressive, ever-present suppression of dissent). I had not seen that level of energy in Australia, the US or the UK for decades. Pitifully, now it can’t happen here …

    The guard has changed. It took clear electoral corruption to allow it, though.

  • rod.stuart says:

    All I can add is a pair of ominous warnings.
    America’s Catastrophic Disintegration – PaulCraigRoberts.org [https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2021/02/14/americas-catastrophic-disintegration/]

  • Phillip says:

    Sadly, your statement is a very truthful read. Although if I may opine….Biden got to the White House not so much on identity politics or intellect, but by the foul fraud of corruption and gross electoral counting errors. Biden has never made an honest (or intelligent) contribution to American society. Biden currently doesn’t know where he is. Biden sits on the phone for two hours noting further instructions from Xi Jingping. The CCP is the happiest party at the moment, the US Democrat party the saddest filthiest and most meritless party.
    The same sentiments of Larry are held here also for as the USA fast becomes China’s stool pigeon; Australia is the floor upon which the pigeon craps.

  • pgang says:

    Personally I would place election fraud at the top of the list. If nothing is done then the remaining points are moot, as progressives will consider themselves absolutely unfettered by the public.
    Having learned from the Trump experience in 2016, Washington (this includes both the GOP and the Democrats) realised that they had to improve their raw ballot rigging strategies to make them foolproof. They are now so good at it that there is no chance of them ever losing an election. By ‘them’, I mean whoever Washington has ordained for the role.

  • Harry Lee says:

    Missed by some observers:
    The Obama period marked the end of the traditional US polity.
    Obama was the figurehead of a marxist-inspired takeover of the US Administrative complex.
    Trump was a counter-punch -that sadly failed to halt the Big State and all its apparatus.
    Biden is the current figurehead of this anti-Westernist takeover.
    And Harris will soon ascend to the top figurehead role when Biden badly bumps his head one morning.
    That so many observers, and players, avert their eyes from the reality of this successful neo-marxist revolution seems a strange thing.
    But well, it’s not so strange.
    Reasons obvious.

  • Elizabeth Beare says:

    There is a lot of ruin in a nation, and a lot of shakeout yet to come.
    We can sit and quake or we can try to change some of it. Pressuring for more discussion on what Alan Jones correctly calls ‘The National Suicide Note’ about emissions is something we can continue to require from our politicians and community organisations as well as, for goodness sakes, from our banks and other ‘woke’ financial institutions.

  • Harry Lee says:

    To save Proper Australia?
    It could be done.
    It would require 10% of the adult populace to devote their own time and their own money, working an evening and Sat or Sun each week in local politics -in their local Lib or Nat branch.
    Yes, the Libs and Nats have swung Left, and embraced Greenism too, to follow the voters.
    But there is prospect for retrieval, and return to sanity.
    But well, who’s up for it? To fight at The Front?
    As our forbears did in War and in the Bush, and in the Cities too, all those years ago.
    Ten percent of adults, prepared to sacrifice all for their descendants and their communities, and a Proper Nation for them to flourish in.

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