Robert Mueller’s Feet of Clay

If your knowledge of the Robert Mueller fiasco in the United States is informed by any news service in Australia then you are ignorant of the facts. Therefore, let me give you the unvarnished facts as I see them.

First fact: Donald Trump is the most innocent politician in the world. How do I know this, you might ask? Nineteen, Hillary-loving, radical Democrat activists with law degrees, posing as impartial lawyers, investigated the heck out of him for two years on an unlimited budget and with the power to coerce witnesses, to threaten their families, to financially ruin them and to jail them. And yet they came up with squat. There is no other politician in the world who would have survived this kind of inquisition. None. Hence my conclusion that Trump is cleaner than Mother Teresa.

Second fact: Mueller had nothing to do with his own probe. He was titular. He came in each day to have coffee and engage in sheltered-workshop activities. Andrew Weissmann led the probe. He was the de facto Special Counsel. He hired all of the conflicted activists to assist him. He oversaw the writing of the report and the public statement that Mueller made after the report came out; sensibly instructing the doddery Mueller to take no questions about the report of which he had only passing acquaintance.

Third fact: Mueller escaped Weissmann’s supervision to attend Congress where he proceeded not only to reveal his ignorance of the report but of information about the events which precipitated the probe, which he was supposed to have led. For example, he knew nothing of Fusion GPS, the firm commissioned by Clinton’s lawyers to recruit Christopher Steele (the ex-British spy) to find, or as it turned out make up, Russian dirt on Trump.  I doubt you could find a backwoodsman out of telecommunication range with less knowledge.

Fourth fact: The Weissmann report set a French Revolutionary standard of jurisprudence by explicitly finding no prosecutorial evidence of obstruction of justice by the President but of finding insufficient evidence to exonerate him. To wit: the presumption of innocent defenestrated in the space of a few words in a dodgy and tendentious report. Look, take my word for it, I have never murdered anyone but I doubt you could find a court that would completely exonerate me from having ever murdered someone, somewhere, at some time. I’ll just have to live with it.

Fifth fact: It is curious on its face to suggest that someone trying to impede a process designed to bring false charges against him (in this case conspiracy to collude with a foreign power) is obstructing justice. But, be that as it may, Trump’s only ‘crime’ was to sound off in understandable frustration. A thought crime, as Orwell’s Winston Smith might put it. He did nothing of practicality to impede the Weissmann probe. He allowed White House staff to give testimony. He supplied all of the millions of pages of documents requested. He allowed the probe to run its course.

Sixth fact: The Democrats can’t let it go, however baseless is the case against Trump (and, vindictively, his family) because they have nothing else to run on. Theoretically they could run on policies on health care, climate change, inequality and immigration. But, in all of these areas, their agenda has been hijacked by callow far-left fruitcakes; prominently, though not only, by ‘the squad’: Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, Rashida Tlaib and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Thus, you get the complete takeover of health insurance by government and the provision of this insurance at taxpayers’ expense to illegal immigrants; you get the Green New Deal, confiscatory taxation, reparations for descendants of slaves, and open borders. And you see all of the twenty-plus Democratic candidates for president putting up their hands in unison for most or all this agenda; which, without doubt, has President Kennedy turning in his grave and would have only been a wet dream for even President Obama.

Seventh fact: The relentless attack on Trump the man has been become all the more vehement as his polices have produced enormous economic success. And, to rub it in, particular beneficiaries of this success are blacks and Hispanics, whom the Dems like to think are welded on to them. The Dems are caught in a pincer. Fighting against successful policies with looney-tune policies. Distraction is their only option.

Eighth fact: Western civilisation is disintegrating. As just a few disparate examples: witness police in the US being shirt-fronted and doused with water and doing nothing about it because they know that no one has their back among the great and good; witness the erosion of free speech in the UK; witness the overturning of the sanctity of millennia-old traditional marriage in the blink of an eye; witness the inculcation of gender confusion among school children; witness the erosion of the presumption of innocence when it comes to sexual assault allegations; witness Christian and Jewish clerics playing footsie with disciples of a noxious creed; witness economically-damaging and, more critically, culturally-undermining immigration policies. And, finally, in this abridged list, witness identity politics retribalizing nations. However, be sort of comforted, despite all of this woe, things have not yet gone so far downhill that a majority of Americans will vote for suicidal polices or be swayed by patently inane manoeuvrings to impeach Trump.

Ninth and best fact: Trump will win again.

8 thoughts on “Robert Mueller’s Feet of Clay

  • en passant says:

    Excellent article and analysis, Peter.
    Any moment now the ABC will be brought to account, investigated, not exonerated of bias and defunded. Any moment now thanks to our having a ‘Liberal’ ‘conservative’ government lead by a man of principles & steel, though his only real qualification is that he is neither Turncoat, nor Shorten.
    Any moment now ….
    What you did not include was ‘Mr Clean’ Mueller’s background.
    When I post on American blogs I invariably refer to him as ‘Whitey’ Mueller because of his close relationship with the murderous career criminal, ‘Whitey’ Bulger. In exchange for information on the Mafia, Mueller allowed the Bulger gang to murder more than a dozen people (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whitey_Bulger and watch the film ‘Black Mass’). The man in charge of the FBI investigation was Whitey Mueller, but his crooked line manager, Connolly, took the fall. Sound familiar?

    Mueller was also the lead investigator in an organised crime case in which evidence was suppressed (and may even have been fabricated {like the Steele Dossier}) that lead to the conviction of four Mafia gang members for murder (based on Bulger’s information).
    The tiny flaw in this stellar performance was that they were innocent.
    When this came to light 10-years later (the now) FBI Director ‘Whitey’ (Bulger) Mueller fought to keep the three survivors in prison (his logic was that they were guilty of other crimes that could not be proven, so they were not exonerated). Sound familiar?
    New York State released them and paid $10M in compensation.
    Any moment now an honest cop will investigate Mueller and the Klinton Krime Kartel and imprison them all.
    Any moment now, you will see this reported on the ABC.

    Any moment now … pigs will fly past in formation.

  • Alice Thermopolis says:

    Thanks Peter
    Good to have some facts about this extraordinary saga.

    As Mark Steyn noted last week: “and so one casual drink in a London wine bar was to prove enormously consequential, to the point that Kensington Wine Rooms has since put up a mock English heritage plaque to commemorate the event.

    For both the FBI and Robert Mueller that gin and tonic with Alexander Downer would become what Alfred Hitchcock used to call the MacGuffin, the pretext that justifies everything else in the caper. In this case an unlimited, multimillion dollar, years long investigation into Donald Trump.

    In a recent tweet, Alexander Downer characterized speculation about his meeting as “fun.” But it wasn’t fun at all for George Papadopoulos and his wife” and many other folk.

    Next big treat for “collusion” junkies will be what President Trump has called “the investigation of the investigators”, hopefully revealing more on Fusion GPS, Steele Dossier, Maltese “professor” Joseph Mifsud, Austin Powers, etc.

    Expect Mr Downer will be granted some kind of immunity?

  • deric davidson says:

    Jim Jordan was brilliant. Everything about this investigation was and is fake. Mueller is a fake, his Democrat hit squad are fakes and the FBI are fakes. This will go down as one of the most disgraceful periods in American political history. The Democrats should be de-registered as a fake political party. Not God save America but God help America if this fake party gets anywhere near the White House.

  • Bill Martin says:

    Congratulations Peter! Brilliant!

  • ianl says:

    I have real doubt that Mueller is as senile as his Congress hearing suggested.

    Perhaps he couldn’t remember all details and had deliberately avoided re-reading his own report before his Congressional appearance to maintain that.

    Playing the “doddery old man” is a variation on “I can’t remember”, which is used by all the good and great when they are under oath.

  • Peter Smith says:

    Thanks Bill. You’re too kind.

  • deric davidson says:

    Ianl, Mueller didn’t write ‘his’ report his assistant a Democrat operative did. That’s why he was so clueless about his ‘own’ report and about ‘central to the investigation’ entities like Fusion GPS. He was a fake chief investigator.

  • en passant says:

    Mueller was able to keep up the subterfuge by saying very little for three years. When he finally was pinned to speak it very quickly became obvious he was a Hollow Man, short of a few marbles. He compensated by being able to do a very good Peter Sellers impression of Inspector Clouseau or the character in ‘Being There’.
    We have plenty such people in our Parliament, so don’t laugh too loudly.

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